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CLG: McCarthy: Biden case will ‘rise to impeachment’

Funnel cloud spotted over the U.S. Capitol
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Zelensky Associate Was Present at Biden Bribery Meetings – Then Went to Work for President Zelensky Who Now Is Holding Blackmail Information Against Joe Biden | 24 July 2023 | Author Peter Schweizer went on Jesse Watters Primetime with Jesse Watters on Monday, where he proceeded to drop another bomb on the Bidens. According to Schweizer, who wrote the best-seller Secret Empires on Biden family crimes, one of Volodymyr Zelensky’s top officials was sitting in the room when they were discussing bribing the Bidens, Joe and Hunter. Ukrainian President Zelensky has a top official who was sitting in on meetings where they talked about bribing the Bidens. Schweizer suggests Zelensky is using this as leverage over the Biden regime for weapons and billions in U.S. dollars.

Hunter Biden Partner to Testify to Congress as White House Says President ‘Never in Business’ With His Son | 25 July 2023 | Hunter Biden’s former business partner is scheduled to testify to Congress as lawmakers look to dig deeper into connections between President Joe Biden, his son, and foreign nationals. Devon Archer, the associate of Mr. Hunter Biden, is slated to testify to the House Oversight Committee on July 31. “We look forward to speaking with Devon Archer on Monday about Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s business affairs,” Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), chairman of the panel, said in a statement. The committee subpoenaed Mr. Archer on June 16 and has been working since then to schedule a deposition.

Hunter Biden lawyer accused of deception to seal bid to block plea deal | 25 July 2023 | First son Hunter Biden’s legal team was accused of pulling a dirty trick late Tuesday to block the release of d-mning evidence ahead of his expected guilty plea to federal charges of tax evasion and weapons crimes. The drama began in the morning when the House Ways and Means Committee filed an amicus brief to Delaware U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika arguing that the 53-year-old had benefited from “political interference which calls into question the propriety of the investigation” into alleged crimes including m-ney laundering, felony tax evasion and failure to register as a foreign agent. The filing included testimony by two IRS whistleblowers who sat for transcribed interviews May 26 and June 1. What happened next was outlined in a letter sent to the judge Tuesday afternoon by the committee’s top lawyer, Theodore Kittila. “[A]t approximately 1:30 p.m., we received word that our filing was removed from the docket,” Kittila said. “We promptly contacted the Clerk’s office, and we were advised that someone contacted the Court representing that they worked with my office [emphasis original] and that they were asking the Court to remove this from the docket. We immediately advised that this was inaccurate. The Clerk’s Office responded that we would need to re-file. We have done so now.”

McCarthy: Biden case will ‘rise to impeachment’ as 16 Romanian payments allegedly went to ‘shell companies’ –Biden notably boasted in 2016 how he told then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire a prosecutor looking into Burisma | 25 July 2023 | House Speaker Kevin McCarthy predicted Republicans will gather enough evidence soon to mount an impeachment inquiry against President Biden, as the corruption scandal enveloping him and his son Hunter continues to grow. McCarthy, R-Calif., made reference to a relatively new revelation from the House Oversight Committee that — while Joe was vice president — Hunter Biden “capitalized” on a financial relationship with a Romanian national later convicted on corruption charges. According to prepared remarks from House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., in June, the Bidens received more than 1 million in 17 increments. McCarthy said Monday that 16 of those 17 payments went to what he described as “Biden shell companies” while Joe Biden was vice president. According to Comer’s prepared remarks, the elder Biden had been “lecturing Romania on anti-corruption policies” while instead being a “walking billboard for his…family to collect m-ney.”

Funnel Cloud Spins Over Capitol as McCarthy Floats Impeachment Inquiry of Joe Biden | 25 July 2023 | A funnel cloud was spotted over the US Capitol building on Tuesday as Speaker McCarthy floated an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden. McCarthy floated impeachment Monday night during an appearance on Fox News after it was reported Hunter Biden’s former business associate will testify on Joe Biden’s corruption. Hunter Biden’s former associate and convicted felon, Devon Archer, is reportedly cooperating with Republican lawmakers and will testify this week on the 10 million Ukraine-Biden bribe. According to New York Post reporter Miranda Devine, Devon Archer is going to sing like a canary and tell Congress that Hunter Biden put his dad, then-VP Joe Biden on speakerphone into meetings with his foreign business associates at least two dozen times.

