Church embezzlement

A man associated with a small, rural Northeast Kingdom church has been charged with embezzling “a large amount of money” over four separate occasions, state police say.

East Burke Congregational Church, from town website.

On the afternoon of August 4, troopers from the Vermont State Police St. Johnsbury barracks were notified by staff of East Burke Congregational Church that Gerald Prevost (72), had embezzled a large sum of money through means of the church.

Investigation revealed Prevost embezzled money on four separate occasions throughout the month of July. On Thursday, August 18, troopers made contact with Prevost and issued him a citation to appear in Caledonia County Superior Court, Criminal Division, to answer to the charge of Embezzlement.

The church belongs to the United Church of Christ (UCC) denomination. The pastor is Bruce Comiskey, the church website says. Burke is a Caledonia County town north of St. Johnsbury and adjacent to Lyndon.

Neither a motive for the embezzlement, nor information about Prevost’s role within the church, was provided by Vermont State Police.

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  1. “Woke” and its agendas are astonishingly widespread. They aren’t always obvious. Back in the day, pastors would stay with a church for decades, retiring when they advanced in age.
    Now, United Church pastors are required to move on after about 6 years. This leads to the instability that is a hidden agenda.
    Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • Utterly brilliant – Liberal/ Commie/ Progressives are Godless heathens who do not know what the inside of a Church looks like…. And yet one, Gerald Prevost, age 72, apparently acting as a vanguard for the woke movement, was able to ingratiate himself with a transient pastor and defraud the Church.

      We really do have you cared witless, don’t we?

  2. This is what happens when people loose interest in religion. Crooks come in and try to steal.

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