Climate, housing bills both voted out to House floor

by Guy Page

S.5, The Affordable Heating Act that is this year’s major effort to reduce carbon emissions, and S.100, the controversial housing bill, both were approved in House committees Thursday, April 13 along party lines and are scheduled to go to the full House next week.

The two bills appear on the House ‘notice calendar’ today, meaning they are scheduled for a vote on the following day. It’s possible – even probable – both bills will be sent to other committees for review, including the “money” committees that determine their taxation and budget impact. 

With S100, the House General and Housing Committee rebuffed an effort by the Rural Caucus to restore a statewide 25 unit exemption from Act 250. As introduced, S100 would have eased Vermont’s housing shortage by allowing 25 units to be built in a five mile radius over five years, without needing Act 250 review and approval. The Senate cut that figure to the status quo of 10 units, except in designated development areas, which are mostly urban centers. 

S5, which established a carbon credit scheme critics say will unfairly raise heating fuel prices on low-income, rural Vermonters, was voted out of House Environment and Energy by an 8-3 margin. S100 was voted out 8-4. 

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  1. Of course they passed it there all socialist and love screwing over the low income vermonters

  2. Screw all Vermonters, not just the low income. With all the conflicting “facts” presented, how can any responsible adult vote for S.5?

  3. Thanks Guy!

    The House Committee on the Environment and Energy will take up S.100 next week. Anyone who has a strong opinion about this bill needs to email members of the E&E Committee this weekend.

  4. Really, the House should include in these bills a change in the Vermont state flag to hammer and sickle. Wouldn’t that fit just right?

  5. Are YOU a concerned citizen? Please consider copying this article and sharing it with 10 or more in your email contacts – especially pastors. Encourage them to both ACT and pray. That means encourage people to contact their Representatives ASAP. We need more affordable housing and who can afford to see fees on the home heating bills that could raise prices $.70 to $4/gal as much a doubling that huge expense.

    Are YOU concerned enough to take 5 minutes to try and make an impact on our legislators? LOTS of people need to do this all across the state. You can find your legislator’s contact information by writing in your town at this link.

  6. S5 is being promoted because it is an attempt to address net zero emission standards that Global Warmists espouse. These are some experts who speak out on the bogus science behind Global Warming and the need for net zero emission. Some youtubes are included.

    Patrick Michaels, PhD 70 yo Climatologist – past U of Virginia and Cato Institute https://www.heartland.org/multimedia/videos/patrick-michaels-iccc13- panel-3-scientific-observations

    Roy Spencer, PhD 64 yo Meteorologist – U of Alabama, Huntsville https://weatherstreet.com/weatherquestions/Roy-Spencer-on-global-warming.htm

    Patrick Moore, PhD 72 yo Canadian past President of Greenpeace Canada. “The Sensible Environmentalist” Doubter of Anthropogenic Climate Change, CO2 Promoter

    S Fred Singer, PhD 95 yo American Physicist, Prof Emeritus U of Virginia “Unstoppable Global Warming – Every 1,500 Years”

    Dan Britt, PhD Geologist U of Central Florida Dept of Physics “Too many variables to blame it on CO2 ?????

    William Happer, PhD 80 yo Physicist – Prof Emeritus Princeton “CO2 Coalition” Promoter of need for more CO2 with science to back it.

    There are many more.