Cheap deer whistle for cars can save deer’s life – and yours

Shortly after the Chronicle published today’s story on two accidents caused by deer crossing the highway, Northeast Kingdom public access TV journalist Steve Merrill responded to the story with this helpful comment:

Steve Merrill

“ATTENTION! For about $10 you can buy self-attaching stick on deer whistles that STOP them in their tracks. I saw them when I lived in Pa. where there’s 5X the deer as here & there was 2 kinds of vehicles, those w/whistles & those that hit deer. For $10 you can SAVE a LOT of grief & auto body work or worse, even order them online too..You get them in a pair, peel off & attach to the front bumper, VERY simple & they WORK!”

Steve’s right. I bought one of those after my Subaru got up close and personal with doe in Waterville. Picked the fur out of the grill, pasted on the whistles, and never had a problem again.

At noon on Tuesday, Gov. Scott will give his first Montpelier-based press conference in about a month. I’ll be there, asking the most relevant questions I can think of. But Steve won’t – he earned the dubious honor of getting booted off of the press conference queue because, the governor and his press people said, he’s not a “real” journalist. He’s missed. Glad to see he’s still PAYING ATTENTION and giving Vermonters useful information. Steve, we thank you, the deer thank you. – Editor

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  1. And everyone in PA and NJ stopped using these around 1993 once the data came in that they were a gimmick…

  2. Funny to claim they’re a “gimmick”..anonymously of course..Full Disclosure, I have NO financial or other interest in the manufacture or sales of these devices, but I’ve SEEN whole herds of deer grazing grass on snow melted roadsides ALL STOP & freeze when driving by them. All I know is what I’ve seen while driving from Pa. to Mass. 2X a month when my dad was sick.
    Thanks Guy for the reminder of being cancelled by the Guv & Dr. Levine’s presser’s. If I COULD attend I’d ask Levine WHY these mRNA vaccines seem to now have negative efficacy. meaning the countries w/the highest RATES of vaccinations now have the highest CASES? WHY were doctors & scientists who advocated non-harmful treatments CENSORED & CANCELLED? (Great Barrington Declaration) Same with ANYONE who questioned the “narrative” with studies, facts & figures? Alex Berenson was just reinstated to Twitter after suing & settling after almost a YEAR for quoting CDC’s OWN data?
    What really IS the “price” of the lockdowns on children & small business (“non-essential”) owners? Many of whom will NEVER recover the lost time & funds, and how about the Guv.’s “snitch line” which pitted Vermonter against Vermonter with the most ridiculous assertions & diverted VSP from their usual & important duties? (request them from the VSP for a good laugh)
    As I wrote in 7Days in May 2020, a “quarantine” is when one locks down the sick, tyranny is when THEY lock down the healthy. And let’s NEVER forget the Vaccine Nazi’s who DEMANDED mandatory vaccination of a sketchy, barely tested new “platform” to go out un public, to the E/R, or provide a “passport” to just live a normal life. NEVER AGAIN..Thankfully we still have Guy Page to ask the questions AND publish them online, proving the difference between a JOURNALIST and just being a state JANITOR for the “authorities”..Hat’s off to Guy Page.

  3. All I know is what I’ve seen personally, driving from Pa. to Mass. 2X monthly when my dad was sick. I’d see deer herds grazing on snow melted roadside meadows stop in their tracks, freeze, & look up but not move or run. Full disclosure I have NO financial or any interest in their manufacture or sales. But I DID notice while living in the Pocono’s & Lehigh Valley & traveling at all hours & all times of the year on the interstate and secondary roads the deer would STOP and not move or run when I approached them, If you don’t think they work then don’t buy or use them, simple, no? And they do NOT seem to work at ALL for Moose, they just plow through anything, anywhere regardless of external stimuli.
    Thanks Guy for reminding people of my censorship by Gov. Scott for asking questions about their decisions & policies during the …pandemic. Unfailingly polite always, all I did was ask well researched questions about policies that are laughable now, like “non-essential” businesses & lockdowns/lockouts, some that never recovered, diverting VSP resources to investigate “entries” on their “snitch line” that pitted Vermonter against Vermonter, ask the VSP for copies if you want a good laugh. This so-called “all hazards event” for a virus with a confirmed fatality rate of 2 or 3% max was never done before & should never happen again, the things we are learning about Fauci, Collins, etc. is very troubling to say the least, read the FOIA documents at Judicial watch.org. The feedback we at NEKTV’s “News Division” got from all over the state was 98% positive & many provided questions/topics I then asked the “authorities” about. But the most troubling of all was the censorship of ANYONE who questioned their “narrative”, from scientists, epidemiologists, (not “armchair” ones ala Dr, Levine), journalists, etc, was NOT the traditional adherence to Free Speech nor scientific methodology, as can be seen by Fauci’s “quick & deadly takedown” e-mails concerning the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. We can never allow this to happen again, the fear stops here & thankfully we have Guy Page as a real journalist, not a janitor for the “authorities” and a website offering alternatives to authoritarianism.

    • Well stated sir. Sad that we have a chameleon for governor who so willingly trades his integrity for you censorship.

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