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CDC adds Covid-19 to routine vax schedule for adults, kids

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NBC 5CDC adds COVID-19 shots to list of routine vaccines for kids and adults
VT DiggerBill banning paramilitary training facilities gains support, but questions linger over enforcement
WCAXAttack in the ER: Health care workers face spike in violence
WCAXWhy cybercriminals are targetting Vermont’s small towns
The Valley ReporterWaterbury Area Housing Task Force forms to address need
WCAXConstruction to finish universal playground at Oakledge park underway
VT Digger3 Vermont minors have died from fentanyl-related overdoses since 2021
Seven DaysWhich Vermont college is packing up and moving its campus to Colorado?
WCAXN.Y. Governor welcomes Vermont to hydrogen hub plan

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  1. In case you didn’t figure it out yet, our society is fundamentally rotten to the core.

  2. Of course the CDC added the covid vaccines to the schedule. Although it has never been proven safe or effective by them, the FDA, Pfizer or Moderna, the CDC is dependent on those companies financially and for future employment in the long established revolving door of captured regulatory agencies. They will never compensate the injured, and will continue to produce useless and dangerous vaccines until Congress removes vaccine liability protection. Until then, buyer beware.

  3. What right do they have to force this untested poison on people? No long term side effects studies. But suddenly we have healthy people dieing of blood clots and cardiac arrest. So glad my children are out of school.

  4. CDC …bought and paid for by big pharma and your leaders……This is CRIMINAL

  5. They can do all they want I will never take anything the government recommends. They are killing millions of people with their jab. The proof is out there wake up

  6. Kids and i never took it, never will. We’ve all had the covid flu twice. It’s a moderate flu at worst. Kids barely knew they had it. The injections neither prevent infection nor transmission. You’re not protecting grandma by getting your kids shot up. They lied. I wouldn’t get a tetanus shot at this point.

  7. I just read a research article by Dr Peter McCullough showing evidence that the C-19 mRNA injections are causing an autoimmune response giving people the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitis; https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/new-onset-type-1-diabetes-after-covid-19-vaccination_5039557.html?rs=SHRJHMCV&instaaccount=secb64bWpzY2hpbGRAY29tY2FzdC5uZXQ%3D&utm_source=ishare&utm_medium=Medium&utm_campaign=Campaign&utm_term=health&utm_content=tt_1606_Share-joshvid_v2

    There is also evidence the spike protein SARS-CpoV-2 is a bio-weapon ~ it actually had a Patent # assigned to it (proof it is manmade); go to: ProsecuteNow.io

    • Almost like when the Nazis forced people into a building for a group shower. Then, they locked the doors and sent deadly gas through the shower heads. Remember your government telling you the vaccine (not a vaccine) is Safe and Effective? Then, telling you to have your children jabbed. I will never trust the government again until people are held accountable for what they did. No excuses! And here’s the real disappointment, the Vermont voters ignored everything and voted this gang back into office and they still push this poison. I haven’t heard any one say as much as, gee we are sorry. Not a word! Do not expect much from VT judges.

  8. Bernie, Pete and Becca are all complicit in their promotion of what is murder against the people….and of course they are not against the war.

  9. Do Not Comply with evil. These are diabolical death shots. Beware of All shots from now on. Health care is now “death care”. Crimes against humanity has been committed, locally and federally.

    Freedom is from God not man.

  10. Bruce Marshall … I am shocked Senator Bernie Sanders has not uttered a word about the safety & efficacy of these vaccines. We now have all the evidence to prove they are not only neither, but in fact are harmful, even deadly (i.e., cancer rates up, endocarditis, strokes, pulmonary emboli, autoimmune disease).
    It seems Senator Ron Johnson is the ONLY one in Congress standing up for the vaccine injured & supporting those MD’s, epidemiologists, scientists, etc., that are trying to sound the alarm.
    Our children now, as early as 6 mos. old are are approved by CDC … now approved to get mRNA gene therapy injections. Dr David E. Martin has all the evidence of the
    #CrimesAgainstHumanity ~ being committed ~ https://ProsecuteNow.io