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  1. Thank you for this Guy Page. As a person whose birth country was liberated by the sacrifices made on D -day , I am horrified that Google celebrates June 6 with this” Doodle “:”Doodle for Google 2023 – US WinnerCongratulations to our 2023 Doodle for Google National Winner, Rebecca Wu, who is a 6th grader from Washington! Rebecca’s Doodle represents her gratitude for her sisters and their happiest memories.” June 6th is erased from History .

  2. Yes, Google is disgusting. I understand its “creator” is currently skulking around the Virgin Islands hiding from the Epstein investigators. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12058017/The-Virgin-islands-locate-Google-founder-Larry-Page.html As for myself, I can’t think about anything else but D-Day on this day. My uncle told me that any man shorter than about 5′ 7″ never made it to shore: He drowned under the weight of his pack. One reason my uncle may have survived was his height (6’3″).


    In Memory of Donald Anderson
    United States Army


    My eyes have scanned the ghosts behind the grain
    Of silver film that struggles to be kind.
    It filters out the color, and the pain
    That swept the summer beach. I try to find

    A single soldier, elegantly tall,
    With sheaves of polished verses in his kit.
    As proof that to be resolute is all,
    You’ll fight and live to tell me: “Never quit.”

    And yet, I know a poet died that day,
    Untimely, on the sand. No bridge of dreams
    With pretty words for what you could not say
    Led homeward from that baptism of screams:

    The rest is silence. Faithful friend and true,
    Who never let me drown: I’ll speak for you.

  3. Thank you Guy Page for posting the above video honoring the heroes of our Country. It touched my heart and am sure it will also touch many others who view it. May God quicken the hearts and minds of His people to see, pray and do His Will, as perilous times are at hand. God Bless all those who have served and are serving to protect our Country.

  4. Amen, amen and amen! I remember this young man when this first came out. His parents raised him right. May God bless all our unsung heroes of war, and may he judge righteously the evil people who wage war for their own gain.

  5. Sadly, the magnitude of D-Day is lost on the younger generations. The reason it happened and how many lives lost in that week is astounding. What is even more astounding is after 79 years, we find out the enemy we were battling then, we are still battling now, including the propaganda scripts. New York Times June 5, 2023: The decision by some Ukrainian soldiers to wear patches with Nazi icons threatens to reinforce Russian propaganda used to justify the invasion. It also could give the symbols mainstream life after the West’s decades-long efforts to eliminate them.

  6. Thank you, Sir, for this outstanding video tribute. It gives us hope that not all of our youth will forget. Our oldest son is overseas currently, serving in the USMC, and he reports that they are receiving more appreciation from the citizens where they are serving than they received in the U.S. These are discouraging days, but we live in hope that our lives can be somehow worthy of the overwhelming sacrifices of those who have given their lives in service to us. Semper Fidelis.

  7. Thank you for posting this video. It truly is heartwarming. Oh that we all could have this young man’s love, honor, respect and heartfelt gratitude for the young American’s who fought and died for our freedom. God bless the USA!!!