Coester answers Benning about Jan. 6, Pepe the Frog

Mark Coester’s logging & campaign truck (Mark Coester photo). After VTDigger reported seeing a falangist (Spanish anti-communist) flag and a picture of Pepe the Frog on the hood of his truck during a Colchester Independence Day parade, Lt. Gov. candidate Joe Benning criticized his use of “fascist iconography” and accused LG race opponent of involvement in the Jan. 6 ‘insurrection.’ Thayer has said he attended the peaceful mass gathering on the Mall but did not participate in the incursion of the Capitol building.

by Mark Coester

First I wish to extend thanks to VTDigger for their media attention. When they called for a statement, I asked in regards to what? Their reply regarding my truck gave me such a laugh I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

I replied it was their problem, not mine and not to call me again. They had done no research and the social media attention was connected to a known self-proclaimed communist who posted on his Twitter feed a photo of his ballot where he Voted for the Communist running on the Communist Party ticket.

Pepe the Frog (seen on the hood of Coester’s truck at a July parade) in a 2005 comic by Matt Furie called Boy’s Club. The graphic has reportedly been appropriated by some alt-right groups and by anti-PRC protesters in Hong Kong. Wikipedia graphic.

What is a Republican, exactly? To me a Republican is a man or woman who is for the Republic and the Constitution. Any clowns blithering on about Democracy and Dangers to Democracy are deliberately misleading the people. We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, with a Bill or Rights and a Constitution. Democracy is nothing more than communism wrapped in a pretty dress.

The VTDigger was not attacking me, they were attacking the young man of color who chose a flag that meant Freedom to him on Independence Day. He also had the United States State of the Union Flag that is displayed in the Videos behind Liz Cheeney in her Joke J 6 Unselect Committee, where they lie and create false testimony.

The Republican Party in Vermont is crying in their coffee because I have given my full support to Gerald Malloy for the Primary, as he is the best and most honest of the 3 primary Ccandidates to get on the ballot to run against me for the US Senate.

Gerald Malloy at 18 Years old gave his oath to protect and defend the Republic and uphold the Constitution. I had declared my run for US Senate in May of 2021, filed my paperwork in October of 2021. I am already on the Ballot for November as an Independent.

As a member of the Vermont Republican Party and committee man from Windham County, I am doing what any good Republican candidate would do and support the best Republican candidates. Gregory Thayer is the best candidate for lieutenant governor, plain pure and simple. He is honest and sincere and has been fighting for Vermonters through the years when the elected officials hid in their homes expecting the rest of Vermonters to cower in their homes and hide.

Now to you as well, Mr. Benning – Thank You . When one man in Lyndonville said something good about you, he must have been accurate in saying you were doing a good job for him. You are also doing a good job for me Pro Bono.

We know full well when you begin to take flack, you are over the Target. The RINO contingent of the Republican Party who cries Democracy in harmony with Nancy Pelosi is scared. But not as scared as they will be in 2 months or 3 months. You know full well the majority of Vermonters despise politicians and I am not a politician. I am the Real Deal, I’m Your Huckleberry. Play stupid games with the People of Vermont and win stupid prizes.

Attacking Greg Thayer is a fools errand. Vermonters are not stupid. Joe, the truth is is 2% of all the voters in America were in attendance in Washington DC January 6 2021. Correction: all legal voters. The Dead Voters were not in DC. The Mafia boss from NYC who produced one Million Extra Ballots was not there. You should have come to the Vermont Election Integrity Events or at minimum done some research before spewing off at the mouth some CNN propaganda – like it was any more accurate that the pure garbage VTDigger writes.

Well now that I have had my fun, Mr. Benning, you are still welcome to attend the event in Bennington that I have put together for the citizens of that county. You are a statewide candidate after all, and I respect that much. I will give you fair play even if you do not play that way yourself.

Shall I defend My Frog On the Hood of My Truck – No! Pepe Defends me. Pepe rides and guards both sides.

The author is a Windham County resident, organizer of election integrity events, and independent candidate for US Senate.

