This Week In Committee

Committees to review shields for gender ID/racism teachers, abortion/transgender providers; free health insurance for legislators; paid family leave; gun control; Affordable Heat Act

By Guy Page and Tim Page

Key bills to watch in committee this week include:

H106, Protecting public school teachers ‘academic freedom’ on teaching about gender identity and racism, 3:45 pm Tuesday in House Education.

H126, Conserving 50% of total Vermont land area by 2050 per U.N. initiative, 1:15 pm Wednesday House Environment & Energy. 

H66, Paid family & Medical Leave, 1 pm Tuesday in House General. 

H89, Legal protections for abortion, transgender service providers, 1 pm Tuesday House Judiciary. 

S39, Legislators’ pay and benefits including free health insurance, 3 pm Wednesday Senate Government Operations. 

S37, Protections for abortion, transgender service providers, 10:15 am Tuesday Senate Health & Welfare.

S4, Juvenile gun control etc., 9 am Friday, Senate Judiciary.

S5, Affordable Heat Act, Tuesday, 10 AM Senate Natural Resources & Energy. 

Schedule for All Vermont Legislature Committees this week: Click on Committee name for Zoom links. Agenda listings top-line only, not inclusive. Click here to see the complete weekly schedule of all committees on one page. Click here for list of all committees and links to their bills, members and contact information. 

House Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry

Changes to Open Burning Statute

Forest Future Strategic Roadmap

House Appropriations

FY24 Budget

Budget Adjustment

House Commerce and Economic Development

H. 87 – Access to wages before payday

H. 92 – Unemployment insurance after voluntary separation

H. 55 – Unemployment insurance amendments

H. 10 – Create VEGI oversight board

House Corrections and Institutions

Governor’s FY24 – FY25 Capital Budget Proposal

Department of Corrections System Innovations

FY23 Budget Adjustment Proposal

House Education

H. 99 – Amending National Guard Tuition Benefit Program

H. 106 – Protects teaching gender-identity and racism

Act 1 – equity in education 

Public Funds for religious school tuition

House Environment and Energy

Conservation H. 67 – Household Products Containing Hazardous Substances

H126 – 50% conservation by 2050, Community Resilience and Biodiversity Protection

