Cuba not very, very good for beisbol players

By John McClaughry

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and his brother, 2021 AL batting champ Yuli Gurriel, are just two of the dozens of Cuban baseball players who have defected for a better life in the USA. photo credit

While our progressive element continues to find wonderful things to say about Cuba, its baseball team is rapidly disappearing.

Mary O’Grady, the Wall Street Journal’s longtime Latin American reporter, tells us that “Cuban baseball set a new record in recent weeks when half of its under-23 national team—12 members—defected in Mexico during a World Cup tournament:’

“From baseball to national healthcare, Cuba is in tatters. Cubans, in ever greater numbers, are finding ways to escape. The ballplayers were part of what the regime called its “patriots” team because they were supposed to embody youthful zeal for the communist state. Instead, when they saw freedom, they bolted….

“The 12th one to disappear, according to El Nuevo Herald, vanished while on a team shopping trip to Walmart. He could hardly have chosen a more poetic escape from a life sentence of deep privation, disappearing as he did in a big-box store that screams capitalism…”

“The military dictatorship condemned the players for ‘vile abandonment.’ It’s especially outraged because during the Obama administration it had a deal with Major League Baseball to send players to the U.S. In exchange, baseball executives agreed to garnish part of the paychecks of the young men—most of whom are Cubans of color—and send the dollars to regime fat cats in Havana.” President Trump put an end to that arrangement, as illegal human trafficking.

Bad news, Bernie. Your darling Cuba is a police state poorhouse, a total socialist failure.

Editor’s note: freedom-loving baseball fans might appreciate this Wikipedia list of MLB baseball players who have defected from Cuba.

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  1. Coming to a nation like ours if people don’t get their hearts and minds right and getting on their knees thanking God for the amazing gifts he gave to America at her founding and then by rejecting Bernie in the next election would be a good start.

  2. When the MLB players start defecting to Cuba, then and only then will people like comrade Beanie have a leg to stand on and voice their line of dogmatic, Socialist, crapulacity. Until then, I am reminded of a Sean Hannity talk radio show where a listener called in and started railing about all the advantages of Socialism as practiced in Cuba. After the caller had finished his rant, Sean asked him if he was done, then told the caller that if he indeed thought Cuba’s Socialist system was so superior to our Capitalist system, he had a deal for him. Sean then offered to pay for a one way ticket to Cuba for the caller, on the condition that he not return. Crickets !