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  1. Respectfully Mark Coester , Independent Candidate for US Senate From Vermont , For Vermont the USA and The World …

    • Pepe loves the US Constitution. Pepe calls out the Anti-America politicians who violate their Oath of Office and have broken their contract with We The Pepes, after we elected them to UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC (not yelling). Pepe stands for We The People. Pepe defends the truth. FIX 2Q2Q and arrest the treasonous biden communist swine regime. TRUMP WQN!

  2. It should be noted that openly Marxists elements on the Left blatantly attack democracy.

  3. Some openly Marxist elements on the Left flagrantly condemn democracy. We liv in a democratic republic. All of this in small letters.
    What exactly does Pepe the Frog symbolize? Why that symbol? The Left claims it to be a White Supremacist symbol.

    • Yet the left and their media puppets openly ignore real white supremacy. For example, the US has sent billions in money to a corrupt Ukraine that openly has Nazi battalions working there as part of their government and military! The media openly ignores who Bandera was and how he was a major killer of jewish people in Ukraine during WWII, yet we are to expect this ignorant author to inform the people of what a White Supremacist is. Get TFOH.

    • 🐸 this is about the 10 plagues God placed on Egypt to free his people from slavery. One was an army of frogs that plagued the people of Egypt. Pepe is that army

  4. The silver lining of the concocted fairy tale of β€œJan 6” is a majority of Americans have seen and heard enough to know it was an inside job perpetrated by three letter agencies, RINOs and Dems. Those who cling to the notion that β€œJan 6” was some sort of overthrow orcestrated by Trump and his supporters (80+ million) now expose themselves as the enemy of the People. The Devil is a lie and propping up that lie will bring harsh judgement onto them. The criminal syndicate is getting exposed daily – all Glory to God.

  5. how pathetic that they are scared of a cartoon frog. Mark Coester is a good man BTW. He stands for free speech, free & fair elections, upholding the constitution and most importantly he stands for ending this charade of a government that is destroying America from within. Vote Mark Coester.

  6. Time to vote the career politicians out and replace them with people who actually care.

  7. If you haven’t read the Bible, you’ll never get the frog reference.

  8. Pepe Lives Matter. People who are scared of Pepe are scared of mom and apple pie.

  9. I have no words for the stupidity & mental gymnastics these
    ”people” …who believe β€œPepe Is wHiTe sUpReMaCy, β€˜cAuSe tHe mSm tOldEd mE!” … as opposed to asking the young man who hung it. How terribly typical of the wildly uninformed uniparty.

  10. The frog is a projection of liberal lunacy.
    The frog is every bit as nonsensical as progressive ideologies.
    The frog lives rent free because the shattered mind of the progressive cannot understand itself, much less understand this higher irony.

    WE are all the frog. WE are LEGION.
    WE THE PEOPLE are taking our country back.

    Be the frog.

  11. Hong Kong loves pepe too, he fights CCP. If you don’t like pepe, you must be a Biden loving friend of CCP.

  12. Ron Watkins for Congress πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² #CodeMonkeyz and his father Jim are Living Legends!!!! Pepe The Frog was sent by #Elohim 🐸🍿🍿🍿
    Exodus 8.4 (KJV) 4] and the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people, and upon all thy servants.

    #SavageMessiah888🦁 The #TruthReaper888πŸ’€

    #JesusIsKING 🦁
    β€œTrust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”
    #Proverbs_3_5_6 πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‡πŸŒž #RememberMyGreatness 🧠πŸ’ͺ🦌 #AllGloryGoesToGod πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸŒž

    #JOHN_18_37 πŸ™
    “I am a #king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should #BearWitness unto the #truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.🦁

  13. Ron Watkins for Congress πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² #CodeMonkeyz and his father Jim are Living Legends!!!! Pepe The Frog was sent by #Elohim 🐸🍿🍿🍿
    Exodus 8.4 (KJV) 4] and the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people, and upon all thy servants.

    #SavageMessiah888🦁 The #TruthReaper888πŸ’€

    #JesusIsKING 🦁
    β€œTrust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”
    #Proverbs_3_5_6 πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‡πŸŒž #RememberMyGreatness 🧠πŸ’ͺ🦌 #AllGloryGoesToGod πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸŒž

    #JOHN_18_37 πŸ™
    “I am a #king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should #BearWitness unto the #truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.🦁

    • Elo, do you and jesussavage888 know each other? Or are you a plagiarist perhaps?

