Covid cases climbing among UVMMC employees

photo credit UVMMC

By Guy Page

Covid-19 cases are up at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington and hospital officials say they will need to reimpose a mask mandate if numbers continue to climb.

Last week, 140 employees tested positive, about nine times the 15 cases of two months ago, according to a UVMMC graph. Virtually all UVMMC employees are vaccinated.  

Statewide, the Vermont Covid-19 dashboard reports 3400 new cases during the last two weeks. 40 patients are hospitalized, with two in the ICU. There have been no deaths reported in the last four days. 

“Employee health is seeing a sharp increase in Covid-19 infections among staff, which is causing additional strain on our teams,” according to the April 18 “UVMMC This Week.” The internal communication was sent by an employee to Vermont Daily Chronicle

Staff in non-patient, non-public areas are “strongly encouraged” to mask, except when in private offices. People eating meals should sit six feet apart, the memo said. 

“If we continue to see increasing employee infection numbers, we may need to revisit mandating masks in all areas,” the memo said. 

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  1. Keep wearing masks … keep getting booster shots… keep destroying your immune system… you will keep getting sick… keep obeying your overlord masters .. obey and comply and submit.

  2. Is UVMMC still using the procedure masks from China that state on the box:
    “Not tested for protection against COVID-19 or other viruses. Do not use in a surgical setting or where risk of infection is high”?

  3. They just reimplemented masks in non patient areas. I think this means the vaccines are working.

  4. They have to play their part all the way through the election….

    The real question is will vermonters fall for it again??

  5. Hmm very curious they do not give any info on if the infected have been vaccinated. ADE anyone?

  6. Thank goodness they were all mandated “vaccines” or they’d all be dead. Antibody dependent enhancement indeed. Anybody remember 95% efficacy rates? Pandemic of the “unvaccinated ” Or when Joe whispered, “Get “vaccinated”! You wont get covid” We’re all in this together. Dr. Levine’s “fully protected.” The sad thing is, nearly all these people likely still believe they’re “following the science” and will likely get shot up with the cytotoxins again. Truely sad. So many sheep.

  7. Was in Montpelier yesterday and the streets were full of masked people. Plenty of people wearing masks in their cars too. I just don’t get it. The vax doesn’t prevent Covid. The masks don’t prevent the spread of ANY virus. Yet the sheeple are still clinging to their magic totems.

  8. I brought a relative to an appointment at the hospital a few days ago, and masks were required even in the lobby. This has nothing to do with the “failure” of masks. It has everything to do with the failure of vaccines that were supposed to provide IMMUNITY to SARS-CoV-2. It’s like they twist themselves into knots to avoid even looking in the direction of the vaccines being the problem. Stupendous blindness.

  9. This week, I am receiving emails from Barre Gardens where my mother resides. A surge of positive tests. Cue the music, the marathon chicken dance is restarting and the clucking is louder every day. Resurgence occuring at the same time as Durham’s court filings, Federal courts siding with the People, vaccine injury Truths, Ukraine narrative falling apart, Hunter’s laptop contents being revealed, solar flares popping off interrupting radio communications…God’s hand is moving – buckle up and be prepared!

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