Child care pricetag unclear

Nine weeks into the session and the cost and revenue source to pay for one of the legislature’s major priorities – child care – remains unclear.

The Legislature wants to fund child care to remove a budget burden and barrier to people returning to the workplace.

When the Chair of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee posed the question of cost, she was met with a resounding silence from advocates, committee members, and the Joint Fiscal Office representative in the committee room. 

Even following the results of the RAND report, which was commissioned by the legislature for $600,000 to guide their work this session, there is no understanding of how this Senate’s proposal will be paid for. S.56 is expected to remain in committee until next week, leaving the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee little time to do their vital work before crossover.

The Senate Finance Committee has made it clear they will be considering the cumulative impact of all the major proposals in discussion, which will be essential to ensuring the vitality of the Vermont economy.

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Sourced from Vermont Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

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  1. The cost doesn’t matter to them, it’s the control. The earlier they can dictate the “Curriculum” (indoctrination) the stronger hold it will have on your child.

    They want sheep and it’s easier when you start them younger.

    • Exactly!! They do not care about cost of anything, but control and indoctrination as early as possible has been their goal for a looong time!!

  2. Not sure how it gonna be paid for? Really, think we all know the working class tax payer will. What’s up with all the handouts.
    You people all wanted Abortion ya got that, now ya want us to pay off your education, day care, cjild care, foster kkids pay would you jist like me to have my check deposited into their accounts? I paid 8k in taxes last year I got back $700. You stole 7200 from me already there is none left. I can’t afford to pay my bills. Oh wait that’s what you Communists want.

    • Like the rest of working taxpayers do for Medicare, Social Security and every other senior program that users don’t pay for too right? If you think taxes are stealing you’re delusional. While you’re complaining I bet you sure love all the benefits of the system. Dont like it then move to the supposed mecca of Florida and see how your COL is there.

  3. per usual they will understate the cost and understate how much it will cost those who pay for it. i agree these true believers do not care what their beloved ideas cost