Condos: Sunshine isn’t enough to combat election ‘myths’

By Secretary of State Jim Condos and Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters

Every year we join with government transparency advocates from around the country to celebrate Sunshine Week, serving as a reminder that a well-functioning government is built upon the public’s right to know. Good government is open government!

Government transparency, through open meetings and public records access, ensures ‘we the people’ have the tools necessary to verify our government officials are acting in our best interests, and to hold them accountable if we believe they are not.

Over the last several years we have witnessed a growing, politically motivated assault on truth which has fractured public opinion and eroded faith in our government institutions to the lowest it has been since the Nixon era.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant,” is a transparency rallying cry we have embraced in years past, but looking forward, we believe it is going to take more than just opening the curtains. It’s time to get busy scrubbing the walls and floors and working harder to show the public what we do, how we do it, and to invite their input.

The internet and social media have given us more access to information than ever before, and we can get it faster. But how do we discern fact from fiction? Too often, it can feel like drinking from a fire hose. The positive effect this has is an even greater expectation of transparency by the public. As government officials, we must rise to this new standard.

If we don’t, it will be too easy for the conspiracy theorists to fill in the unknown with new speculation and shout “I told you so.” While we know there is no basis for their outlandish claims, if we close the doors on government work to the public, they will assume the worst of the decisions being made in the dark.

While COVID-19 has placed unique challenges on how to hold open meetings and provide access to public records, largely we have worked to create new ways to ensure access for Vermonters, and it’s imperative we do not stop now when it comes to finding new ways to bring the public in.

Whether we’re talking about elections, government spending, or local debates on town ordinances, I challenge every Vermont government official from dogcatcher to Governor to work as if we had 640,000 Vermonters watching over our shoulders. This challenge extends all the way up to our President.

From our little corner of state government you can find transparency resources on the municipal page of our website, You can also find tools like our election myth v. facts page, campaign finance system, lobbyist database, and handbooks on Vermont’s transparency laws. Stay tuned in the coming week for an announcement on a virtual transparency tour, where we will be providing education and training on Vermont’s transparency laws to all interested Vermonters, from state and municipal public officials to journalists, who play a critical role holding government accountable, and engaged residents who want to know more.

Transparency in government is the only way we can assure Vermonters, and Americans, that our government institutions are truly of, by and for the people. Happy Sunshine Week!  

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  1. Salt and Light CAN expose the complete propaganda campaign of this outgoing attorney general. Likening anyone who doesn’t BUY the States’ version of things to conspiracy kooks and domestic terrorists is Orwellian at least and Leninist at best.

    • I agree, Scott…many , many things that I have heard on YouTube Channels for years before HAVE been accurate and true…to see ALL labeled *conspiracy* is too much to swallow. The TRUTH always comes to Light!

  2. Transparency in government involves great effort and honesty. This state, it’s boards, most legislatures, officials, and media establishment do not participate in the practice of effort or transparency. Sunshine will not fix the damage done to the people of this state. A state that embraces taxation without representation for all those who do not support the new woke, globalist agenda. A state who does not reply to citizens despite requests for help, as people’s private property is vandalized, people are harassed and spit on and called vile names for supporting American values, as well as election integrity, free speech and the right to bodily atonomy. I have contacted yourself, the governor’s office and the board of education too many times to count about these issues. One senior in Vermont was attacked for simply displaying an American flag on his vehicle. When the governor’s office refused to respond to my continued reports of escalating violence, I reported this event to channel 3 news, which resulted in the reporter yelling at me and accusing me of lying. He wanted to see proof. Really, do you think I am a member of the press that just happened to have a camera crew set up and reading into go in the Capital on January 6. Now, that takes physic ability or insider knowledge of the events to unfold. Neither of which I have.

