Colchester continues to fly BLM flag

Resident says 4-1 decision violates flag protocol banning merchandising, politics – calls for new flag honoring civil rights progress

Genna Barnaby of Colchester reads her letter calling for the Colchester School District to take down the Black Lives Matter flag and create and raise a new flag to honor the progress of civil rights.

by Guy Page

The Colchester School Board voted 4-1 Tuesday night to continue to fly the Black Lives Matter flag at town schools. But first it heard Colchester resident and educator Genna Barnaby explain why doing so violates flag protocol and policy. She also suggested an alternative flag to honor civil rights and the end of slavery.

The board voted to continue to fly the BLM flag for another three months, beginning July 1. Attendees said the only audience members who spoke up all wanted the BLM flag removed. “I did not see one student from the school district present nor was there any black person present,” said Barnaby.

The BLM organization uses its flag and the logo it carries for merchandising purposes. It’s inappropriate for the school district to fly a merchandising logo from the school flagpole, she said.

Rather than advertise and give implicit endorsement to a group founded by Marxists, “Colchester School District should consider a school-created flag that would symbolize CSD’s mission statement and intent,” and recognize events including the US legal ending of slavery on Jan. 1 1863, Martin Luther King Day on January 17, Black History Month in February, Juneteenth on June 19, 1865, and Vermont’s abolition of slavery on July 2, 1777,” Barnaby said.

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  1. I was in attendance and so disappointing. I believe the CSB has an agenda in line with the national agenda being pushed by the teachers unions and BLM. The St. Paul, Minneapolis, BLM chapter leader recently resigned, stating that BLM and the teachers union care more about power than the wellbeing of black families in places like Minneapolis. He founded a new organization called TakeCharge to improve the lives of children and families in Minneapolis. I recommend checking out his website.

    As an Essex resident what struck me most was that the CSB and EWSD school boards sounded like they are working from the same play book. Both claimed that they are letting children make school decisions and creating villages to support children. I thought it was the job of parents to raise their children, not the collective village. I thought America is based on individealism and communist china is based on collectivism.

    Colchester is getting an equity director, just like Essex. I spoke to the equity director in Essex. She asked me if I thought retributions needed to be made because of slavery. I stated that my desendents were from Italy and Germany. They were not in America during slavery to oppress anyone, so how am I responsible for slavery. She responded by stating that “I am white.”

    • And the madness will continue until people like yourself start to speak out loud and clear and deny these people their attempts at instituting marxism throughout vermont and the United states of America.

      You’ve got to be kidding me a racist fighting racism!

      Unbelievable you were judged to buy the color of your skin!

      • It should read unbelievable that you were judged by the color of your skin.

      • Unfortunately it is “believable” he (we) are being judged by our skin color.

  2. Good for Genna Barnaby for standing up to the Great White Mob. These liberal bow-hards are exactly what then Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, was alluding to in 1975: If Fascism Ever Comes to America, It Will Come in the Name of Liberalism’ But…she must be a racist.

  3. “Equity” director for Colchester??? You school board morons (sorry, but I was once a Girl Scout & therefore compelled to tell the truth) are in the process of RUINING this town – you are INVITING in more drugs, more crime, & loss of our God-given rights all in the name of “diversity”.

    Once Colchester has drive-by shootings, (like Rutland does) heroin drop boxes, (like Burlington & Bennington do) wretchedly low tourism, falling Real Estate values, & spiking crime & homelessness encampments, you will relocate to OTHER “idyllic” communities & begin the process all over again, because you are all such arrogant yet ignorant individuals.

    Hey! Go spend the rest of your & your family’s summer in Roosevelt, L.I. OR the South Bronx OR inner Philly, etc. & let us know how your radical, leftist ideologies are working there!!!

    Enjoy, Bozo’s!


  5. Are people so ignorant as to what BLM is all about? let me bring you up to date. BLM is nothing more than terrorist organization. They incite rioting and burning of cities and towns, as well as killing innocent by standers. BLM is in the same boat as Antifa and MS-13.
    BLM does NOT care about saving black lives, In fact, blacks kill more blacks than whit people.
    And when it comes to people being killed by the police, more whites are killed than black people.
    So people, do your research before you support an organization.