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Cop shoots, kills Fair Haven man

The Vermont State Police is investigating a fatal shooting by an officer with the Fair Haven Police Department that occurred Monday evening, June 19, 2023, in the town of Fair Haven.

The shooting occurred at about 7:40 p.m. Monday at a residence on Washington Street when a Fair Haven officer responded to a report of an ongoing altercation. Preliminary information indicates that when the police officer arrived, an altercation occurred between the officer and a man outside the home. The officer subsequently fired his department-issued handgun, striking the man. He was transported to Rutland Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The Vermont State Police is leading the investigation into the police shooting, as is standard practice in Vermont.

This investigation is in its earliest stages. Detectives with the Vermont State Police Major Crime Unit and Bureau of Criminal Investigations, along with troopers from the Field Force Division and members of the Victim Services Unit, are responding to the scene and working on the case. The Fair Haven Police Department is providing assistance.

The Vermont State Police Crime Scene Search Team is expected to be on site Tuesday morning to process the location where the incident occurred.

As is standard practice, the Fair Haven officer will be identified within 24 hours following the shooting.

When the Vermont State Police investigation into this incident is complete, the case will be turned over per standard protocol to the Vermont Attorney General’s Office and the relevant State’s Attorney’s Office for independent reviews of the use of force.

Police ask that anyone with information that might assist investigators call the VSP Rutland Barracks at 802-773-9101 or leave an anonymous tip online at https://vsp.vermont.gov/tipsubmit.

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  1. Can we get an update when the body cam footage is released?

    I’ve seen too many of these go either way and without that footage there is no way to determine anything more than you should never hit a police officer, (which is true mostly since they seem to have the right to shoot you dead on your own property and in almost all cases you could fight it in court even though that is a losing battle and requires a life altering amount of money), but that doesn’t mean that the officer was acting in honor.

  2. The man won’t be at his trial b/c he Darwined himself. That’s the lesson here.

  3. Without knowing if the “victim” was armed I am having a real problem with a cop coming on private property and shooting anyone. A fist to the face is no reason for a healthy cop to shoot someone. I want more details. Yes, including body cam footage. I smell a rat. A cop has NO RIGHT TO SHOOT AN UNARMED PERSON. and I mean gun, but last I knew they take self defense and aggression assault training to be a cop. I carry a gun because I am a weak defenseless man I have been in many an argument and still my gun stays holstered. Cops do it all the time and I believe they are too quick to pull it out and use. Just look at them most times. They put and leave their hand on that gun as a potential threat and intimidation. I saw it happen in of all places a gun store. Sorry, I have a problem with cops using intimidation to “keep the peace.” Last I knew the SC said we have no right to believe the cops will actually defend people. Based on reports they really like to shoot them instead.
    I have seen too many cops shoot people who were NOT carrying a gun and got away with it. (remember the poor homeless nut in Burlington with a shovel) He wasn’t carrying a stun gun or did not use it, why not, why use deadly force? Why not shoot to disable. Too many cops just shoot. I have spent hundreds of hours shooting. I can shoot anywhere on a body and I have practiced to do so. Even when “excited” a cop has to have a head about them and it makes no sense that a firearm was used based on reports. There are many unanswered issues with this report.

    • Shannon:
      First off:
      No such thing as an unarmed man. Person can kill you very easy with just his hands. Example the Marine who allegedly killed the homeless nut in the subway.
      Guy with the shovel in Burlington. Justified 100%. A military entrenching shovel was a favorite weapon used in combat. Cut your head clean off.
      Sounds like Officer was called to home. Let’s wait on the private property claim.
      Police are trained to shoot center mass. And I don’t know of aggression assault training being taught at the Police Academy.
      Let’s wait for all the facts to be investigated before making a decision.

      • “Guy with the shovel in Burlington. Justified 100%”

        You know that police officer may not have gone to jail over that, but that man lost his life because he had issues.

        This incident sparked an entire program whereby the Howard center was not only training police moving forward on better ways to deal with people who have a mental disability, but it also sparked off a program where if anyone’s name who was a patient at the Howard center was a suspect that a Howard center employee would be dispatched.

        Just because someone could be dangerous is not enough reason to shoot them. This mentality by the police that they have a human right to get home is complete crap, as it puts their rights over yours, and we all have all the right to live.

        Now I agree we need to wait for the body camera footage and a lot more information about what actually happened here, but the thought that I could get shot on my own property because someone else called an officer there is a scary thought.

        I like my freedom and I like my rights just because they have a badge does not mean they can violate them.

  4. PEDE
    “No such thing as an unarmed man.” you must be or was a cop. No. Unarmed means no gun or knife. I even said so and specified. You are adding to what I said. The guy in the subway was a nut and was choked out, not killed oh and without a gun, by a civilian. A cop should know how to do it. I learned my first week in basic how to do that and about 100 different ways to disarm anyone with a knife, stick, rock and on and on all without firing a shot. Cops have stun guns. To stop shooting people, why else give them out.
    The guy in Burlington could have been disabled with multiple stun gun shots or a beanbag round, not live killing shots.
    ” Police are trained to shoot center mass” If that is what is the training I think a lawyer or three may be interested in that info. Are you sure, because, I would sue any cop who shot someone “center mass” for waving a, say shovel. Center mass shots usually kill, is that how it’s done? OH, a army issue shovel is only what, 3 ft long. I dare you to prove that bit of BS. I have seen Muslims kill a man with a knife and take some time to do so and it aint that easy to behead a person. You apparently know nothing of killing or danger based on you lack of information. Forensic science shows how a shot in the arm can and does disable, same with the leg and the perp lives.
    That is just stupid to just shoot “center mass”.
    In the old days ( like maybe 30-40yrs ago) cops were taught to shoot to disable. I know, my wife’s dad was NYC cop and guess what, he never shot, anyone. Youare making excuses for sloppy police work nothing more.