    Now for COVID, I have called the governor’s and Levine’s office many times, again no response. Last time I was referred to a little library research person. She was extremely nice and professional, but she is not in a position to assist me. I will post my issues of concern for hope that some conserved citizen will take notice

    1. The COVID shot is still expirimental. The FDA approved Comarnity, subject to testing on pregnant women. Comarnity is not available in the US. The FDA approval letter stated that the original Pfizer vaccine is still only approved under the EUA. Our governor and Mark Levine’s position on this is that the original Pfizer vaccine is the generic version of Comarnity. A federal judge ruled against the DOJ, who made the same claim, ruling that this statement is inaccurate. The two are not the same. Based on this information, the deception, intentional or otherwise, falls on our government officials. I am more than happy to supply the links to support my statement on request.

    2. Our state did nothing to protect people from loosing their jobs for not wanting to take an experimental gene therapy, as classified in the recently released Phizer documents, approved under an EUA. The science is settled on this classification. It is illegal to make people participate in a study that involves an experimental drug. The law is clear, although the law does not apply to Vermonters.

    3. Safe and effective. Really, why do schools from across the country now require students to have EKGs prior to participating in school sports. This is because the COVID-19 shot causes heart inflammation and blood clots. School systems are concerned about children dying, during physical activity. I believe there are over 100 scientific papers written about myocarditis.

    I recommend that we all turn off corporate news media and read, read, read. Educate yourselves, because our government and other entities practice political science, not science based on the scientific method.

  3. The biggest “election myth”, that has been echoed by many democrat operatives all over the country such as Mr. Condos and their fawning leftist media is that “no significant fraud was involved in the 2020 election”. Having stated that, I have now achieved the status of “right wing extremist” and await the brownshirts showing up at my doorstep to send me off for “re-education”.


    If there are/were no issues with Vermont Elections and it’s ALL conspiracy and myth, it will be easily cleared up with a REAL AUDIT OF THE RECEIPTS!!
    SHOW US!! We The People want TO SEE the PROOF!

    WE thinks thou doth protest too much!!

    One thing we learned: We now know for sure that Winters is a Condos Clone. Let’s work together to find a Candidate for VT SOS in 2022 who will serve We The People of Vermont.

  5. Here’s a hot take: I don’t think it should be illegal to commit election fraud; I think it should be impossible. If we didn’t pretend that illegal things were impossible, we wouldn’t be governed by criminals.

    • We are governed by self-centered, immoral persons like Condos and the rest of Vermont’s State Officials mostly because we vote for them. We don’t value and/or uphold our Constitutions and we take our Freedom for granted.

      Our Republic Form of Government requires the participation of its Citizens.
      It’s our Duty.

      • Many of us participate but we are ignored, insulted and harassed. For example, I have been to every school board meeting for the last two years and spoke up every time. My input and many other people’s input means nothing to these people. They have a political agenda, which is motivated by international forces.

      • Let’s be honest. WE THE PEOPLE of Vermont have been asleep at the wheel for quit some time. It’s really bad out there. It will take a very concerted effort to make changes and they will be a little at a time. This will take a long-view approach and perseverance.

        Find some like-minded people and organize to throw out the school board members who don’t listen. Be relentless and bold. Don’t give up!

      • Are you sure he was actually legally voted in? I’m not! Remember, VT used Dominion machines, which we’ve been assured are perfectly fine. Right.

  6. Condos and Vermont’s legislative “leadership” engineered this sunshine in 2020, it’s here to stay as long as the majority liberal democrat and progressive legislature continues. And, the majority liberal democrat and progressive legislature made it possible to stay in power, by their actions with Condos in 2020. Joseph Heller would be proud of the Catch-22 Condos engineered.


    CONDOS could solve this issue very easily, but he chooses to disparage the Voters and Taxpayers who pay his salary and benefits instead.

    Is this the attitude and actions of a public servant? CONDOS is a Tyrant. He serves himself and his interests. Like many others with his elitist mindset, he takes freedom for himself, but doesn’t allow Freedom for us, the little people.



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