Security Footage Undermines Key Claims in Police Report in Death of Rosanne Boyland on Jan. 6 | 24 July 2023 | After CPR and other lifesaving efforts inside a basement entrance to the U.S. Capitol failed, Jan. 6 protester Rosanne M. Boyland was moved up one level to the Crypt, where D.C. Fire and EMS Department paramedics continued resuscitation efforts for another 40 minutes, new security video shows. Previously unreleased Capitol Police closed-circuit-television footage obtained by The Epoch Times adds crucial new details to the tragic story of Ms. Boyland, 34, of Kennesaw, Georgia, who died after collapsing outside the Lower West Terrace tunnel on Jan. 6, 2021. The security video deflates claims made in the initial Capitol Police report that Ms. Boyland simply collapsed in the Capitol Rotunda at 5 p.m. on Jan. 6, 2021, and that the officer who observed her “wandering around the Rotunda” immediately began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Nothing that the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) relayed to Ms. Boyland’s family from the Jan. 7, 2021, report turned out to be true, except that she was dead. As the security video conclusively shows, Ms. Boyland didn’t collapse in the Rotunda, and paramedics didn’t find her there receiving CPR from two unidentified Capitol Police officers.

Democratic law firm argues mail boxes ‘unsecure’ for voting, in suit pushing for ballot drop boxes –Marc Elias, whose law firm filed the lawsuit, advocated for states to switch to mail-in voting because of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. | 25 July 2023 | In a lawsuit to overturn a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that concluded ballot drop boxes are illegal, a Democratic election law firm is now arguing that U.S. Postal Service mailboxes are in fact “unsecured.” The state’s high court ruled last year, in a 4-3 decision, the Wisconsin Elections Commission was not authorized to allow the use of the such boxes, as alternative balloting, during the 2020 presidential “election.” The majority opinion was based on the interpretation of state rules and considered a loss to liberals who largely support the method… The Elias Law Group is suing the commission on behalf of Priorities USA, the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans and a voter over the ruling against ballot drop boxes. The group’s stated mission in part reads: “Committed to helping Democrats win, citizens vote, and progressives make change.”

House panel moves toward vote on holding Zuckerberg in contempt over censorship investigation | 25 July 2023 | The GOP-controlled House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on holding Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in contempt over a lack of cooperation with an investigation into Big Tech censorship. The committee announced it would vote on the motion on Thursday. The committee said the company has not cooperated with Chairman Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) requests for information on the website’s content moderation practices. Jordan has been leading several investigations into Meta as part of his role as the leader of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. “Meta has critical information that it has not turned over to the committee regarding federal government efforts to censor speech online and how Meta responded to those efforts,” Jordan’s spokesman Russell Dye told Punchbowl News on Monday. “It is imperative the committee get these materials, and we will take whatever actions necessary to facilitate that end.”

Three U.S. Marines mysteriously found dead in car at gas station by Camp Lejeune – authorities | 25 July 2023 | Three young U.S. Marines were found dead inside a car at a North Carolina gas station Sunday morning, and authorities are still trying to figure out how they died. “There’s nothing to believe it to be foul play or anything,” Sgt. Chester Ward of the Pender County Sheriff’s Department told ABC affiliate WTVD News. “We’re waiting for an autopsy report, but we have no idea of probably what happened.” Ward said no drugs were found in the vehicle. The grim discovery occurred when deputies responding to a missing person’s report found the three dead men in a four-door sedan parked outside a Speedway convenience store in Hampstead, about an hour’s drive from Camp Lejeune. The bodies were found around 9 a.m. Sunday, the sheriff’s office said on Facebook.

Edward Dowd Drops Bombshell Data: Hematological Claims Up 522% Above Trend in 2022 | 24 July 2023 | (Via Vigilant Fox Substack) “We were looking for data like this, and we found it in the UK Personal Independence [Payment] (PIP) system,” announced former BlackRock portfolio asset manager Edward Dowd on the Dr. Drew show. “We need the help of the medical community and the regulators to explain what’s going on because it’s alarming.” “And you can see, I’ll point out hematological [blood-related]…that’s up 522% in 2022. And I want to say this is versus trend. It’s not versus 2021 or 2020. It’s versus a trend that we analyzed from 2016 to 2019. So it’s a percent increase over trend. And the trends were stable — and then this exploded.”

