Carjackings in Williston

Victim bangs on back door of local police department

A Colchester man is in custody following two attempted carjackings in Williston, police say.

Tyshawn Lee

On August 30 at 5:57 pm, a male frantically knocked on the rear door of the Williston Police Department reporting someone had just attempted to carjack him just down the street.

Police found the suspected offender, Tyshawn Lee, 22, of Colchester on the corner of Williston Road and Old Stage. Upon seeing the police, the male ran off behind a home off of Old Stage Road and into the marsh. He was seen on Maple Road and again would not comply with orders to stop, and fled into the woods.

The male was found again walking in front of the Williston Central School and after a brief foot pursuit, was taken into custody. While Lee was in custody, police learned Lee had attempted a second carjacking before police had arrived.

Custody of Lee was transferred to the Burlington Probation Department where he is being held on an emergency probation violation. Lee will be in Court later this morning to answer the charge of Attempted Assault and Robbery and resisting arrest.

This is not Lee’s first encounter with law enforcement. In November 2021 he was arrested for the alleged violent beating of his girlfriend in Leddy Park, Burlington. A year earlier he was charged with First Degree Arson, Criminal Threatening, Obstruction of Justice, Unlawful Mischief, and Petit Theft in connection with arson in Essex Junction.

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  1. Well, since he has a previous record, I’m sure Sarah George will be releasing him today.

    • Well, I mean, after all, his crime of grand theft auto is not HIS fault. It’s yours & mine for working for what we own and contributing to society.

      I’d tell you precisely where to go Ms. George, but alas, Guy Page won’t let me.

  2. Is it my imagination or has our state become infested by criminals from other states (who it seems, for curious reasons, it is taboo to properly prosecute and punish)?

  3. And another native Vermont farm boy goes bad……

    Keep on “importing” them in here, “Rights & Democracy VT”, Lt. Governor David Zuckerman, & ALL of the Dem/Progressive legislators ingeniously elected by the woke residents of this once-safe state.

  4. BTW, what a “REAL” man: savagely beating a woman. Any other impressive displays of courage, Tyshawn?? I bet you can mercilessly beat puppies & kittens too, huh, he-man?

  5. He’s just more trash from our accompanying states, NY, NJ, MA, CT liberal
    Sxxx Holes, and we are becoming one of them ……………………

    Then Vermont has Chittenden County States Attorney Sarah George, she’ll
    probably let this outstanding pillar of the community walk free …. Pathetic !!

    • Actually we don’t get any drug dealers or gang members from NJ…. Does anyone ever hear of it? I don’t. Just NYC and Springfield MA. The only thing NJ sends us is restaurant and bar owners- thanks!

      Before you go trashing NJ- they are the only”post-racial” and “post homophobic” state I can name, with generations of diversity now established in mixed race families. Despite all this “woke” none sense, they have successfully maintained a blind justice system that holds ALL individuals accountable for their behavior and no one dares say BOO about it down there.
      Kids in NJ grow up with others from around the world. They don’t even think about “acceptance” or “comfort”- it’s just normal. Everyone is equal and everyone will be equally STEPPED ON if you don’t stand up for yourself.
      People in VT don’t even know how to talk to black people yet. So no surprise it will be decades until we can have any meaningful conversation.

  6. I find it striking that such a large number of violent criminals in Vermont are not native to Vermont. Is it easy available welfare $$, soft-on-crime states attorneys, or the low numbers of law enforcement personnel that attracts them? Or is it all of the above?

    • Can you say, THANK YOU BERNIE! When I was a CO, I have heard inmates talk to one another about what cities and towns and even which states have the best welfare bennies that they should go and get.

  7. I’d be interested to see the pictures included in all of the articles posted on Vermont Daily reporting violent crimes for the last three years with the date/name and followup of what the charges were in a table format. I think that would tell a story of crime in VT.

    • No need to see the photos. I can help you out here…..

      1) Drugs

      2) Out-of-staters (current or recently located to VT)

      3) Repeat violators let off by prosecutors and judges with light sentences, if any

    • …Anyone who thinks that Vermont is lacking in “diversity” needs to have a good look at the mugshots associated with all the violent crime incidents over the last 30 years…

    • That will be the most racist looking pie chart anyone has ever seen- since facts are racist now.

  8. I recently had a locksmith install new deadbolts on my condo here in Chittenden County. I asked him how was business. He said “couldn’t be better” (attributed to the ongoing rise in crime and mayhem in VT). We have Progressives to thank for this lack of personal safety. These are the same people that often say “stay safe” – Sure, it’s nice to subscribe to high ideals but it means little with their lack of principles.

  9. Crime = money. And who can afford it? Well, all the people they are trying to “equitize” by lowering their standards. How can that be done? By forcing them to spend more to protect what they have. You eventually run out of other people’s money… but not in America, where we print our own. For now.

    My Mom says this country is even worse than communism. I agree. Because in communism, the people weren’t forced to deal with criminals. Thieves and looters were picked up and never seen again. Ever. Even in Cuba, to this day.

    I am not advocating for communism or segregation. I am just pointing out the new and improved version of fasco-communism in America and other Western Nations. What many do not understand is that this is an operation even worse than Bolshevism and other revolutionary movements in otherwise previously “advanced” continents. This current formula is a combination of “primitive” revolutionary behaviors (Africa, S and C America, and pre-Nixon China) and the European type.

    What we’re seeing is planned barbarianism. Maybe it’s to lure the Right into
    starting a hot war, I dunno. But the reality is they’ve backed everyone to the wall. There is only one escape by responding in full force. However, we’ve gotten too old, fat and lazy for that. You can forget about the demoralized youth to help on the side of liberty. The fact that the world’s next major step is full-digital control will terminate the old truism that once communism is voted in, you can only shoot your way out.

    That option is almost entirely off the table now. We’ll either end up like China or Africa very soon. Most residents will opt for the China version. But I think the leaders enjoy a good African model in many areas of the US and Europe. Don’t worry about elections. Even the worst countries have elections. LOL. Yeah, go out and vote. What else is there?

  10. BTW, I volunteer at one of the prisons… I see most entirely white guys locked up for domestic violations and then additional stays for breaking probation by merely walking across a street that isn’t allowed.
    I don’t need to ask why certain other demographics of men aren’t being held quite as long in VT prisons for the same crimes, do I?