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Catching our breath, we ask for your help

As the Vermont Daily Chronicle catches its breath between the adjournment of the regular Session of the Legislature and the June 20 Special Session, we pause to report on 2023, so far.

  1. We’ve doubled our staff – from one to two! My oldest son, Tim Page, formats news stories, finds news, produces new legislation videos, and tracks new bills and roll call votes. His role will grow this summer into more news writing, database development, and subscriber relations. I am SO HAPPY for his help. Page & Son!

His work frees me up to spend more time covering more news in person. This year we produced our most coherent, comprehensive legislative coverage ever. As a result of our increased presence and appearances on Vermont This Week and other news programs, the Chronicle’s public profile continues to grow.

  1. We continue to publish news other media doesn’t cover. For example, on June 2 we ran: 
  • A news video shows a conservative Republican sparring with Bernie Sanders over a racially-sensitive children’s book. 
  • Breaking news about vandals spray-painting lawmakers’ homes. 
  • A news story about a brave family winning a legal battle over their mistreatment in the Randolph High School trans student locker room episode
  1. Our bullpen of informed, interesting news contributors and columnists continues to grow in number and quality. Rob Roper, Mike Donoghue, Aaron Warner, and Alison Despathy (to name a handful) keep the Chronicle from becoming a one-note blog. 

Our subscribers and daily readers continue to climb. Growth is good! And… it costs money. At a recent Ethan Allen Institute gathering, I explained to a highly successful Burlington property developer the Chronicle’s for-profit business model: give the product away free to everyone and hope consumers love it so much they make a 100% voluntary contribution! 

If you like reading the Chronicle but are not yet a Paying Subscriber, please join the hundreds of Vermonters who have already done so. If you are a Paying Subscriber, you may want to re-up or give more. You can contribute the requested $108/year in one of two ways:

  1. Donate $108 online at PayPal, or
  2. Mail a $108 check to Vermont Daily Chronicle to P.O. Box 1547, Montpelier, VT 05601.

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration,

Guy Page, Editor & Publisher

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  1. Time to renew our subscriptions…one of the best investments Vermonters will ever have in this day and age…

  2. I would love to see an in depth interview and focus on Slate Ridge Vermont and Mr. Banyai. Maybe you have already covered his story but a deep dive into what is going on. Seems like there might be an interest there.

  3. I would like to see an in depth story done as to why our Chittenden County state politicians do not want to discuss the future of the McNeil bio mass power generating station that produces 1/3 of the counties electric power. According to EPA the plant produces 444,000 tons of carbon annually. It produces this power and the carbon, through burning wood chips and natural gas. The plant, I believe is owned by Green Mountain Power, who happens to be owned by, I believe Hydro Quebec, and Hydro Quebec also owns the natural gas company. The carbon foot print of this plant seems to be in contradiction of our lawmakers carbon emissions requirements that are imposed on Vermont’s citizens. I feel that because of the unrealistic cost that is being bestowed on the Vermont taxpayer for the implantation of the Affordable Heat Act, that at the very least we deserve an explanation of the future of the McNeil Power Plant. LW Mac