Condos starts ‘myth vs. fact’ website page to ‘inoculate’ voters

Secretary of State Jim Condos

Vermont’s Secretary of State Press Release

Today Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos and Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters launched an Elections ‘Myth v. Fact’ page on the Secretary of State’s website in an effort to inoculate voters from election-related disinformation stemming from baseless conspiracy theories surrounding elections.

This resource is being released in conjunction with the launch of the #TrustedInfo2022 campaign by the National Association of Secretaries of State. #TrustedInfo2022 is a bipartisan effort to combat election disinformation by promoting trusted, official sources like the Vermont Secretary of State’s office.

“Despite the inability of the former President and his allies to provide any evidence of widespread election fraud or wrong-doing in the 2020 election, they continue to spread disinformation and outright lies about the elections process, which has been highly scrutinized, and has proven to be fair and secure, producing accurate results with integrity,” said Condos. “As Vermont’s Chief Election Official, I consider it my duty to provide Vermont voters with accurate, transparent elections information, based on real law and practice, that they can rely on when they see dubious information posted on social media.”

The ‘Myth v. Fact’ page on the Secretary of State’s website is divided by category, based on some of the more common baseless claims made about U.S. and Vermont elections. The page will be updated as a resource to Vermonters as we enter the 2022 election season, and beyond.

“While most of the nation has moved on, the antidemocratic efforts to overturn the 2020 election have left scars in the people’s trust of our public institutions,” said Deputy Winters. “If you have the information to understand how elections actually work, common sense will tell you most of the theories you read online are far-fetched and impossible. Only by being transparent and giving voters the answers they need using facts instead of fabrications and unsupported opinions, can we begin to rebuild this trust. When Vermonters go to the ballot box during 2022, or any year after, they deserve to be informed and confident that their vote will be counted accurately and that the results of our elections match the will of the people.”

The Secretary of State’s Office encourages all Vermonters to reach out to their local election officials or to the Secretary of State’s Office with questions about how elections are administered in Vermont and to, please, think before you link!

The Secretary and Deputy Secretary are longtime advocates for government reform, transparency, and election integrity. Secretary Condos has over 30 years of experience in public service, including as a City Council Chair, State Senator (and Chair of the Senate Government Operations Committee), and as Secretary of State since 2011. Deputy Secretary Winters has served as a School Board Chair and in the Secretary of State’s office for 25  years.

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  1. Why so nervous Mr. Condos? Is it getting a little too warm under your collar as more evidence is pouring out about the criminal conduct of your party and the 2020 election. Could it be the military is holding the evidence of how the election was corrupted here as well? Eden VT – their record still stands and you know it!

  2. Transparency and integrity start with truth. Several states have indeed reported election issues which the SOS office willfully ignores and denies. How much are you getting from the CCP, Jim?

  3. As I have stated here before my personal feelings about exercising our voting rights should be as secure as possible. I do not have a problem with voting on election day as opposed to election week, or month. I also think that doing this at an (the) approved site is not an imposition, nor do I have a problem with being recognized by an approved official representative of the town, and being checked off of an up to date check list as having been present to vote on that day before I am handed my ballot (s). This is not complicated, racist, or unreasonable.As so many have rightfully stated, citizens are expected to show I.D. to buy beer, cigarettes, to be allowed into the Pavilion office building, etc. why is it unreasonable to expect that level of security to vote ? Personally I can not be convinced that mass mailings can or ever will be as easily made as secure as the tried and true methods which have been in place for so long.

  4. Let’s get rid of mail in voting, absentee ballot voting, overseas voting, all of which is rife with fraud! Look it up!

    • How are our young service men and women abroad going to access their constitutional right to vote – if you get your way? You’re missing the forest for the trees. Increasing access to the vote is good, necessary and democratic. You would’ve agreed 6 or 8 years ago. Please shut off Facebook and twitter and start believing in your neighbors again.

  5. Unless they write down who you voted for and when, there will always be fraud in voting. Why should we hide our votes? Just so they can discount them, and we will never know?

  6. Saw Herr Kondos on TV..Favorite quote? “It’s truth but it’s lies”..Helloe? In the Mission Statement of the Vt. Sec ‘O State I’m SURE party propaganda is NOT there..This is NUTS!

  7. BTW– I’m sure he was busy at the time but didn’t SEE the hearings & testimony along with video from Pa. Michigan, Az., Georgia, etc..Well Jim, MANY of us DID and we’re supposed to believe that this Cellar Dweller won by only 60,000 votes and ALL the video & testimony was “fake” too? Who you gonna believe? Your own eyes & witnesses under oath or the main stream “media’? Nothing to see here, these are NOT the droids you’re looking for! So THIS was his “duty”? OK then…I thought Vermont was his jurisdiction, being reliably/heavily Democrat WHY this? WHY now? Are there no more Russians & gremlins like 2016?

  8. Not to mention our own multiple town clerks who were IGNORED by delusional Condos. Many of these long serving clerks stated they had NO WAY of knowing if the votes they were counting were fraudulent votes or not. Condos is the typical leftist who puts his blinders on and states the false democrat narratives while we all saw statements from credible, under oath witnesses of the fraud that occurred. “This was the most secure election ever.” (para) Baloney Condos. Facts do matter – and I’ll bet my right arm that his site has precious little to do with facts or the truth. Here is some truth for him to consider – but because he is no more than a rabid Trump hater, he wont hear it. http://www.truenorthreports.com/video-everything-you-need-to-know-about-new-elections-bill-in-10-minutes

    • I wonder if you’ve ever loved someone in the military? I bet I can guess you’ve never served. They sacrifice for us and you say they should be sent to China for accessing their right to vote while abroad? You mean expelled? Robbed of their citizenship? Because that’s how much you hate Democrats? Listen to your self. And then listen to yourself through someone else’s ears for just a second. You insult the young people sacrificing their lives for your freedoms in the name of…? Shameless.

  9. Let’s keep a little historic perspective and resist these anti-democratic urges. In all US states that restricted access to the vote for Black Americans historically, the vote was also restricted for people of all other races. Look at Kentucky and Tennessee voter turnout out in the 1930’s. A handful of wealthy people basically got to vote while we just got back to work. We were made to fear Black participation, so we worked against our own interests. Same here, we fear “Democrat/immigrant” participation, so we advocate against our own interests – access to our RIGHT to vote. I get it, you have big feelings but don’t let it cloud your thinking so deeply. I refuse to believe that our greatest motivation is anger and desire to punish. Am I allowed to say happy MLK day ( tomorrow, today is his birthday) on this platform? Same guy talking about the “content of our character”, that we love to quote: he worked, fought and died for rights you are working hard to deny yourselves.