Condoms for kids now available in Vermont schools

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By Micaiah Bilger,

Vermont public schools, in partnership with the largest abortion chain in America, are required to provide free condoms to students as young as 12 – even if their parents object.

WCAX 3 reported in November, 2021 of a Vermont law going into effect requires all public middle and high schools to provide condoms to any student who asks for one. Gov. Phil Scott, a pro-abortion Republican, signed the bill law.

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood is directly involved. According to the report, “Schools don’t have to pay for the condoms, they are provided by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.” Planned Parenthood is a billion-dollar abortion chain that does about 40 percent of all abortions in the U.S.

The Vermont Right to Life Committee expressed concerns that the new program has the “potential to increase abortion rates in Vermont,” CBN News reports.

Vermont is the first state to mandate free condom distribution in all public middle and high schools. Lawmakers who support the legislation said the program will help prevent and reduce unintended pregnancy rates and sexually transmitted diseases.

The law charges school district leaders and school nurses with determining “the best manner in which to make condoms available to students. At a minimum, condoms shall be placed in locations that are safe and readily accessible to students, including the school nurse’s office.”

However, the Vermont Agency of Education published guidelines for the program that exclude parental consent.

“No secondary student will be refused access to condoms through this program,” according to the guidelines. “Minors in Vermont have a legal right to access a full range of reproductive and sexual health services without parent permission. Minors are provided access to condoms in variety of settings and may purchase them without parental consent.”

The abortion industry is heavily involved in sex education programs. Former abortion workers warn that the industry uses these programs to build up trust while encouraging young people to engage in risky sexual behavior. Then, when young women become pregnant, they turn to the abortion group for help and are sold abortions.

Monica Cline, a former sex education instructor who worked with Planned Parenthood in Texas for ten years, repeatedly has said the abortion chain’s sex education materials are designed “to teach children about sexuality in order for them to become sexually active,” and its programs are a “marketing tool to lead to abortion.”

Earlier this summer, parents in Tacoma, Washington were outraged after their middle school students received a Planned Parenthood flyer that promoted sex to 11-year-olds and told them that they could get an abortion without a parent’s knowledge.

On its website, Planned Parenthood boasts of being the single largest provider of sex education in the U.S., reaching about 1.5 million people each year.

Also, Planned Parenthood tells children that promiscuity is ok. “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners,” it tells students on its Tumbler page. Planned Parenthood’s booklet for HIV-positive youth, “Healthy, Happy and Hot,” tells young people that it is their “human right” to not tell their sexual partner that they have HIV.

And it’s not just Planned Parenthood. Carol Everett, who owned and ran a group of independent abortion clinics for many years before she became pro-life, said she did the same thing.

“I sold abortions,” Everett said during a 2019 speech. “How do you do that? It’s called sex education.”

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  1. If this is done in the interest of “harm reduction”, then naturally clean syringes and needles should also be provided through the nurses offices. Also, everyone should have their own marijuana and/or crack pipes to avoid sharing and spreading disease, so why not have the taxpayers on the hook for these also? Schools could include glassblowing in their shop curriculum so the students can learn to craft their own customized crack pipes. Remember, some of the kids ARE going to engage in these activities, so it is our obligation to do what we can to minimize the risks. It is their “human right” to be happy, healthy and hot!

    • Absolutely! And let’s permit prostitution on campus and start some voc-tech programming in cannabis culture, production and marketing.

  2. A few years back, Planned Parenthood’s brand of free condoms finished last in the Consumer Report magazine testing. PP claims to have “redesigned” some of their brands, but are they actually improved? What a disservice to our young Vermonters….

    • Makes sense if the condom fails who do you think might pick up the business…

      These disgusting people can’t keep their hands off children or money

  3. Again, another reason to pull our children out of the state’s public “re-education” hands! As parents, we need to step up and be involved in our children’s lives and truly teach them the right way to go.

      • Give them their money back. They’ll suspect they can be trusted to buy the schooling services (teachers/curriculum) they want for their kids.

      • Yes that can be true, yet there are ways around that. Money is saved by not having child care. Not using the “education system” as child care saves on the town tax bill. One can home educate a child/children cheaper at home than paying the state to do it. To name a few things that work.

  4. Yet you have to be 18 to go to war, 18 to get loans, 18 to strain a vat of grease in a fryolator, you would be accused of child abuse if working at 12 years old, at which time you don’t have enough responsibility to make your bed, cook your own food,

    Yet you can have sexual intercourse?

    Sexualization and the confusion there of on the population is used to subvert and destroy the family.

    It’s defies nature, it defies science, it defies evolution, it defies God……

    But we think it’s a good idea? Who comes up with ideas like this? Who promotes it? Finding this out will let you know whom your enemies truly are.

    • Marxian thinking. BTW, be careful of ANYONE who hides behind anonymity. Marxism seeks to destroy social order to create new social order. As is obvious to many of us who’ve utilized dietary medicine, nature evolves things, not pluperfectly, but effectually. We don’t need degraded slums to maintain genuine free enterprise. Neither do we need govts to break down all barriers and dictate new ones that will, at best, maintain a facade which conceals tyranny at the expense of the masses.

  5. We continue to be assaulted by the outrageous goings-on in our schools. The fundament underlying outrage is that we remain captives of this failed undertaking. The diversity of our citizenry is such that we need to be freed to pursue education as we see fit. We as “professional educators” have been indentured to a union who in sells our services to a monopoly extorting the community we “serve”.. How could we not know that would turn out badly? We need to be emancipated from this bondage. Return the resources we’ve collected from families. They’ll buy services they want to educate their kids. .

  6. And if they forget the condom, NO WORRIES! Young girls will never, in the future, have to inform their parents about their abortion decision Thanks to PROPOSAL 5 constitutional amendment coming up on November. Isn’t it lovely? No one has to ever know. Don’t ask, don’t tell; even if it was sexual assault!

    • Yeah….kids can create a baby and get rid of it; Mom and Dad need never know. That’s where we are, folks. Welcome to A Clockwork Orange Vermont-style.

  7. The heinous scenarios, because of this law, are endless. I’m wondering, might the schools, or possibly Governor Scott be held liable for repercussions against minors, resulting from this law?

  8. education; $ follows the child, watch competition create the best schools………

    • OMG …girl!!! Take EUCATION away from the government and submit it to the evils of capitalist enterprise…such heresy

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