  14. “the truth is is 2% of all the voters in America were in attendance in Washington DC January 6 2021.” I mean, wow! So about 345,000 Vermonters voted – so that would mean that (were we average) there would have been about 7,000 Vermonters there.

    158 millions votes were cast in the Presidential election- let’s say 50% were fraudulent. That still gives a crowd of over 1,500,000 present there on the day.

    And again, that’s assuming 50% of all 2020 votes cast were from ‘dead people’.

  15. God bless any Patriot doing the good work for all. How fun it can be doing the right thing. Boo to cranky people.

  16. Whenever I hear “a danger to democracy” I think “a danger to the democrat party” as their slavish, cult-like adherence to “trans issues, climate change, racist highways, etc.” vs. REAL issues like an open borders, inflation, executive orders killing US energy independence, & insanely high fuel-oil (diesel, kerosene) prices/shortages coming soon. Has ANYONE heard about the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling the 2020 election illegal? The court cases upcoming about “voting machine” integrity for tomorrow in Arizona, & other states soon? ( NEVER seems to make the “news”, eh? Old Joke–My parents voted Republican ALL their lives, now they vote Democrat (since they died)..What did the East German & other Communists HATE the most? Laughter, joking, people having fun! These dour-faced humorless coprolites HATE laughter. memes, & above all Free Speech as “Anti-Fascists” shut down any & all speakers & ideas unaligned with theirs, & STILL have the GALL to call themselves Anti-Fascists? Unbounded hypocrisy! LAUGH at them AND their “newspeak” neo-english language changes also, they HATE laughter the most.

    • So great to see propaganda shot down for what it’s for lol. Pretty embarrassing for this article to still be up honestly.

  17. I’ll try this again…but more succinct. Ask the young man who hung the Pepe’s about it, instead of casting nefarious and evil aspersions as to Mr. Coester’s character. I’m screenshooting this in case it’s decided not to get posted.

    God Bless, Mr. Coester, and God Speed!

  18. [code]

    • Amazing that the same Democrats who couldn’t organize a three car funeral are able to orchestrate a 7-state conspiracy to steal an election (and stupidly then fail to steal the House elections that were on the same ballot), and are also able to keep it a secret.

  19. In his Answer to Joe Benning, Mark Coester wrote that Benning “should have come to the Vermont Election Integrity Events or at minimum done some research before spewing off at the mouth some CNN propaganda.”

    The fact is that Benning had reams of research handed to him on a platter and he refused to consider it.

    On July 7, 2022 at 12:43 p.m. Vermont Citizen Media tweeted to candidate Benning the links to Capitol Punishment and numerous other documentaries and reports which factually disprove and debunk the January 6th Star Chamber narrative.

    Candidate Benning immediately blocked Vermont Citizen Media within minutes of the thread being posted.

    Then, a full 11 days later, Benning issued a defamatory statement against his opponent in which he continued to broadcast malicious lies about January 6th which were factually disproven in documentation he had refused to look at and, quite literally, blocked from his sight on social media.

    The following media, journalists and other entities and individuals were tagged (effectively carbon copied) in the July 7, 2022 tweet thread to Joe Benning and were thereby witnesses to the fact that Benning was provided factual information regarding January 6th 11 days prior to making dishonest, defamatory statements against his opponent in July 18, 2022 press release, as well as to the fact that Benning immediately blocked Vermont Citizen Media upon receipt of the tweet thread containing election fraud and January 6th documentation:

    Breitbart News, DiscloseTV, Revolver News / Darren Beattie, Lara Logan, Paul Sperry, Peter Schweizer, Eric Matheny, Chanel Rion, Steve Cortes, Natalie Winters, Raheem Kassam, Christina Bobb, Sean Stone, Amanda Milius, Ryan Fournier, Dinesh D’Souza, Peter Navarro, Michael Jaco, David Nino Rodriguez, America First Policy Institute, Dan Scavino, Liz Harrington, Donald Trump Jr., Deb Billado, Greg Thayer and others.

