Connecticut women busted for intent to sell drugs

Two Connecticut women were cited to appear in court for possession of illegal drugs with intent to distribute following a November 14 traffic stop on I-89 in Middlesex.

Vermont State Police say they received a report of a vehicle driving erratically and failing to maintain its lane of travel. Troopers conducted a motor vehicle stop. Troopers identified illegal drugs and paraphernalia on the operator, Heather Payne, 38, of New Britain, and the passenger, Crystalynn Mead, 36, of East Haven.

A K9 was deployed and alerted on the vehicle. After a consent search of the vehicle, several controlled substances were found to be in the possession of Payne and Mead, along with materials consistent with distribution. Payne and Mead were taken into custody and transported to the Vermont State Police Berlin barracks for processing.

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  1. It used to be said that the Lord helps those who help themselves, so I fear our future as it has become more than evident that we can no longer help ourselves.

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