House General and Housing

Basic Needs and Livable Wage

H. 66 – Paid family and medical leave

 Mental Health Advocacy Day

House Government Operations and Military Affairs

Sports Betting

Roles and Responsibilities of the Vermont Sheriffs

H.60 – More 4th classes licenses for alcohol manufacturers

House Health Care

Governor’s Proposed FY2024 Budget

Mental Health Advocacy

H. 62 – Interstate Counseling Compact

House Human Services

Governor’s Proposed FY2024 Budget

Mental Health Advocacy

House Judiciary

H. 89 – Legal protections for abortion, transgender service providers

Roles and Responsibilities of the Vermont Sheriffs

H. 40 – Make contraceptive tampering a crime

H. 8 – Repeal statute of limitations for childhood emotional abuse

H. 53, Driver’s license suspensions

Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife

Not yet published

House Transportation

Governor’s Proposed FY2024 Budget

Vehicle Electrification

House Ways and Means

H. 107 – Hartford infrastructure financing

H. 61 – Pass-through entities


Tax Workshop #4

Senate Agriculture

Protection from nuisance suits against farming

Cannabis Regulation

Senate Appropriations


FY24 Budget

Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs

Omnibus Housing Bill

Senate Education

S. 34 – Kindergarten enrollment age

School lunches

Minimum Salary for Teachers

Senate Finance

Child Care Financing

Consumption Tax

Family Leave

Senate Government Operations

Sheriff Reforms

S. 32 – Ranked-choice voting for presidential primary elections

S. 39 – Legislators’ pay and benefits

Senate Health and Welfare

S. 37 – Protections for abortion and gender-reassignment

S. 36 – Arrest without warrant for assault on health care workers 

S. 26 – Removes residency requirement from assisted suicide

S. 25 – Banning harmful chemicals from cosmetic, health products

S. 18 – Flavored-tobacco ban

Mental Health Advocacy Day

Senate Institutions

Governor’s FY24 – FY25 Capital Budget Proposal

Senate Judiciary

S. 6, Interrogation of juveniles

S. 36 – Arrest without warrant for health care worker assault 

S. 14 – Justice expenditure reporting

S. 4 – Juvenile gun control

Forensic Facility

Senate Natural Resources and Energy

S. 5 – Affordable Heat Act mandate

Senate Transportation

DMV, other agency departments


Electric vehicle support and charging

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  1. getting further and further from the idea that people pay their own way. health insurance should not be free as someone pays. if people want paid family leave let them negotiate that with their employer

  2. Our hard earned tax money being spent to fully incorporate Marxism/Socialism/Communism. Straight out of 45 rules of communism!! Our kids and grandkids will be fully indoctrinated against their parents. Making 22 the age of maturity, yet they can defend and die for their country at 18? Making it illegal for anyone under the age of 22 to own a gun citing immature brains. Yet prop22 article 5 allowing any child to decide that they want hormone blockers and gender affirming surgery WITH the schools consent, but the parents will NOT be able to know that. You see they voted for this stupid bill for abortion and refused to know the FACTS!! Plus those facts were censored in this state!! I would say that Soros’ dark money has wormed its way in to our state and government and no one cares!! How much money did Dick Sears, Phil Baruth and Mark McDonald get????? How much money did the Dems get paid to keep PP’s shill Krowinski as speaker of the house?? These are questions that need to be answered to: we the people!

  3. LOL…ban flavored tobacco, but flavored and high THC content “edibles” are fine. It continues to amaze me how most folks don’t see the inconsistencies being presented. Just as @Cheryl covers…do one thing here and exactly the opposite there. Holy Mother of God pray for us.

    • PER YEAR??? Lets allow them only to meet every other year, like they used to. AND we should limit the number of bills they will be allowed to take up. ALL THEY DO is make messes (ie, Act 250, child care regulation) and then come back to “save the day” with a “fix” that doesn’t fix anything, but just takes more of our money. The elitism and hypocrisy under the dome is disgusting.

  4. House Commerce and Economic Development

    H. 87 – Access to wages before payday
    H. 92 – Unemployment insurance after voluntary separation
    H. 55 – Unemployment insurance amendments
    H. 10 – Create VEGI oversight board

    I don’t know what VEGI is, but none of these above listed items look like Commerce and Economic development to me.
    The other stuff regarding gender, race, abortion, “academic freedom,” protection for transgender rights for healthcare providers, all look to be a way to screw us over so that no one can stop them from doing as they please. There’s no lawyering up against anything they foul up in your life.

  5. CRT is racist in itself. It isn’t just a matter of actively teaching that America and the West are evil. Suppression of “wrong think” is equally as important to the brainwashing process.

    The education system designed to teach them how to think critically has been weaponized by the radical left to push an anti-American agenda.
    Personally, I would never send my kids to (be brainwashed) ta Vermont PS or college.

    The WOKE “teachers” are nothing more than activist ramming their perverted ideologies down our (kids) throats. It is truly sickening to watch what these trader and political tyrants are doing to Vermont.

    Also leave our 2a alone! We do not need anyone telling us what we can and can’t do. Free men do not ask. What we do need are more “common sense politician laws” put in place. BAN ASSAULT POLITICIANS! Every last one of them can Go Kiss a Moose.

    Please! Get out of our lives with your radical (WOKE Marxist) ideologies!! Hypocrites!

  6. WOW, just wow! The tearing apart of America by China/Soros paid politicians! You will be so sorry one day when you look back at what you’ve done. Of that, I have zero doubts.

  7. The sad fact is that this trend toward outright marxism can be easily reversed every other November, and yet a majority of voters make it worse at every opportunity. We The People put these marxist idiots in charge…just like in Venezuela.