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Couple arrested in Springfield drug raid

Following a months-long narcotics investigation, the Southern Vermont Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at 6 AM Wednesday, July 20 at a residence on Union Street in Springfield. The warrant resulted in the arrest of Shane Tie, 46 of Springfield for narcotics sales and Martine Protas, 43, of Springfield also for drug sales.

Both were charged with one count of the Sale of Methamphetamine, two counts of the Sale of Fentanyl, and one count of possession of Fentanyl.

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  1. So, after months of investigations and two arrests , are EITHER of them in jail so that our community can be safer?

  2. Is the owner of the house, Will Hunter, being investigated as to why SO many of his rat-hole properties in this town are run-down, trash-filled, and drug-laden?

  3. 1% now in of drug dealers in jail

    Lets continue to catch, charge, find guilty, and months in the
    Crowbar hotel, with a lifetime criminal record

  4. How many people are walking around this State carrying a weapon of mass destruction like Fetanyl? What happened to property forfeiture laws? I guess for those who are in the “club” don’t need to worry about abiding by the law – just paper over it with Federal Housing Grants and Section 8 vouchers. Disgraceful. Vermont is a cesspool of corruption.

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