LeBron James’s Son Bronny Rushed to ICU After Suffering Cardiac Arrest at Practice; LeBron Previously Stated Covid-19 Vaccine Was Best Suited for Him and His Family | 25 July 2023 | Bronny James, the son of NBA Star LeBron James, suffered medical emergency at basketball practice on Monday morning and was rushed to the hospital. Bronny, who recently committed to play college basketball at USC, was rushed to the ICU after suffering cardiac arrest during a basketball workout at USC. A spokesperson for the James family stated, “Yesterday while practicing Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest. Medical staff was able to treat Bronny and take him to the hospital. He is now in stable condition and no longer in ICU.” James, a four-star recruit and one of the staple pieces of USC’s top-five incoming recruiting class, signed with the Trojans this offseason… LeBron James previously boasted about how the Covid-19 vaccine was the best thing for him and his family.

Federal judge deals major blow to Biden administration with ruling on immigration policy | 25 July 2023 | The Biden administration was dealt a major blow in its efforts to control the ongoing border crisis on Tuesday when a federal judge blocked a rule introduced in May that makes migrants ineligible for asylum if they have entered illegally and failed to take advantage of expanded lawful pathways set up by the federal government. Judge Jon Tigar of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California blocked the Circumvention of Lawful Pathways rule in response to a lawsuit from a coalition of left-wing immigration groups, which claimed the rule was similar to a Trump-era transit ban that was similarly blocked. He found the rule is “both substantively and procedurally invalid” and has delayed his ruling from taking effect for 14 days to give the administration time to appeal. The rule formed the centerpiece of the administration’s strategy to deal with the expiration of the Title 42 public health order in May.

Governor DeSantis in car crash, but uninjured, while heading to Tennessee event, campaign says –DeSantis and his team are not hurt, a spokesman said. | 25 July 2023 | Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was in a car crash Tuesday morning while on his way to a campaign event in Tennessee, but he is uninjured, his spokesperson said. “This morning, the governor was in a car accident while traveling to an event in Chattanooga, Tennessee,” Press Secretary Bryan Griffin said, according to Fox News. “He and his team are uninjured.” Further information about the wreck was not immediately available. “We appreciate the prayers and well wishes of the nation for his continued protection while on the campaign trail,” Griffin also said.

Obama’s Personal Chef, Who Mysteriously Drowned in Former President’s Martha’s Vineyard, Took Swimming Lessons in 2019, Video Reveals | 25 July 2023 | An unexpected twist has been revealed in the case surrounding the tragic death of former President Obama’s personal chef, Tafari Campbell, who was found drowned in a pond on the Obamas’ Martha’s Vineyard property. Contradicting initial assumptions that Campbell may have drowned due to an inability to swim, internet sleuths have uncovered a 2019 video revealing Campbell undertaking swimming lessons. Campbell, 45, of Dumfries, Virginia, was recovered from the Edgartown Great Road by Massachusetts State Police divers on Monday. The recovery occurred approximately 100 feet from the shoreline at a depth of about eight feet. The Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers using side-scan sonar first located the victim’s body, according to a news release from Massachusetts State Police.

Biden’s dog bit seven Secret Service agents | 25 July 2023 | Joe Biden’s dog bit seven people in a four-month period, including a Secret Service agent who was hospitalized with arm and leg injuries, according to internal emails obtained by conservative activists. The dog is the second of Biden’s canine companions to terrorize the White House. The most serious incident took place last November, when the then one-year-old German shepherd — named “Commander” — came down a flight of stairs and bit an agent who was sitting at the bottom with his arms folded. Commander bit the agent on his arm and his thigh…according to a Secret Service email published on Tuesday by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group. The agent was sent to a local hospital by the White House physician’s office, and was taken off active duty for three days following the attack.

Lowe’s Worker Rehired After Being Fired for Trying to Stop Alleged Shoplifters | 25 July 2023 | A 68-year-old Lowe’s employee who was fired from a retail store in Georgia after trying to stop alleged shoplifters has been reinstated, a company spokesperson confirmed. In a statement issued to the Effingham Herald on July 24, senior manager of corporate communications Larry Costello said the company was pleased to hear Donna Hansbrough accepted the offer to return to the store in Effingham County, where she has worked for over a decade. “After senior management became aware of the incident and spoke to Donna Hansbrough today, we are reinstating her job and we are pleased that she has accepted the offer to return to Lowe’s,” Mr. Costello said.

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