CHS bus collects Vermonters’ COVID stories / Scott: No mask, vax mandates / ‘Shots! Shots! Shots!’ decried

By Guy Page

The Children’s Health Defense Bus will be collecting Vermonters’ COVID hospital protocol and vax injury and death stories during two visits to Vermont this month.

The 42-foot CHD bus is traveling across the country. Vermonters may recall when the Vaxxed Bus visited Vermont in 2016.  Later, Statewide screenings of VAXXED2 / The People’s Truth were cancelled due to COVID. The CHD Bus is now collecting COVID hospital protocol stories, vax vs unvax, healthy unvax stories, and vax injury and death stories. 

Learn more about the CHD Bus here. Visits include:

SEP 16CHD Bus @Meadow’s Bee Farm – Private (WINDHAM, VT)

SEP 21 CHD Bus @Vermont State House – (MONTPELIER, VT)

No mandates from Scott administration – In other COVID-related news, Gov. Scott yesterday promised that his administration will not push for mandatory masking or COVID vaccinations. An uptick in cases (recently declining in number) have led some schools and officials nationwide to consider a return to Covid-era mandates. 

“If there’s talk of imposing a new mask mandate, that’s not coming from us,” Scott responded to a reporter’s question at his press conference Wednesday.

Vermont vax safety activist pushes back against Dept. of Health publicity campaign – Although the Scott administration won’t push mandates, it is encouraging parents to vaccinate themselves and their children. In an online newsletter article entitled “Shots, Shots, Shots, Everybody!”, the Vermont Dept. of Health urges parents to “Feel confident you’re doing all you can to protect yourself and your family this respiratory virus season by learning more about this year’s COVID, flu, and RSV vaccines that will soon be available in Vermont.” It provided a link for more information.  

That kind of promotion should be left to the deep-pocketed pharmaceutical industry producing the vaccines, Health Choice Vermont executive director Jennifer Stella told the Health Department.

Your agency should rather be more concerned with ensuring the products are safe and effective,” Stella wrote to the Vermont Agency of Human Services in an email copied to Vermont Daily Chronicle. “Have you reviewed Vermont’s data concerning the health outcomes of vaccinated persons within 60 days of any of the shots you promote without a care in the world? How many were sent to hospital after the shots you are promoting? How many lives will never be lived to their potential? You imagine lives saved, but actual lives harmed are measurable and apparent. Whose job is it to ensure you do not promote unsafe products?”

Any Health Dept. response shared with VDC will be published promptly. 

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  1. I’ll make the point once more, because it’s highly relevant and people forget.

    Until 2020, the definition of a vaccine was basically “A shot you get which contains a small, dead piece of (insert contagion name here) which makes your immune system respond to it, thereby protecting you from the live and transmissible (insert contagion name here).”

    In 2020, the government changed the definition of “vaccine” to include genetic jabs of (experimental) mRNA material”. Nowhere was “a small, dead piece” of anything mentioned.

    Ask yourself, WHY?

    Not that the “old” vaccines were any better results-wise, and not to mention the other toxic adjuvants that were added to those “old vaccines”, which were the REAL payload, by the way. Adjuvants like mercury, dead fetal cells, and cancer cells.

    Ask yourself, why has autism skyrocketed in this country the last 35 years? Why have things like “peanut allergies” and “gluten intolerance” similarly skyrocketed in the same timeframe?

    Well, it’s like this. If I go to my doctor and say it hurts when I try to do yoga, she’s going to tell me to cut out the yoga, I’m not a spring chicken anymore. And if incidences of things like peanut allergies and gluten intolerance rose in parallel with the advent of kids and babies(!) being injected with more “garbage”, maybe the “garbage” injections are the reason.

    Please Think, people!

  2. Jennifer Stella is correct! Vermont government agencies have a responsibility to protect the citizens, it is not their responsibility to do promotions for pharmaceutical companies. Why is that? Why isn’t the Vermont Department of Health aware of the covid vaccine harms? And if they are, why do they continue to push the vaccine that isn’t a vaccine?
    There have been 2,501 covid vax injuries in Vermont reported to VAERS and that includes 34 injuries to children, 14 deaths and 45 permanent disabilities. ( We, the ordinary citizens who read, know this, and know that only a small percentage of injuries are reported. We also know those who have been injured are not compensated. Why is that? How cruel is it for the state to allow uninformed consent and add insult to injury by failing to compensate the injured?

