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Cops on fentanyl-laced pot report: never mind

BRATTLEBORO — Police say after warning the public back in November of potentially fentanyl-laced marijuana circulating in the area, none of it tested positive for the substance.

On November 21, Brattleboro police released a public safety message related to a potential overdose suffered by someone who had smoked marijuana.

In that message, police stated that some remaining marijuana had tested positively for fentanyl using a presumptive field test.

On November 30, BPD participated in a search warrant with the DEA where marijuana suspected of containing fentanyl was seized.

Today police say the seized marijuana in both incidents was submitted to a forensic laboratory where testing was conducted, and no fentanyl was found in the marijuana in either case.

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  1. The equipment available for measuring trace amounts of things has gotten way beyond human common sense and logic. It has resulted in legal panic porn over this supposedly adulterated weed and the closure of a major Vermont High School. Who in their right mind would taint cannabis for sale with a much, much more expensive drug anyhow? More media hysteria…

    • Not so sure about that….in the 1970’s & 80’s dealers were somewhat routinely lacing their pot with “angel dust” or PCP that was both much stronger, deleterious, more expensive, & sometimes deadly. And that was back when pot contained less potent levels of THC as it does today.

      We live in a drug culture, whether it be alcohol, marijuana or Opiates, etc. Despite the popular sentiment that both alcohol and marijuana are relatively benign, they aren’t. And the AMA can aptly describe the very serious side-effects and dangers of this current marijuana particularly for young people under age 30, and its indirect “effects” on the already documented fatal outcomes of using it in combination with driving, operating machinery, etc.

      I’m sticking to being high on life. Thus far, it has served me well: No addictions, no psychosis’s, no loss of brain function (except from natural aging…no need to speed that up), no medical bills from rehab(s), no police record, etc.

      And for those who use ACTUAL medical marijuana, I’m obviously NOT referring to that. But otherwise? Drugs largely: suck.

  2. I will never understand for as long as I live why any individual insists & persists on ingesting ANY drug that has the routine potential to make one ill or even cause their death. (YES, including marijuana).

    Life is the greatest and most precious gift given by our Creator and as far as I’m concerned – it never needs any ancillary and inessential “accouterments” in order for one to experience the richness of this gift.

    Remember the old hippie saying: “I’m high on life”? More people should try it. It’s pretty awesome; particularly if compared to the alternative.

    • I’ve never understood the belief of an invisible man in the sky, and why people persist on believing in anything they can’t factually verify. But I don’t make up nonsense in a sleazy attempt to vilify those that do.