    Vermont Citizen Media
    Independent Journalism & Reporting

  20. Unfortunately the Mass Media aka Fake News has been lying to the public (“Propaganda”) for decades. The American Public may believe and have concerns regarding total falsehoods. For example, “The “White Supremacist” are fascists and taking over the Country by force”; which is an exact mirror image to what is really happening. That is: Biden Regime is sold out to China, via money bribes and blackmail, (proven by the material on the salvaged and confirmed to be authentic) from Hunter Biden’s laptop. And they are deliberately destroying America apparently at the behest of foreign enemies – sold out – just what Trump was accused of for 5 years, without a conviction. So the psychopaths, in control, “project’ or accuse their opponents of what they are doing, to throw people off the scent. It’s a longer deeper story but the ‘frog” Pepe Kek is the mascot of the people who love America, our Bill of Rights and who stand by the memory of those, who, in the past, gave their lives for that Ideal Country we hoped to build and we believed we lived in. And who died for our American Constitution, those who struggled to make our Country “The land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,” which we are in the process of losing. The crooks who have stolen it, who run it now, and who want to destroy it; naturally despise Pepe the Frog; a symbol of Free Speech; They lie and say also, for instance, “Trump is a racist, “Trump colluded with Russia, etc. etc. ” All of which is provable false. The calumny against the mascot Pepe flows from their desperation and hatred. The crooks can never win where free speech is allowed and censorship is curbed.

  21. Mr. Coester will do America and the people of Vermont proud in the US Senate.

  22. Pepe Sent me
    Code Monkey Z aka. Ron Watkins Loves Arizona and America
    Trump Won 2020

    If you cheat in this election just know, Pepe will be watching and you will be caught.

  23. Ribbet #GGC (God. Guns, Country); Pepe is everywhere and preaches nothing but kindness and love for those people who are lost and confused

  24. Not that we should give any credence to what joe benning has to say about a [cartoon character named Pepe] who is currently holding a Vt senate seat which speaks volumes, he should be explaining why he is about to vote to enshrine [prop 5/Article 22 regarding abortion] which promotes DEATH and not the Sanctity of Life – into Vermont Constitution come November 2022. He is also looking to advance his [indoctrinated lower consciousness agendas] further with his campaigning for 2022 Vermont Lt Governor which of course is a lead in for gunning for the Governor position when this seat becomes vacant – after we yank [governor scott] from his throne who was crickets with the 2020 Election fraud and was culpable and compliant with supporting all facets of what I call covid lunacy by coercing and enforcing mandates via mafia mentality along with supporting what is known as [The Captive Insurance Assoc] industry which is domiciled in Vermont which helps fund the Department of Financial Regulation with its 1200 member worldwide base who claimed a $258,574 PPP loan [Mmmm] – Additionally – joe benning along with all the others who are entrenched in the [legal industry] really need to answer to the below and explain why they are not aware 1st and secondly if they are then why haven’t they spoken up and help rectify this criminal action done so long ago : [talk about promoting clandestine job security] 7.19.22

    1. The Missing 13th Amendment: *No Lawyers Allowed In Public Office* – The Millennium Report

    MEANING of the 13th Amendment – The β€œmissing” 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows:

    β€œIf any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

    At the first reading, the meaning of this 13th Amendment (also called the β€œtitle of nobility” Amendment) seems obscure; unimportant.


    B. What if Lawyers Were Forbidden from Holding Political Office? The REAL 13th Amendment Exposed | Freedom Intelligence (

    C. The True Back Story Of The Missing 13th Amendment | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary (

    D. The “Missing Thirteenth Amendment” (

    E. The “Missing Thirteenth Amendment”: Constitutional Nonsense and Titles of Nobility (

    F. Judge Dale, Ret’d ~ The Missing 13th Amendment | Shift Frequency

    2. Hiding Behind the BAR: Why Attorneys are not Lawyers (

    [British Accredited Registry (BAR)?

    During the middle 1600’s, the Crown of England established a formal registry in London where barristers were ordered by the Crown to be accredited. The establishment of this first International Bar Association allowed barrister-lawyers from all nations to be formally recognized and accredited by the only recognized accreditation society. From this, the acronym BAR was established denoting (informally) the British Accredited Registry, whose members became a powerful and integral force within the International Bar Association (IBA). Although this has been denied repeatedly as to its existence, the acronym BAR stood for the British barrister-lawyers who were members of the larger IBA.

