‘Check Your Born Privilege’ sign explained at Rally for Life

Young pro-lifer among many young people holding signs Saturday on State House steps

David Toborg holds ‘Check Your Born Privilege’ sign

by Guy Page

During Saturday’s Rally for Life, David Toborg of Barre stood on the steps of the Vermont State House in Montpelier holding a sign saying “Check Your Born Privilege.”

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked him to explain what his sign means.

“Everyone who is pro-abortion has already been born, coincidentally. So it’s just a reminder to them that, well, you’ve already been born – and also plays on what they’ll always say.”

David is the son of William Toborg, member of the Barre City diversity/inclusion/equity committee who was urged to resign by the chair and other members for expressing his pro-life views. He did not, and the Barre City Council mildly censured the chair for her comments. David’s mother is Sharon Toborg, a long-time policy analyst and volunteer for Vermont Right to Life.

The well-attended rally was the 50th and final January Rally for Life, held to commemorate the January, 1973 Roe V. Wade decision. The next rally will be held in June, to commemorate the Dobbs decision overturning Roe.

The building behind you, beautiful building that it is, has now sadly become no more than a tool for Planned Parenthood’s every whim,” Vermont Right to Life Executive Director Mary Beerworth told the crowd. “The Speaker of the House, former Planned Parenthood employee Jill Krowinski, makes Planned Parenthood’s agenda their top priority.

“Already this week a bill is coming out of house Judiciary that will invite anyone who wants an abortion from any state in America to come to Vermont,” Beerworth said. “Who benefits from that? Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.”

Beerworth was referring to H.89, “civil and criminal procedures concerning legally protected health care activity,” sponsored by every Democratic, Progressive and independent House member. House Judiciary will take testimony at 1 pm Tuesday, from UVMMC abortionist Dr. Lauren MacAfee and Lucy Leriche, Vice President of Public Policy, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (invited), and others. The hearing can be viewed at the committee’s livestream site.

Beerworth said others outside the Legislature also are complicit. “Sadly, our governor has given them the keys to his office,” she added.

The rally featured a strong emphasis on youth as the future of the pro-life movement in transition from Roe to Dobbs. Savannah Craven of Students for Life was the speaker at the overflow luncheon at Capitol Plaza. A large contingent of students from Thomas Aquinas College – the same students who hold a regular prayer presence at a Brattleboro abortion clinic – attended the rally, as did students from Norwich University and all across Vermont.

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  1. Thanks David. An “‘at a boy” for you and the others who attended. A “you will one day be seriously sorry” for the Planned Parenthood, “woke” VT citizens and the super majority of the VT legislature who aid and abet murder.

    “For the wages of sin is death…”
    “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.
    And for those who purport to believe in God & yet believe that “Planned Parenthood” & your VT Legislators somehow can override God – “Why do you keep saying that I am your Lord, when you refuse to do what I say?”

  2. The answer is vasectomy. If/when he wants to be a father, he can adopt or reverse.

    • The answer is stop sleeping around. Try birth control. Then BOTH sexes (there are only two, btw) can stop pretending that women just “spontaneously” become pregnant the way a leftist liberal just spontaneously ignore science & pretend fetuses aren’t babies.

      Keep your legs crossed. If/then you want to be a mother, you can adopt or engage in sexual intercourse.

    • Or I’ll keep my pants on like any reasonable person is able to do. Thanks for the tip though!