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Contaminated pot pulled from retail shops

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  1. The only difference I’ve noticed since legalization is stores selling what was considered “B grade” marijuana (that has been widely available in VT for decades) for premium prices- and that is before the state tax.
    So good job LIBS, by your very own metrics and contrary to your self-stated concerns in every other societal realm, you even managed to make weed LESS accessible to poor people like everything else in this state.
    Back to the black market.
    And btw, what are the labs testing for on the front end if not for these types of chemicals? Just potency?

  2. I drove down to MA where I was able to buy twice as much product at a lower cost than in VT including my gas. Well worth it. MA has got it figured out.

    Just like liquor. Why would you buy in VT when it is considerably cheaper in NH?

  3. The demoprogs in Montpelier are counting on the inflated tax revenue from this product line.
    Just like with tomatoes, grow your own to starve that beast and you will know what you are putting in your lungs.