    When America was still a chartered group of British colonies under patent – established in what was formally named the British Crown territory of New England – the first British Accredited Registry (BAR) was established in Boston during 1761 to attempt to allow only accredited barrister-lawyers access to the British courts of New England. This was the first attempt to control who could represent defendants in the court at or within the bar in America.

    Today, each corporate STATE in America has it’s own BAR Association, i.e. The Florida Bar or the California Bar, that licenses government officer attorneys, NOT lawyers. In reality, the U.S. courts only allow their officer attorneys to freely enter within the bar while prohibiting those learned of the law – lawyers – to do so. They prevent advocates, lawyers, counselors, barristers and solicitors from entering through the outer bar. Only licensed BAR Attorneys are permitted to freely enter within the bar separating the people from the bench because all BAR Attorneys are officers of the court itself. Does that tell you anything?

    Here’s where the whole word game gets really tricky. In each State, every licensed BAR Attorney calls himself an Attorney at Law. Look at the definitions above and see for yourself that an Attorney at Law is nothing more than an attorney – one who transfers allegiance and property to the ruling land owner.

    Another name game they use is “of counsel,” which means absolutely nothing more than an offer of advice. Surely, the mechanic down the street can do that! Advice is one thing; lawful representation is another.

    A BAR licensed Attorney is not an advocate, so how can he do anything other than what his real purpose is? He can’t plead on your behalf because that would be a conflict of interest. He can’t represent the crown (ruling government) as an official officer at the same time he is allegedly representing a defendant. His sworn duty as a BAR Attorney is to transfer your ownership, rights, titles, and allegiance to the land owner. When you hire a BAR Attorney to represent you in their courts, you have hired an officer of that court whose sole purpose and occupation is to transfer what you have to the creator and authority of that court. A more appropriate phrase would be legal plunder.]

    3. β€˜United States’ is a Federal corporation, says U.S. Code, Title 28 – Educated in Law

    A. The Act of 1871 – The 2 Constitutions – Corporate America | From the Trenches World Report

  25. Excellent commentary, especially about Democracy being tossed around as a code word for the globalists. the United States is a Constitutional Republic. Let’s get Mark and more folks like him unto office!

  26. Pepe = Good
    Truth = Good
    Vote for Mark Coester
    Vote for Ron Watkins

  27. Pepe is Biblical . From the 10 Plagues that Moses called down on Egypt . Wikipedia is as badly compromised as Google , Duck Duck Go and Brave browsers Firefox is no better .

  28. VT DIGGER is agenda driven to the point of asking different questions to democrat candidates and republican candidates at their debates.
    Their uninformed and inaccurate portrayal of Pepe the Frog and the Flag the young man displayed prove they have no use for facts.

    ” Agenda above all, as long as it creates hate and division. ”
    I wonder if they will pay me Royalties for their new motto ?

  29. Frogs are Biblical . Dating back to Moses and the Pharos. Pepe is a Fren

  30. “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”

    Pepe stands for We The People. Silly mainstream media projectionists, painting their own sins onto Godly opponents. Anyone who calls our much beloved Pepe the Frog “fascist iconography” IS very likely a secret fascist themselves IMHO.

    I looked him up at ballotpedia(dot)org/Gerald_Malloy_(Vermont)
    No wonder all the kerfuffle, he is campaigning on Economic Prosperity, The Constitution, Maintaining a Strong Defense, & “I will support and defend the Constitution, to serve the best interests of Vermont and the United States…”

    “To serve” as a public servant, what a concept. Much needed these days, too long forgotten. God’s blessings upon your VT Senate run Mark Coester.

    A plague of frogs and/or whatever else God sees fit upon the enemies of life, liberty, truth & freedom. If they like communism so very much, they should leave the land of the free & the brave and move to a communist country. Then they can keep all the joys of communism for themselves instead of spreading the deadly fruits of their death cult here.

  31. Pepe loves the Constitution, just like Mark Coester. He has an “army of frogs” behind him to defend our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! Bonus, he makes excellent maple syrup! If you haven’t figured it out yet, DEMS & RINOS = Uniparty.