Condos praises Senate passage of universal ballot mailing

Today Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos issued the following statement commending the Vermont Senate for passing S.15, which will greatly increase access to the ballot box for Vermont voters by mailing ballots to all voters for General Elections.

VT Secretary of State Jim Condos

“S.15 is a monumental step forward for voter access to the ballot box. Here in Vermont, and nationally, vote by mail has been shown to dramatically increase voter participation in the elections process. I am a firm believer that our democracy is stronger when we all participate.

We have a long and consistent track record of increasing ballot access in Vermont. After conducting a highly successful universal ballot mailing to ensure safe voting for the 2020 election during the height of the pandemic, we heard loud and clear that Vermonters embraced voting by mail with their record-shattering voter turnout. This bill will make it easier for eligible Vermont voters to have their voices heard in the electoral process.

I want to thank Senator Jeanette White for her courageous and diligent leadership crafting this important bill and thank Senator Becca Balint for ensuring this critical legislation was made a priority this session. I would also like to thank those who supported this bill in its tri-partisan passage.

S.15 represents the most significant expansion to voter access through vote by mail in Vermont history and greatly increases the options voters have to exercise their Constitutional right to vote. Voting by mail on a large scale has been proven as a safe and secure method of ballot delivery, here in Vermont and nationally.

I am eager to continue discussions on this critical legislation in the House and strongly support its passage so that Vermont can join the five other states that have been doing this for years. I also look forward to ongoing discussions for how we can further expand the vote by mail process to other Vermont elections, growing democracy at all levels in a common-sense, right fit manner that is best for our state.”

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  1. Before the State Moves to Mail in Voting, There MUST be a Verification process in Place to Make sure that the one Placing the VOTE Is the One doing the VOTE. Penalties for an illegal Vote MUST be HEAVY. ,

  2. I recently mused on another post here in Vermont Daily that Condos is either naive or intellectually dishonest when it concerns vote-by-mail.

    Given his now obvious affection for repeatedly spewing popular leftist platitudes, we can assuredly determine that he’s intellectually dishonest.

    His public good ole’ boy, aw-shucks persona clearly masks a dark-souled partisan hack who is undeserving, even unfit to hold public office.

    Condos and his ilk are clearly the greatest threat to the democratic process our state and republic employ for elections,

  3. Imagine that! Secretary Condos praising the (democratically controlled Senate) senate for Passage of this bill. Passage as written will be nothing more than one party control of voting in Vermont and will put the last nail in the coffin of the Republican party and the Republic of Vermont.

    Before this bill is passed, it should be amended to require that the Secretary of
    State clean up the voter checklists (ie., get rid of all the dead people still on the roles). The Town Clerks have the ability and responsibility to do this when a death certificate is filed. There are also data bases available in other states that could be shared with Vermont to insure that the voter hasn’t voted in another state or county. All we have to do is ask for access to them

    Jim should make it mandatory that a pictured ID be required to be presented when you show up at the polling place or apply for an absentee ballot. If we can require a state ID for people to buy a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of beer, we should do the same when people vote. State pictured IDs are required when you apply for a drivers license so require voters to show that ID. When you go into a hospital now (got my mugshot taken at my local hospital in order to go into a cancer clinic) you are required to have a picture on file in order to walk the halls of the hospital.

  4. NO PICTURE ID, NO VOTE period!!! Purge Voting rolls of Deceases Voters. NO NON Vermont CITIZENS can Vote…

  5. He’s as dirty as the intentions of the bill, the whole admin is outa their frickin minds.

  6. So we’re letting undocumented aliens into the country by the tens of thousands, a high percentage of which have COVID, and give them, a bus ticket, a court date, that they probably will not show for, and free health care. Now we are going to allow voting by the least regulated method ever. I suppose that’s just a coincidence, right ? How long will it be before the Dummycrats have someone at the boarder to register the “undocumented” before their feet are dry ? In the mean time, I am going to need a certificate to prove that I have had my COVID shots before I can fly ? Hell while the State issues these “undocumented” workers driver’s licenses, why not give them the “Freeman’s Oath” Jim ?

  7. The major concern, well expressed by Rob Roper on the Ethan Allen Institute’s website and in Vermont Chronicle, is that S.15 has NO provisions to ensure (1) that the person who votes with a mail-in ballot is the person to whom the ballot was addressed, or (2) that the person to whom the ballot was addressed is legally entitled to vote.

    The Vermont Constitution (Article 8) requires that our elections be secure…

    “That all elections ought to be free and without corruption…”

    I understand that Americans today view “convenience” is a top priority. But if we make voting more convenient, we also need to ensure that election integrity is not sacrificed on the altar of convenience. Unfortunately, S.15 makes that sacrifice.

    Here is a list of provisions to ensure election integrity in Vermont with universal mail-in voting, provisions that should be considered for S.15…

    Require voters to include a photocopy of official photo ID, or ID number (if ID is state-issued), or last four digits of Social Security number (by Dec 31, 2021, every voter would also be required to provide local election official with copy of photo ID, or last four digits of Social Security number if they don’t have a photo ID)

    Ban “ballot harvesting” – the practice of campaigns and special interest groups collecting ballots directly from voters,

    Utilize, as Florida does, the SAVE (Systematic Alienation verification for Entitlements) law-enforcement database to check the citizenship status of registered voters (although the Biden Administration may block states from using SAVE for voter roll maintenance)

    Match registration lists with the US Postal Service’s National Change of Address list and with the Social Security Administration’s Death Index database (although the Biden Administration may block states from doing so)

    Mail non-forwardable postcards to all voters informing voters where and when to vote. Any returned as “undeliverable” would then alert officials that a person may no longer be eligible to vote in the jurisdiction.

    Require new voter registrants to disclose where they were previously registered and acknowledge that they authorize the Vermont Elections Division to arrange for the cancellation of their previous registration

    The State should (1) require colleges and universities to provide the Vermont Elections Division with the home-towns of students, and (2) check (at least randomly) whether college students are voting in both their home-town and in the town/city where they are going to college. Those who are found to be registered to vote in both would be fined.

    Many of these ideas are from The Epoch Times, which has a useful infographic of what legislatures in other States are doing to improve election integrity, especially as it applies to mail-in ballots… Also, last September, the non-partisan National Conference of State Legislatures published a good summary of what some states have done to ensure election integrity with mail-in ballots…

  8. My wife years ago waited on Secretary of State Jim Condos at Trapp Family Lodge ,and found him to be vain arrogant and impolite!! This same attitude follows right through to today!Mail in voting assures the door is open to another fraudulent election as in 2020with no explanation of why there were thousands more ballots than registered voters?The cost to the tax payer is also unnecessary!Fraud is therefore now leagal in the new normal,or socialism!!

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