  3. Just FYI, a huge number of potential/probable vaccine injuries occured but were NEVER reported to VAERS by the health care provider. My 81 y/o mother had minor strokes within 24 hours after both vaccinations and a big one after a booster (she wouldn’t listen to me, instead choosing a CVS technician’s advice) thus sustaining a permanent physical and mental deficit. No provider who has cared for her has ever filed a report because they believe it’s not related.
    There currently is entirely too much peer reviewed, appropriate, scientifically accurate data demonstrating that this mRNA treatment was harmful which includes statements and research by one of the founding scientists, Dr. Robert Malone. Yet officials and administrators at all levels continue to promote and defend this treatment. That is criminally negligent behavior.
    As for me and mine…. we will not comply.

  4. Over one million Americans dead. Tens of thousands with horrendous long Covid.
    Nearly seven million dead world wide. A still mutating virus, able to kill and damage more. All because anti vaxers and anti maskers would rather promote ridiculous conspiracy theories than accept the science and facts that disagree with their politically driven world views. I wonder how many of you have had to care for people, sometimes friends and neighbors from your hospital’s community, drowning in their own secretions. It is a damaging thing for nurses and doctors to experience on a daily basis for years. Don’t mask, don’t get vaccinated if you do not want to. But stop spreading death and disease for others. How cruel you are.

    • Welp, it’s still a free country. You want to raise your chance of death by 7% every time you get an mRNA jab, that’s certainly your right.

      But it’s funny how all these “conspiracy theories” turn out to be true in the end.

      The only conspiracy here is those conspiring to keep the truth from the American people. And by the way, over a million Americans have not died from “covid”. If that were true, cemeteries would be overflowing (they never were). In fact, I know no one who died from it, but my sister died from myocarditis after getting her shots, and my wife developed DVT and a pulmonary embolism after hers, which she was coerced into taking under threat of losing her job.

      Free speech is what makes America great, don’t you agree?

    • Illusions of causality occur when people develop the belief that there is a causal connection between two events that are actually unrelated.

    • “Long” Covid…try Dr Adam Gaffney’s take on it…….Kinda on par with Perpetual Lyme Disease?

      I thought you were a medical professional & up on ALL current medical theories?

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. My father was admitted into a hospitalbfir COVID-19 . He was already terminally ill with stage 4 kidney failure and had heart issues. I informed my family that the hospital protocols approved by the CDC were to give patients Rendesiver and that this drug killed around 52 percent of all people in Africa who took it during drug trial for ebola. The drug was so toxic that it was pulled from the clinical trials. The drug caused kidney and organs failure. My step mother refused to listen to me. She then saw my father’s cardiac nurse randomly. My father’s cardiac nurse said to get my step mother get your husband out of that small hospital because the hospital will follow the CDC protocols, which will kill my father. I got to watch my father die and there was nothing. He had multiple heart attacks and kidney issues. I could do to stop it. My father was already terminally ill. COVID should not have been listed as the primary cause of death, but the CDC changed the policies relative to death certificates so they could increase their COVID-19 death numbers. You owe me an apology for your disgraceful comment. COVID didn’t kill my father. The CDC protocols killed my father!

    • Didn’t mask. Didn’t vax. I’m about one of the only people I know in non-online Vermont who didn’t. I’m also about one of the only people I know who didn’t get covid. Not even once. LOL. The “science,” was dubious from the start to anyone with a decent IQ and a curious mind. The shots are now making people more susceptible to variants and more likely to end up in the hospital. If they worked, there wouldn’t be “boosters,” and new versions every six months. If they worked, people who had them wouldn’t get repeated bouts of covid, or be fearful of the people who understand that masks & the covid shots don’t work. Natural immunity is far superior and the shots short circuit it, but luckily for the vaccinated, covid is now about as bad as the average flu. Take your hysterical, mob-inciting talk of spreading death and disease and shove it.

