CRT Townhalls planned across Vermont

On Friday, July 30 at 6:30 pm, the Vermont for Vermonters Initiative will host a public Townhall Informational in Brattleboro on “Critical Race Theory/Equity” with four speakers and a Q&A session. 

Forums are educational for all 660,000 Vermonters to encourage they stand up to this CRT and cancel culture behaviors. Stay tuned for venue location and speakers list by mid-July. For questions contact; Gregory Thayer here or via email:

Also; “VERMONTERS for VERMONT” Initiative have Townhall Informational’s scheduled in: Barre 6:30 pm July 14 at the Canadian Club in Barre, and 6:30 pm July 16 at City Hall Auditorium in St. Albans.

Vermont for Vermonters is organizing Townhalls in Springfield, Stowe, Hartford, Middlebury, in Chittenden County, and a second Townhall in Rutland. 

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  1. CRT is a CROCK of COMMUNIST BS and DOES NOT belong in OUR schools.

  2. Get rid of CRT Now. Get rid of RINO Gov. Scott Now. Petition to get him out of Office. He and his minions are destroying Vermont. They are all playing the game as instructed by the Left, Marxist regime. Vetos are part of the game, it looks like he’s really doing something when in fact he’s not. It’s all a plan to make Vermont the first Marxist state in the Country.

  3. Reason foundation has some excellent observations on how to avoid getting caught up in the petty semantics and focus on the objectively unproveable assumptions such as the existence of “systemic racism” . Or a single “system” for that matter. See

    Their articles of faith, belief that America is fundamentally a racist nation with existing racist “systems” in place maintaining oppression, has no more business in public schools than teaching the Catholic Catechism does.