Caregiver cited for stealing $225K from elderly man

A Brattleboro caregiver stole $225,000 from an elderly man over a three-year period, Brattleboro police say.

On November 19, 2019, Brattleboro Police received a report that a prior care giver for an elderly male had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from him over a period of 3 years.  The lengthy investigation revealed that Laura Hatfield, 42, had taken over $225,000 from the victim without his permission or for his benefit.  Hatfield was issued a citation on Feb. 9 to appear in court at a later date.


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  1. Just like with any case of “misappropriation”, the Vermont justice system will come down on her head like a feather. Dirtbags routinely engage in this kind of thievery in liberal Vermont because they know full well that the worst thing that will happen to them is that: IF they get caught, they MAY have to pay back SOME of the money. I predict a combination of your classic “rough upbringing” defense with a chronic case of “substance abuse disorder” being offered as the excuses. These kinds of elder abuse cases should be handled by the Federal courts, but now that the current administration is about to dump Christina Nolan and likely replace her with some white male from New York or Massachusetts, the outcome wouldn’t be much different anyhow.

    • This happens so often it is disgusting. It is amazing how much thievery is covered by “POA”. Even when reported it is ignored by Adult Protective services. Our adults are at the mercy of caregivers who only care about their financial benefits for vacations, home improvements, taking my inheritance early, sibling rivalry. They do not care about the parents, it is sad they get away with “killing” them slowly with lies and isolation. No one is accountable. Black & White, right & wrong, no longer exists, only gray areas to get away with anything and everything. They will get away with here, but Judgement Day will require an answer and pleading “POA” will not protect them.

    • Lasy time a female Caregiver was found guilty for stealing from a person under her care , here in Brattleboro, i believe she was sentenced for 5 years. I think she got out early for “good behavior ” . She of course was able to return to being a caregiver.
      Being a person in need of a caregiver I have witnessed many Aids for disabled and elderly found stealing from the people they are paid to help. The agencies respond to the theft by removing the caregiver from the client’s home the stole from and place the aid with a different client.

      I have witnessed this multiple times. The agency does not show any effort to penalize the worker. They do not inform the soon to be next victim. Maybe the agencies don’t have the resources to ensure that the people they hire are capable to take care of the elderly and disabled. Maybe they see these thefts as being too petty to fire the aids who are repeatedly being reported to have stole from the client. When you are elderly or disabled in need of care to stay in your home there are few options available to get the needed help. There are no means to report such abuse and when it’s reported the client is seen as the problem.

      This issue of theft is ignored by most every organization. The ones who do it know they will get away with it. They have no incentive to not buy a few extra items for themselves when shopping for the clients.

  2. I would hope that the family of the person embezzled sent a Form 1099 to Ms. Hatfield—what the state won’t do maybe the IRS will.

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