College student concerned about climate, racial injustice, poverty backs Siegel for guv

by Addie Lentzner

I have had the honor of having Brenda as my mentor for the past few years as we’ve worked on advocacy projects together. Brenda guided me through planning my first press conference, through designing my first petition, and through meeting with legislators and government officials. In doing all this, Brenda has fueled a movement against homelessness. 

For 28 nights, Brenda Siegel and Josh Lisenby slept outside on the Statehouse steps. Lying in sleeping bags in frigid weather, eating food brought to them by volunteers, the two succeeded in their mission to change policy around the GA Motel Program. Because of Brenda and Josh, hundreds of Vermonters experiencing homelessness got access to shelter  around the state in the heart of winter.

There are currently 550,000 people who are homeless in the United States. In the United States of America, nobody should be sleeping outside on the streets, yet that is still the case from California to Maine. We need leaders who are willing to shake up the status quo and pass policy to address this dire issue. Brenda Siegel is a fierce advocate for justice who I know, if elected as Governor, will make it her mission to end homelessness in our state. Brenda cares deeply about the most vulnerable Vermonters, and she won’t stop until everyone gets the resources they need and can thrive in our state.

It’s not just homelessness and poverty that Brenda is passionate about. She has helped make a huge difference in the Overdose Crisis, and has a strong history of leadership alongside others for racial justice. She is the only candidate that has released a plan to fully protect reproductive and civil liberty. Brenda is a bold leader who knows how to get things done, and as Governor, she would move our brave little state in a bright direction. 

As a young person, I am really anxious about the future. With the looming climate crisis, racial injustice, and poverty all on the line, I feel a sense of urgency to make change for the better. I am asking Vermonters to make a brighter future for my generation, good enough is not enough. We have to do better. I can put my trust in Brenda that, as Governor, she would make the change that is so needed.

The author is a college student and Bennington County resident.

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  1. It’s so true that youth is wasted on the young and Addie shows why in this letter. A person sleeping on the statehouse steps doesn’t a leader make. Brenda seems like a very caring and committed person but there’s a lot more than that to being qualified elected official. There’s proof of that in the statehouse now and even one running for the US house seat. Becca has failed repeatedly from the gun restrictions to the GWSA as well as others.
    Vermont has the 4th or 5th highest overall taxes per capita, is in the bottom 4 in business friendly governments, and in the top 5 in cost of living to wages. Average Vermonters are hurting and we need leadership to fix this. Phil Scott has proven he’s not the answer and most assuredly Brenda definitely isn’t either.
    As for the other issues Addie they are over-exaggerated. Poverty is very real and will be worse because of the anti-business climate and the GWSA whose only accomplishment will be higher energy costs.
    The climate crisis is a major hoax that was really started by Al Gore decades ago when he claimed most of the planet would be uninhabitable by now. Think for a minute; why are all of these climate alarmists flying around in private jets creating a huge carbon footprint of their own if it’s so dire? Even the climate czar Kerry has created over 300 tons of carbon emissions since Biden took office.
    As for racial injustice we still have a way to go but it has been getting better for decades on its own. But who is the biggest offender to minorities? The liberal is. When a black person is an outspoken liberal (s)he is praised but when that person is conservative scorn and ridicule is thrust upon that person. 5 SC justices voted to overturn Roe v. Wade but who has taken the brunt of the attacks? Clarence Thomas of course. A black conservative ran for governor and he was labelled the black face of white supremacy.
    Addie you need to expand your base of knowledge because we need more people committed to change but you need to know what the truth really is first.

  2. Ofcourse youre anxious, youve been indocrinated! The world is caving in and the only thing that can save it is big, authoritarian, globalist government. Do yourself a favor and research the homelessness industrial complex. Study Mao, Stalin and Marx and draw comparisons to today’s world economic forum push for globalism. Truth is, its the easiest way to control you and everyone else. The way you eat, what you drive, what you do for work, how many kids you have what health decisions they make for you, etc. Then try reading the bible? God bless you!

  3. The tragedy of a young person living in fear of the world speaks volumes. When I was Addie’s age, I was working, having fun with my family and friends, travelling, experiencing life as a wide open, never ending road of possibilities. Optimistic and enjoying my life. My mentors were not painting pictures of doom. They guided me with wisdom and encouragement. Her letter tells me the Left is the party of doom and gloom. Her letter tells me the failures of her mentors. Her letter tells me that she is wasting precious time worrying about situations planted in her mind by nefarious, self-serving, morally corrupted psychopaths. I am truly sorry Addie that those you trust misguide you and lie to you. Addie, as a young person, you deserve to experience life as intened for you with positive reinforcement. Question everything that is told to you. Decide for yourself what is True to you – not what someone tells you to be True. No one should instill fear in a young person’s heart and mind – that, in of itself, is evil.

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