China’s human rights values OK with Biden

Uyghur detainees in a camp in Xinjiang, China.

To the editor:

Chinese Communists Party (CCP) has developed massive detention centers for Uyghur and Turkish Muslim population where forced labor, rape, sterilization, starvation, torture and mutualization occurs.  Human organs are harvested and eugenics is practiced to decrease the minority and physically impaired population.

CCP demands political loyalty and silences human rights defenders.  They’re the arbiter of spiritual life and assaulted many freedoms Hong Kong’ers inherited from England.  Anyone critical of President Xi is imprisoned and fair trials are a myth.  All pro-democracy outlets, books and assemblies are assaulted and/or eliminated.

The CCP monitors people movement and behavior resulting in rewards or punishment.  A coalition of 180 human rights groups are urging boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics so as not to whitewash China’s inhumane behavior and suppressed culture.

Congressman Michael Waltz (R, Fl) is also urging the Olympic boycott.  As the world leader for freedoms of speech, assembly and human rights, the U.S has a moral obligation to highlight these atrocities not reward them with the games.   Write your Congressional delegation supporting Waltz and urge condemnation of Biden for accepting China’s cruel norms.

Frank Mazur

(The author is a former Republican legislator for South Burlington.)

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  1. In summary, there are virtually no “human rights” extant in Communist China. Virtually every person is or has been violated in one form or another and that extends to the horrific & violent abuse & killing of animals including domestic companion animals. There remains an annual Chinese “festival” where dogs are chased through the streets by club-wielding humans who mercilessly beat these innocent beings to death in order to thereafter consume them.

    Just as in much of the Middle East – women, the disabled, people of faith, those from other nations, etc. are routinely subjected to abhorrent conditions and treatment whilst the U.N. AND the U.S. take no actions as self-interests and political interests are the priority.

    For the democrat party, headed by Biden, to unbelievably infer that such barbaric abuses are essentially the norm of disparate cultures is sickening and merely further exposes the utter hypocrisy and even the insanity of the left.

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