    • Psyops work, propaganda works, war crimes committed and documented. God show mercy on the Chicken Littles worrying themselves into early graves (by design!) and fearful of phantom viruses floating around their masked paranoid faces. Look into their eyes – what do you see? Misery is what i see and woefully miserable they will be. I declare and decree every person involved in all crimes committed against a once civil society will face judgement swiftly and justly. What they did and do to my mother in the nursing home, which I do consider her a prisoner of war – woe onto them! They foolishly believe their salary is worth selling their souls and committing murder and assault upon innocent civilians. No Quarter!

  5. “As Robert Malone stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial before thousands of anti-vaccine and anti-mandate demonstrators Sunday, the medical doctor and infectious-disease researcher repeated the falsehoods that have garnered him legions of followers.
    “Regarding the genetic covid vaccines, the science is settled,” he said in a 15-minute speech that referenced the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy. “They are not working.”
    The misinformation came two days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its first studies based on real-world data showing that coronavirus vaccines provide strong protection against hospitalization from the rapidly spreading omicron variant.
    His claims and suggestions have been discredited and denounced by medical professionals as not only wrong, but also dangerous. Twitter barred him for violating the platform’s coronavirus misinformation policy, but he has found platforms elsewhere — recently appearing on an episode of Joe Rogan’s wildly popular podcast, which averages 11 million listeners per episode.

    That show — along with guest spots on Fox News programming hosted by Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham — has thrust the 62-year-old into the limelight at a crucial time of the pandemic, when unvaccinated patients continue to fill ICU wards.

    Critics say Malone’s story highlights the peril of offering an enormous platform to someone who once complained about being “written out of history” and is now finding celebrity.”
    One can always find some crackpot, disowned by those who have the science, facts, research on their side, who spreads falsehoods for their own benefit.

    • Still waitin’ to hear about your vast qualifications & education which we are all eager to learn of. Still waitin’.

      • I am waiting, too. The nurse seems to know nothing. My relative is a confirmed retired nurse and refuses to be around a person up to two weeks post COVID-19 vaccination, because vaccinated people are excreting COVID-19 spike protein in their breath, which harms unvaccinated people.

      • I’ll place a bet it was either University of Vermont Medical Center or Dartmouth Hitchcock. The script reads the same and is the approved narrative of the installed regime, CDC, and NIHS.

    • You must have fallen asleep during the part where Wallensky announced “they” don’t prevent the spread or prevent infection….

  6. I’m glad Scott has taken the stance of no mandates. I, and many people I know, will refuse to comply this time. The vaccines. Did. Not. Work. And neither did the masks unless one wore the medical grade masks; Even then if they were removed and put back on they were ineffective. Not going to do it.

  7. Vaccination as a cause of autism—myths and controversies
    Michael Davidson, MD
    Despite significant progress in the study of the epidemiology and genetics of autism, the etiology and patho-physiology of this condition is far from being elucidated and no curative treatment currently exists. Although solid scientific research continues, in an attempt to find explanations and solutions, a number of nonscientific and pure myths about autism have emerged. Myths that vaccines or mercury are associated with autism have been amplified by misguided scientists; frustrated, but effective parent groups; and politicians. Preventing the protection provided by vaccination or administration of mercury-chelating agents may cause real damage to autistic individuals and to innocent bystanders who as a result may be exposed to resurgent diseases that had already been “extinguished. ” That such myths flourish is a consequence of the authority of scientific evidence obtained by scientific methodology losing ground to alternative truths and alternative science.
    Myths and controversies have defined, and always will define, human views about the cause-effect relationship of diseases. There will always be a gap between our need to rationalize the occurrence of illness and the ability of science to provide solid, unshakable insights into its mechanism and etiologies.
    Throughout human history, the creation, diffusion, and impact of myths about the cause-effect relationship of diseases have been shaped by political, religious, social, psychological, and economic factors. True but misinterpreted scientific observations and charismatic scientists, whether misguided or charlatan, have all contributed to the creation of myths. For many human biological processes, the cutting-edge science of yesterday has become the irrational and ridiculous myths of today. This relentless process by which science progresses and corrects itself dispels old myths and creates new ones. However, some myths persist long after solid scientific evidence has provided alternative explanations. Nowhere is this truer than in the field of mental and neurological illnesses, where the understanding of disease etiologies lags behind the rest of medical disciplines, and autism is no exception.
    In many regards, vaccines—and in particular, those for mumps, measles, and rubella (MMR)—have the makings of a cause-effect myth. The notion that “if B follows A, then A is probably the cause of B” is the most common misinterpretation of causality.”

