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Chair will mute pro-lifer on Barre ‘Diversity’ Committee

Mulvaney to Toborg: “the only words I will accept from you are, ‘I resign from the committee’”

By Guy Page

William Toborg, a pro-life member of the Barre City Diversity and Equity Committee, will be muted if he attempts to speak at future meetings because of his “anti-women activism” and “misogynistic perspective,” the committee chair informed him in an August 16 email.

Toborg is at least the second Vermonter to be cancelled on a municipal advisory board dedicated to ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion.’ Keith Longmore, a black MAGA supporter and member of the St. Albans City advisory board, was removed by City Council vote after he failed to endorse the flying of the BLM flag in a parade and (according to other advisory board members) showed insufficient enthusiasm for the board’s mission. 

The origins of Toborg’s conflict began at the primary election polls on August 9. Toborg, the husband of Vermont Right to Life policy analyst Sharon Toborg, parked a minivan at the polls bearing a sign opposing Article 22, the proposed constitutional amendment enshrining ‘reproductive liberty’ in the Vermont Constitution that will go to all Vermont voters November 8. A pro-choice voter parked her vehicle in front of Toborg’s, thus obstructing the view of the sign. 

Several minutes of political street theater ensued, as Toborg and the other driver maneuvered their vehicles to their advantage. There was no contact or violence – except when the other driver backed into Toborg (himself, not his minivan), pinning him against the fence of the Barre Auditorum property. 

Toborg was not hurt and did not press charges. The story of the encounter was covered by the Times-Argus, the local daily newspaper. However, at the following Monday’s D&E meeting, vice-chair Ellen Kaye urged him to tell his story. So that’s what Toborg did, he told Vermont Daily Chronicle. (The meeting was not video-taped, and the minutes have not been posted.)

Toborg’s comments – elicited by Kaye – were apparently too much for board chair Joelen Mulvaney, a local artist, longtime pro-Abenaki activist, wife of one-time Progressive Party statewide candidate Ed Stanak, and mother of Burlington Progressive lawmaker Emma Mulvaney-Stanek. 

Her email to Toborg appears below:

Dear William;

I am very concerned about you bringing up your anti-women activism last evening. Why would you do that? It begs the question about how you could be serving on an equity committee and support such a misogynist perspective? 

You have your first amendment rights on the street, but in our meetings you must comply with our statement read at the beginning of every meeting and my warnings to you about your abusive and incendiary behavior.

I will be muting you during the meetings as a result. I have warned you more than once. The only words I will accept from you are, “I resign from the committee”, other wise you can communicate with the committee through me via email. I’ll keep it open during our meetings and respond in real time.

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Mulvaney via email which statement Toborg supposedly violated. She emailed back the following “affirmation statement” published on the committee’s website page:

“We acknowledge that Barre City was developed on Sokoki Abenaki land, which the Western Abenaki nation never ceded, made treaty for, nor were they conquered. We aspire to create a space in our meetings that is inclusive, participatory and equitable. We acknowledge we all come from different experiences and that our experiences may be affected by racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ableism and many other systems of oppression. We are here to address equity within the systems of our city in order to inform the City Council of our findings. We acknowledge that systemic inequities exist and do not debate the personal experiences of marginalized and underrepresented community members. With that in mind, it is important that we are thoughtful of the impact of our words on each other in this space.” [Bold face Mulvaney’s]

The committee page does not address abortion or reproductive rights. It is not clear how muting Toborg creates a space that is ‘inclusive’ or ‘participatory.’

Mulvaney clearly is unhappy with Toborg’s presence on the committee. During the VDC/Mulvaney email exchange, she directed media inquiries to the City Council: “Address any other questions to the city council, they are the ones who chose this configuration of members.”

Toborg has said publicly he will not resign. Mulvaney’s term expires in 2023, Toborg’s in 2024. The Barre Diversity and Equity Committee meets 6:30 pm the third Monday of every month, which next month will be September 19.

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  1. No diversity or equity for anyone who presents facts that counter the narrative of the leftist nuts running these committees which are modeled after the Spanish Inquisition. Would Mulvaney allow any women of color who disagree with her to be on the committee. I know many who would be up to the task of debating her.

  2. WHEN are attorneys who are NOT afraid of these BLATANT abuses of our inherent right to FREEDOM of expression and of speech take these criminals on??????

    • Judicial Watch does it all the time. But it can only fight so many battles. What if you express your First Amendment directly to board chair Mulvaney? If more people took action themselves it would have an impact.

      • I did just that yesterday via phone AND email……whoa boy! I got the usual accusatory blubbering blather: I was shouted at in histrionic fashion: “I suppose you want slavery back” and the also ever-popular rhetoric “I guess you believe in voter suppression” as well as the EVER oh-so virtuous “It is my “job” to make sure nobody “gets their feelings hurt”.

        I’m serious – then she hung up and then (in response to a national news clip I had forwarded their committee) she began shadowing me via the email used to forward the news clip.

        This is all VERY frightening, indeed.

