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Cops seek driver who left gas pump with nozzle & hose still attached

Absent-minded drivers have been known to drive away from the self-serve gas pump with the nozzle still sticking into the gas tank. Usually you feel a tug, then hear a thunk, then you mutter some (usually unprintable) exclamation. Perhaps you breathe a prayer of thanks for the clever engineer who anticipated this brain cramp and designed the hose to safely separate from the pump.

Then, if you are like most upstanding citizens, you park the car, shamefacedly walk into the store, and ‘fess up. But that’s not what a man caught on surveillance video in the Northeast Kingdom town of Brighton did.

The Vermont State Police received a report of vandalism to a gas pump at the Irving Gas Station in Brighton. Police say that at about 2 pm Tuesday, August 23, an unknown male pumped gas, and drove away with the fuel line attached to his vehicle.

Whoops! Apparently the man recognized his mistake – but didn’t bother to inform store employees.

Before the man left the parking lot, he removed the fuel line from his vehicle and placed it on the ground.

Anyone who can identify this male or has information related to this incident please contact the Vermont State Police-Derby Barracks/Trooper Kali Lindor at 802-334-8881.

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  1. As the potency of marijuana increases, so will knucklehead moves like this become commonplace. Or perhaps this was a misguided protest of our fossil-fueled society?
    When we hear of the same thing occurring at EV charging stations, we will have our answer.

  2. We cannot assume basic knowledge these days. Even in sober condition, many educated citizens might not know the link between gas pump, fuel line, nozzle, gas tank and engine; and the whole SUCK, BANG, BLOW continuum.

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