    • @retired nurse, we as yet lack causative evidence for autism via vaccination, but there is STRONG correlative evidence. The explosive occurrence of autism is strongly (I would say directly) correlated to the explosive increase of childhood vaccinations. The line that we now have better diagnosis is ABSOLUTE BS! You don’t need a medical degree to recognize full blown non communicative levels of autism. That’s not even taking into account the plethora of autism across the spectrum. If you took but a little time and listened to RFK’s encyclopedic recitation of chemistry, dates and results you would change your tune…or bury your head in the sand, like so many others.

  8. Just FYI: Call it a crazy coincidence but as we prepare for the visits of the Bus and many other events – my Janssen-AD26-vector-injured Mom went into hospital last Sunday and I have been nursing her ever since, here by her side. She cannot fall or get upset due to heart while we await a cardio appt. Mom spent months and months trying to live after a shot in 2021.

    Then just today – as unbelievable as it sounds – my 47 y/o sister went in to hospital just this morning with three pulmonary emboli. Definitely a familial risk it seems, as they got jabbed around the same time frame (spring’21). I think my sister took Pfizerx2? but it may have been A-Z. They plan to ‘treat her with medication’.

    I am literally trying to remember how to breathe while we wait by the phone. It was a ‘retired nurse’ actually – who jabbed my mother in the school gym.

    The C19 jabs were not ever safe nor were they ever effective. The data being released under FOIA and in front of our very eyes, proves that statement out.

    Kudos to the Scott administration for announcing “No More Mandates”.

    Maybe he will come to accept they made grave mistakes in pursuit of treasury.

    Maybe the ‘State’ will not repeat or continue the unabashed drug/jab promotions.

    Leave those lies to BigHarma.


  9. You mean creating Covid19 in a Chinese lab with Dr. Frankenstein Fauci at the helm wasn’t a good idea????

    Then why is the NIH still involved in similar research?

    Let’s ask “retired nurse” who shall spew the government’s propaganda that it emanated from a bowl o’ bat soup!


  10. “”No mandates from Scott administration – In other COVID-related news, Gov. Scott yesterday promised that his administration will not push for mandatory masking or COVID vaccinations. An uptick in cases (recently declining in number) have led some schools and officials nationwide to consider a return to Covid-era mandates.

    “If there’s talk of imposing a new mask mandate, that’s not coming from us,” Scott responded to a reporter’s question at his press conference Wednesday.””

    This coming from the guy who signed a declaration that he would support NO new gun legislation prior to his first election…consequently causing to me to NOT vote for him since, regardless who we may have ended up with. Also the guy who shut the the state down for “two weeks to flatten the curve” which turned into two years consequently directly causing the death of my mother who was essentially imprisoned in her expensive independent living residence. Yeah, I said it… Phil you’re directly responsible for killing my mother who never actually got covid, just an undeserved prison sentence.

  11. It seems to me that the pharmaceutical companies were really fast getting out the vaccine this time around. I thought clinical trials on humans were surposed to take longer, or did they just use rats? What will be the after effects of this one?

  12. It would appear that “retired nurse” is and could be in the employ of the Gates Foundation et al, openly committed to population decimation. If not in the employ, in the firm thought control pocket of the same. So there is no convincing those who have been captured by demonic forces. Clearly this “Retired Nurse” agrees that 97% of scientists all agree with their sources of funding, and her entire professional life was coddled and managed by the Rockefeller institute, too bad she surrendered her capacity to discern. The facts are so clear, and the misdeeds so horrific that her continued adamant support for them is a double down on lies as liars will. Retired Nurse could be any pharma shill.