Covid listed as “Cause A” on 26% of VT Covid death certificates

Screenshot from Vermont Dept. of Health Covid-19 death certificate data. Click here to see full spreadsheet.

35% listed as confirmed by lab tests

By Guy Page

As today’s headlines report that Vermont has suffered its 500th Covid-19 death, a review of Covid death certificate information obtained from the Vermont Department of Health through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request shows a detailed view of Covid-19’s fatal impact on Vermonters.

Vermont Daily Chronicle is grateful to the reader who obtained this information earlier this month through the FOIA document request process. All the information presented is the property of the public and must be shared by the government upon request, according to state law. 

The spreadsheet provides detailed death certificate information on all 440 Covid-19 deaths from April 1, 2020 through December 31, 2021. The first Vermont Covid-19 fatality was announced March 19, 2021. The information provided includes date of death, age of the deceased, Cause of Death A, Cause of Death B, Cause of Death C, Cause of Death D, and Other Significant Conditions Contributing to Death. CDC death certificate instructions direct the physician to list first the “immediate cause – the final disease or condition resulting in death.” 

The data in the spreadsheet do not reference the deceased’s vaccination status, sex or ethnic identity. 

Of the 440 death certificates:

115 death certificates (26%) list Covid-19 as “Cause A” of death. While the terms used in the phrases describing cause of death vary, all 115 contain the words ‘Covid’ or “coronavirus”. Other Cause A Covid-19 death details:

  • 40 are specified as “laboratory confirmed.” 
  • Two are listed as “probable.” CDC death certificate instructions say “a condition can be listed as “probable” even if it has not been definitively diagnosed.”
  • 88 listing Covid as “Cause A” list no other causes of death – B, C, D, or “significant contributions.” 
  • 26 were under the age of 70. 

129 list Covid as “Cause B” of death. 37 are listed as “laboratory confirmed.”

111 list Covid as “Cause C” of death. 33 are listed as “laboratory confirmed.”

34 list Covid as “Cause D” of death. Nine are listed as “laboratory confirmed.”

82 list Covid as among “Other Significant Conditions Contributing to Death.” 35 are listed as “laboratory confirmed.”

154 (35%) list Covid as “laboratory confirmed,” across all five categories

60 death certificates are for people 60 and under, across all five categories. The youngest, 23, has “chronic substance abuse” listed as a significant condition. 15 people 60 and under had Covid listed as “Cause A.”

About 25 death certificates list Covid in more than one category. For example, a 96-year-old person died on April 15, 2021 of Covid-19 (Cause C) and under “significant conditions” had encephalothopy and myocarditis due to Covid-19. 

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  1. Would you like to know more about the Vermont Global Health Summit that was last weekend?

    Learn what doctors are saying about 500K needless American covid deaths, the highest Covid death rate in the world is in the US, why cheap effective alternative drugs were not available.

  2. Bombshell reporting. Thanks for all you do to uncover this information. And thanks to whoever went through the FOIA process to get this data.

  3. Thanks for this report! It would be interesting to know the actual date of the FOIA request and if it was about that same time that Gov. Scott did a turn-around on the subject of mandates of all kinds, realizing that, as soon as the real data was analyzed, the picture would look a little different than the weekly Tuesday rhetoric.

  4. That it took a FOIA request to expose this data should concern everyone – not because the data itself breaks the VT DOH and VT administration narrative, but because these folks were reckless enough to think the data wasn’t relevant (the kindest assessment I can make).

    What’s more concerning, however, is that they may have tried to hide the data, thinking that reasonable and motivated people wouldn’t be able to find it. Kudos to these reporters, and shame on the media that perpetuates misinformation.

    I would like to take this opportunity, then, to ask Governor Scott and Dr. Levine to respond to these findings – pointing out that their silence, should that be the extent of their account, will be construed as implied consent to the allegation that they were, at best, reckless.

  5. Given the Joint Rules Committee and the entire legislature is making decisions and sponsoring legislation based upon DoH information along with CDC information, I would love to see everyone contact their state representatives and senators. Send them these articles on the real death statistics and ask them to contact Health Commissioner Levine and insist the DoH be transparent and report statistics according to vaccine status: unvaccinated, partially, “fully”, and “boosted”. My representative works at UVMMC and has confirmed to me they record this way.

    My representative who works at UVMMC wrote to me: “We (UVMMC) routinely add vaccination status to patient charts/EMRs, whether unvaccinated, partially, or fully vaccinated. If the patient was not vaccinated by one of our providers we won’t have access to that information unless the patient volunteers it, but otherwise – it’s not difficult and we do it all of the time. I confirmed this just now with hospital leadership.”

    Let them know the jig is up.

    Ask them:

    1. If all Vermont hospitals are NOT recording vaccination status, and the vaccination status of some patients who die of or with covid is unknown, then how can the DoH accurately determine the rate of covid deaths according to vaccination status?

    2. If there is a group of people whose vaccination status is unknown and they are hospitalized or die from or with covid, then that should be reported on the DoH dashboard: do you agree?

    3. How many patients are admitted for reasons other than covid, test positive for covid, and then die? Is the death reported as death from covid or death with covid?

    4. What is the capacity of ICU beds necessary to sustain the operating costs of the ICU unit at UVMMC and all network providers?

    5. What is the typical capacity of standard hospital beds and the ICU each month of the year? Context matters.

    6. I would like your opinion on whether you think the DoH is reporting covid statistics accurately.

    Staff shortages and a backlog of procedures due to the shutdown are contributing factors to the hospital being “overwhelmed” and ICU beds are not to capacity:

    “For months, health care systems nationwide – including the UVM Health Network – have been under severe strain due to a rapid and sustained increase in demand after patients delayed routine and urgent care in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients continue to be sicker when they arrive, requiring more acute care and regularly pushing the limits of ICU capacity. Hospitals throughout the region are experiencing the same challenges.”

  6. Will they tell you how many deaths are attributed to the “shots?”

    Will they tell you how many adverse reactions and injuries are attributed to the “shots?”

    Oh that’s right! I forgot ……. none exist right???

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