  3. This diversity committee is a sham.
    Pro-lifers are the only voice an unborn baby girl has, so obviously Mulvaney is the real misogynist.

  4. I hope Barre residents will start a petition to have Mulvaney removed from the committee for not abiding by its charter: “We aspire to create a space in our meetings that is inclusive, participatory and equitable.” She is clearly not including Toborg, isn’t allowing him to participate, and is not treating him equitably in comparison to other committee members.

    • The committee itself is the problem. The chair is operating as intended. “We’re here to combat systemic inequality” is paper-thin window dressing for “we haven’t achieved communism yet.”

    • It would appear that the committee has been corrupted by its chair and must be disbanded. Committee members whom did not speak out about the chairpersons actions should not be accepted as part of a subsequent committee.
      This is nancy pelosi stuff and I realize it’s now considered fashionable and accepted, depending on one’s political views- but remains unacceptable behavior regardless of one’s politics.

  5. Mulvaney and her husband Ed are long time progressive agitators. Why anyone would invite these two or elect them to anything is beyond insane. Someone should sue them for breach of civil rights. The right to disagree with anyone peacefully. Barre is turning into just another Vermont progressive Sh-thole.

  6. Cultural Marxists behaving like Cultural Marxists. Barre residents need to hold Mulvaney accountable (preferably, by having her removed from the Committee)

  7. Prior to even thinking about article 22 to the Vermont State constitution, I would suggest that Ms. Mulvaney would do well to read the first amendment to the US Constitution. She obviously needs a lesson in elementary constitutional law. Or perhaps she should just go back to junior high school and study civics.

    • I’ve been told that our schools- or is it more accurate to say “THEIR schools” no longer teach civics. They don’t want our kids to grow up thinking and acting outside their dogma.

  8. Remove her……..she is the one who is preventing “We aspire to create a space in our meetings that is inclusive, participatory and equitable.”

  9. Toborg’s comments – elicited by Kaye – were apparently too much for board chair Joelen Mulvaney, a local artist, longtime pro-Abenaki activist, wife of one-time Progressive Party statewide candidate Ed Stanak, and mother of Burlington Progressive lawmaker Emma Mulvaney-Stanek.

    …and let’s not forget one time claimant to being a “Vietnam widow”; https://www.willmiller.org/testimonials/willmiller2.html

    She came up with that one before the internet but stopped telling it once people had an easy way to check.

  10. Joelen Mulvaney carries the spirit of Jezebel. As Barre continues to spiral downward, these dogs from Hell continue to howl, growl, and scowl upon anyone who thinks differently than they do. They shall reap what they sow. Their days are numbered.

    • I wish I lived in Barre! You should get a group together and make a plan to stand up against this. Use the Petition System in our Government Toolbox and get the signatures of 5% of the registered voters to take her out! At least, make some signs and go stand around the room holding the signs in silence. Put the pressure on!!! We need to get bold!!

  11. Proud of you William Toborg, keep standing up for what is right!

    This Mulvaney person is everything that is wrong in our great State. She is a hater, a liar, and a bully! She needs to resign.

  12. Remember the rules now. If a person of the left with thin skin hears someone utter an opinion that they disagree with, they are triggered and feel upset. The person having uttered the opinion has now committed a MICROAGRESSION against them. A microagression causes measurable stress responses in a sensitive person which harms them. They are now entitled to harm the person who uttered the triggering opinion either physically, by siccing protestors to their home or by depriving them of their Constitutional Right to free expression.
    It sounds crazy, but sorry, rules are rules.
    Orwell’s 1984 was written as a cautionary tale, but the left uses it as an instruction manual.

  13. These committees are popping up in each community. There is a game plan here. At some point they will become developers of policy in your community, probably have a budget and you will like it or not. This is the second committee to try and oust a member they disagree with (Kieth Longmore in St Albans.. the only black man on that committee gets the boot!!). So much for inclusion.
    Get involved folks before it’s too late.

  14. The Article 22 Question is NOT ABOUT ABORTION!

    The Ballot Question seeks to add an amendment to Vermont’s Constitution to allow for “personal reproductive autonomy.” What do these words mean? Will we allow judges and lawyers to be the interpreters?

    Unrestricted abortion up to the first breathe of a baby is already allowed in Vermont through Act 47 passed on 2019, making
    us one of four states, North Korea and China who allow the same.

    Ask Yourself? Will Article 22 allow for?
    Men to oppose the abortions of babies they father?
    The selling and use of baby body parts for science or other?
    Eugenics for certain desired genders, traits, etc.
    Sex and/or gender change operations for ALL ages?
    Pedophilia and under age sexual relations?
    Open and legalized prostitution for all ages?
    Force all in medical areas to do all manner of procedures?
    Child support not forced on parents due to their personal choices?


  15. Just wondering… if Mr Toborg were Ms Toborg, would Ms Mulvaney still refer to her as a mysogynist?

    And by the way, it takes two people to create a new life, so why are men’s rights never considered when making the decision to abort a fetus?