Condos to hold 2020 general election audit April 28

The post-election audit of 2020 Vermont General Election results will occur Wednesday, April 28 at the Pavilion Auditorium in Montpelier, starting at 9am.

“Post-election audits are a best practice that, as per Vermont law, we conduct after every General Election, to verify the accuracy of election results and provide Vermonters with further confidence in the integrity of the election process,” said Secretary of State Jim Condos.

Seven randomly selected voting precincts will be included in this year’s audit: Brandon, Pownal, Randolph, South Burlington (Chittenden 7-4), Topsham, Warren and Worcester. Six of these seven towns use optical scan tabulators for the tabulation of election results, and one town (Topsham) uses hand count procedures.

Every ballot cast in those precincts will be audited, and every race on those ballots will be included in the audit. Following the November 3 election all ballots cast were sealed in ballot bags and held securely by the Town Clerks in their vaults.

The audit will be streamed live, and can be viewed on ORCA Media’s YouTube channel.

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  1. In these instances are “optical scan tabulators” and Dominion machines/Smartmatic software synonymous? Additionally, how are the precincts “randomly selected”?

    We now know via irrefutable evidence that Dominion machines and Smartmatic software are, shall we say, not entirely accurate?

    Nationwide, election fraud was committed through these compromised entities, and it seems we Vermonters have the right and obligation to do a complete, statewide audit of every precinct.

  2. Essex County doesn’t use these corrupted voting machines. That’s why Trump won there. The people’s choice was not thwarted by criminals like Jim Condos.

  3. It’s not an audit unless you can say with out a doubt that the person who voted legally was the person who filled out the ballot!!!!!

  4. Strange as this may seem – the results of the 2020 general election in every state just may already be on record waiting for the appropriate time to be revealed – this pop quiz taking place in 6 days has an element of suspicion to it. Randomly selected? How will ballots be counted? Oh this is going to be interesting

  5. Windham , NH is now conducting a forensic audit of it’s voting machines after a recount showed all republican candidates got shorted by 300 votes. The States of New Hampshire and Vermont use the same voting machine dealer. A forensic audit of the voting machines used in Antrim County Michigan proved the machines were switching votes. What will Mr. Condos do to assure the Vermont voter our voting systems were accurate ?

    • Exactly, 300 votes were already sitting in the machines before polls were open. See the “Absolute Interference” video from Mike Lindell on frankspeech.com or on mikejlindell.com We need a forensic audit in Vermont in all counties. We need to start a Petition Demanding a Forensic Audit. We have to start somewhere!

  6. Condos is doing an audit. How nice of this “public” servant to audit himself. He states this will reinforce peoples confidence in the process. My question is why do the audit if you already are forming an opinion on the outcome.

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