Conservative tweeter calls out Kesha ‘defund the police’ Ram

by Guy Page

Conservative Twitter commentator Brad Broyles this morning called out Sen. Kesha Ram (D-Chittenden) for stoking the fire of anti-police sentiment after the deadly shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. And Ram didn’t like it.

Last night, as looters looted and destroyed stores and the National Guard sought to restore order, Sen. Ram tweeted about the killing: “They knew he was calling his mother. And they still drew a weapon on him and pulled the trigger. Now the car she gave him has become his coffin and the air fresheners the nails. The level of cruelty inflicted on Black Americans is debilitating. We must divest from policing.”

Never mind that the cop apparently thought she was tasing Wright. As the Washington Post reported yesterday: “In the chaotic seven seconds that follow, the female officer, who already has a weapon drawn, is heard yelling, “I’ll Tase you!” and then “Taser! Taser! Taser!” before firing. Immediately after she is heard saying, “Holy s—, I shot him,” apparently realizing that she had fired her service weapon instead of her Taser. Gannon described it as an “accidental discharge that resulted in the tragic death of Mr. Wright.”

Ram’s response was consistent with her messaging during the past year – because the police are the point of the sword of systemic racism, they should be defunded.

That was too much for “News Done Right” Twitter commentator Brad Broyles: “Make no mistake, the left doesn’t want to fix the problem, they desire lawlessness on grand scale, “divest from policing.” Heed the warning.”

Broyles has a point about the connection between lawlessness and police defunding. Municipalities that have gone ahead and defunded police – New York, for example – have seen a sharp rise in homicides. Minneapolis, near Brooklyn Center, has seen its murder rate jump almost 50% and its violent crime rate rise over 205. Yet Ram doubled down on her comment in her reply to Broyles:

“Yes, heed the warning. Lawlessness on a grand scale where air fresheners dangle on the mirrors of every teenagers’ car and they don’t get shot for it.” Elected public servant Ram concluded with a curt dismissal to alleged ‘troll’ Broyles: “Go back under your bridge.”

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  1. Instead of calling the police when someone is busting your front door down, maybe we should call one of the dirtbags that are out on early release to defend ourselves, loved ones, and personal property ! Yea, that’ll work !

  2. Ms. Ram’s rhetoric seems not to far from a Rashida Tlaib rant. Lots of finger pointing, yelling and posturing- but no workable solution. To continue to give credence to these rants and demands will only hasten the demise of Burlington and Chittenden County.

  3. Kesha Ram and her ilk want to take down the United States of America as it was founded, similar to what Lenin did in the Bolshevik Revolution and what Mao did in his Cultural Revolution. Foucault was a mid-twentieth century French philosopher and much of what Ram and her ilk are doing to achieve their aims comes from Foucault. Foucault was a postmodernist who believed power is achieved through language and language discourse. Those who control the language control what we know and how we know, also known as epistemology. Ram and her ilk are setting a metanarrative of a kind of tribalism, also known as identity politics, to achieve power and control. Ram and her ilk are the wolfs. The sheep are the many progressives, democrats and socialists that unthinkingly will allow the wolfs to devour them. Men like Brad Broyles are the shepherds, trying to warn the sheep of their impending doom.

    • Thanks Tom for highlighting eloquently what Kesha & company desire. All Vermonters, regardless of political party, need to realize this threat of societal stability in under attack. Kesha has doubled & tripled down on her “no good police officers” mantra, she deserves reality check from everyone whose not a far-left ideologue.

      There’s a group of Vermonters who are advocating for sensible policing & supporting those in blue, learn more at

  4. Tuesday night April 13, zoom meeting with OUR representative-who-works-for-us-and-should-do-what-we-want-instead-of-what-she-wants-Senator-Kesha-Ram said ” I have a lot of Police Bills that I will be submitting…”.**** Who has been asking her to spend her time on police bills? What are these “police bills” going to do? Will they make policing an even more risky and maybe an undesirable job?

    Kesha- start speaking to the police officers directly. You maybe surprised that they are people too.

  5. Senator John Kennedy R. Louisiana, just said it best, In trouble ? Call a crackhead !

  6. Ah yes, Senator Kesha Ram. I have encountered her before. What depresses me most is “air heads” such as this one get all the media attention which only encourages their depraved rants to continue. I accept her resignation.

  7. Maybe we should go BACK to Vigilante justice!! when a PERP kicks in my door, a 12 Gauge double will welcome them. JUST wait till they are inside.

  8. Kesha take your agenda back to California. People here will refuse to hate their brother and sisters. Your KIND spreads discontent to pit citizens against one another. I think i’ll take the advice of your mentor Maxine Waters playbook in regards to you. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

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