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Covid & Constitution events Saturday

Received fom Vermont

During COVID, well-recognized Constitutional rights have been repeatedly compromised, without adequate justification. Four events planned in May are designed to educate and encourage Vermonters to defend our Constitution in the face of government over-reach:

  • Saturday, May 1, Main Street Park in Rutland at 12 noon.
  • Sunday, May 2, Gardner Park Bandstand in Newport, 2:00 pm.
  • Saturday, May 15, Statehouse in Montpelier at 12 noon.
  • Sunday, May 16, Burlington, Oakledge Park at 2:00 pm.

Each event will include several speakers on the topics of our rights as citizens to assemble, to our privacy, to have autonomy over our own bodies and to free speech. All Vermonters who are concerned about personal liberty are invited and encouraged to attend. Bring a flag and a neighbor!

There will be several speakers at each event, they include:

  • Steve Merrill, NEK-TV host of “It’s News To Us” and the first reporter in Vermont to cast doubt on the Jay Peak fiasco a few years ago.
  • Alice Flanders, an Aero-space engineer, Naval Master instructor and language expert who ran for the Vermont House in 2020.
  • Ericka Redic is an accountant and small business owner in Burlington who ran for VT Senate in 2020.

These events are organized by the newly formed Vermont Liberty Network, details can be found at or on Facebook.

For details contact: John Klar: 802-673-4852

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  1. Vermont Liberty, please understand that “well-recognized Constitutional rights” don’t exist. However, we Americans do have Constitutionally protected natural rights.

    Just as folks refer to Second Amendment protected natural rights as “gun rights”, this phrasing is incorrect and misleading, so the distinction in how we refer to Constitutionally protected natural rights is quite significant.

    Consider that many would have no problem restricting or even taking away “gun rights”, however, many uninformed and Constitutionally illiterate people will at least question if not refuse to tamper with a human being’s natural rights because these are intrinsic and Constitutionally protected.

    Correct phrasing has never been more crucial for our side because incorrect phrasing feeds false narratives of tyrannically-minded politicians that our rights are granted by the government.

  2. Wonderful Effort. I will get to one of the events. And Money will help !!

    Fills a HUGE GAP in our rights as Citizens of the United States of America.

    “Bureaucracy and DO-GOOD” has so much replaced both our Constitutions, Federal and State! personal choice and personal freedom has been lost!!