Condos, Gray ask Big Business to oppose election ‘restrictions’

By Guy Page

Joining with 49 other current and former state-level officials across the country, Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos and Lt. Gov. Molly Gray publicly asked corporate leaders to oppose electoral integrity laws “sweeping the country.”

Condos and Gray signed this letter from the left-learning Brennan Center “States United Democracy Center:” “As a bipartisan coalition of current and former governors, lieutenant governors, state attorneys general, and secretaries of state, we are deeply concerned about the wave of voter restrictions sweeping the country. We applaud the business leaders and corporate executives who have already spoken out against anti-democratic efforts to restrict the freedom to vote. We urge all corporate leaders to engage on this issue.”

Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and Major League Baseball are among the corporations that have condemned Georgia’s voter integrity law, which requires voter ID. Home Depot and other businesses  face pressure to do likewise. Former Pres. Trump and other Republican leaders are calling for counter-boycotts. 

The Brennan Center letter does not name any specific businesses. It is unlikely, however, that 51 prominent elected officials would sign such a letter unless they had been assured the Brennan Center had already lined up prominent, positive responses. 

Condos and Gray claim that “the 2020 election saw record-breaking voter participation, and no evidence of significant fraud.” However, in Vermont Condos has been unable to refute claims that Middlebury-area college students had collected discarded mailed ballots in an apartment house and fraudulently marked and returned the ballots.

The Vermont Senate recently approved a universal mailed ballot bill, S15, with Condos’ support. It’s now in the House Government Operations Committee. For reporting on fraud potential in S15’s non-ID, no signature-on-file required, universal mailed ballot system, see the first two installments of Matthew Strong’s three-part series this month in Vermont Daily:

Secretary of State’s office evasive about mailed vote vulnerability

Voter fraud alleged on WVMT as House studies permanent Vote-By-Mail bill

Part three will be published later today. 

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  1. First thing to be mentioned is that when government officials demand that private industry join an effort to control the voting; they are advocating for fascism! Those government officials should be charged with treason because they are attempting to bypass the constitutional law of our REPUBLIC! Georgia’s law basically requires I.D. to vote! If you think that is restricting people from voting, then you are a special kind of stupid, or you are being paid in some fashion to vote to disregard our CONSTITUTION!

  2. I would recommend that they do not oppose electoral integrity laws “sweeping the country.”

  3. Condos, Donovan & Gray are soliciting your vote, they claim your right to vote is being suppressed.

    In reality, they are asking you to hand your vote over to the lobby they serve, all while misrepresenting the agendas behind the truth they are distorting!

    This treason they propose, lies in the bait and switch tactics of motives that deny the sacred integrity of your true intention.

  4. Wow! Condos and Gray had NO NEED to sign this letter. By doing so, they have willfully kicked sand in the face of the many Vermonters who believe that an uncorrupted voting system is the keystone, excuse me, the BIG keystone to a self governing people. The Vermont Constitution says (Article 8)… “Elections to be free and pure…That all elections ought to be free and without corruption”. Such unnecessary, contemptuous treatment of large numbers of good people in Vermont disqualifies them, in my opinion, from serving in our State government.


  6. oppose electoral integrity laws
    Why on earth would anyone want to oppose this? what is wrong with some integrity?

  7. “Leaning on”, or as one may invoke the more appropriate legal term: EXTORTING private businesses to participate in cancel culture is a new low for Vermont democrats and is the very definition of FASCISM. When grasping for examples of “systemic racism”, I can think of no better instance than the pervasive claim by the left that Black people are too lazy, too stupid or have financial priorities that preclude them from obtaining an ID. Anyone who drives to the polls is required to carry on their person a government-issued ID and must present it upon demand during a traffic stop. But when arriving at the polls, it is deemed racial discrimination to demand ID for purposes of preventing voter fraud. Anytime someone casts a fraudulent ballot, it disenfranchises a legitimate voter, and that is a CIVIL RIGHTS INFRINGEMENT.

  8. In Vermont, we get blank ballots in the mail that we didn’t request. I think this is wrong. Voting is an important responsibility. A citizen needs to determine to make voting a priority and adjust their schedule accordingly. In my view we do not restrict voting in Vermont quite enough. There is a movement to extend voting rights to people who are non-citizens and some who are in fact illegal aliens (sorry if that term offends you, but if the shoe fits…) By having clear rules, which are enforced fairly we can avoid the messy arguments about possible voter fraud and thus ensure election integrity.

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