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Covid-19 injury candlelight vigil, Christmas Tree lighting at same time at State House

A candlelight vigil for Peace, Truth, Freedom and Health will gather Monday, December 5 at 4 pm outside the Vermont State House – a short distance away from the annual State House Christmas Tree lighting.

This will be a unifying, peaceful, family-friendly and community-oriented vigil of song and prayer,” Health Choice Vermont stated. “We will hold the light for all who have been injured by COVID and the COVID response measures, and pray for peace, truth, freedom and health for all.”

“´╗┐Hold the Light” will meet outside the Old Supreme Court Building. Candles will be provided. For more information, go to

Nearby, Gov. Phil Scott will participate in the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the State House steps, 4:30 PM Monday, December 5, a statement from his office said. After song and the lighting of the tree, there will be opportunities for attendees to go on carriage rides and even meet a reindeer and other animals.

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  1. A good governor would at least swing by the candlelight vigil and acknowledge all those injured or lost. I know, i know….but it could be a start. At some point, even without considering the rise in our mortality rate, all the non-covid sudden deaths and the sterilization of many youths, the government is going to have to admit some fault and apologize for their role in the biggest psyop is human history. Willing to wager, it wont start with Phil.

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