Cardello: Turn the anger of the mug shot into victory

by Ray Cardello

The Left can celebrate the day, but they will live to dread it. The indictment of Donald Trump and 18 of his lawyers and staff is a shot across the bow by a corrupt Democrat political machine that cannot rely on the mechanisms they built to manipulate the 2024 election.

They need to punish and eliminate the opposition just like regimes do in Third World Countries. Fani Willis is a farce, a tool for the Left, a facilitator for the Bidens, and a narcissist seizing an opportunity she can parlay into future career goals. Like the other Liberal DAs who have been a part of this initiative, Bragg and Jack Smith are also using the Trump indictments as shining accomplishments of their careers and stepping stones to bigger and better appointments. It is a sad turning point in our history and a tarnish on the most crucial job in America and possibly the world, The Presidency.

Trump is the first President to be indicted, let alone four times, and there may be more to come. The stature and respect for the office, if not the man, has been ruined forever. The other thing the Democrats have done is to open the door for future actions. I cannot see Republicans being so bold as to attack, and possibly jail, a political foe and possible opposing candidate. But the precedent has been set. How will Joe Biden look in his mug shot in 2025? This scheme is election-altering and interference.

The Left will not admit that, and the media, which is supposed to protect us from the Government, is complicit and on board with the plan. MSNBC, CNN, and all Liberal news and opinion outlets are acting in unison to condemn the former President and anyone who still supports him. It is disheartening watching any of the Left-leaning stations, but especially MSNBC. They are reveling in the situation that Trump finds himself in. It is like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning. They do not even try to hide their joy. It is a pathetic display for people who claim to be journalists.

Watching the number of people exuberant in the booking of a former president was unsettling. Even if they disagree with Trump politically or even like the man, there should be a modicum of respect for the office. To be acting in their fashion is to affirm the disdain they have for this country and the Constitution. They want this man stripped of all rights and privileges of a former President before he is tried in a court of law. As an American, he is entitled to be considered innocent until proven otherwise. These people are so excited about Trump’s mug shot that the Constitution is irrelevant.

They mocked his photo, his motorcade, and his security detail. They mocked everything about the man. But with their constraint of the man, they may have unleashed a movement. They have so angered the core of this country with their arrogance and disregard for the rule of law that they may have secured the Presidency for the man they scorn. So their moment of satisfaction may lead to the moment of them on their knees screaming into the air as the networks declare the winner and 47th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. That is what we Americans call justice, and it feels great.

Author is a lifelong Conservative and resident of New Hampshire. He has been writing Conservative content for over 20 years.

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  1. The merchandising alone has likely contributed a 2% climb in the economy. The black community is posting wildly on social media supporting 45 and encouraging all to join the fight. Backfired bigly on the despots. As one black man posted: Keep indicting, we keep uniting! The populace knows the score. After the FBI destroyed a man’s home in Tennesse and then shot him dead in his front yard, the situation is no longer left v. right…it’s life and liberty v. death.

  2. In the meantime, look at what adherence to DJT has done to the Republican Party in Michigan. This from today’s NYT:
    The Michigan Republican Party is starving for cash. A group of prominent activists — including a former statewide candidate — was hit this month with felony charges connected to a bizarre plot to hijack election machines. And in the face of these troubles, suspicion and infighting have been running high. A recent state committee meeting led to a fistfight, a spinal injury and a pair of shattered dentures. This turmoil is one measure of the way Donald J. Trump’s lies about the 2020 election have rippled through his party. from article by Nick Corasaniti
    Or you could close your eyes and insist that this is just left wing fake news propaganda, which is what the Democrats are hoping you’ll do.

  3. I heard on Newsmax yesterday that Trump has now raised over 9 million dollars since the mug shot.

    “The people that voted for Trump are never going to abandon him. I don’t care what Mueller does. I don’t care what the media does. They’re never going to abandon him. Know why? They elected him knowing who he is. And in many cases, they admire who he is. He is the one person standing in the way of them losing their country. In their minds, that’s what’s at stake”.

    Rush Limbaugh

    • The problem is it’s all going to his legal defense and not into winning over young voters, suburban women, and college educated voters — which he needs to do to a significant degree in order to win an election. He’s certainly got his base of about 30-35%, but what’s he doing to get the other 16-21% to pull the lever for him?

      • Don’t you worry about his legal defense, Bobby. What you should be worried about is the fact that he is being charged in every one of these blue states by a Commiecrat radical Soros funded DA. My wife wishes she could stretch her pizza dough out as good as they are stretching the law. Another indictment and he can raise another 9 million for his defense fund, I’ll contribute will you match my contribution. I mean you being a good Republican and all. Another thing you should worry about is that if the RINOS like Sununu keep him off the ballot and screw him out of the nomination, he goes third party ant takes 71 million deplorables with him.

  4. A person would have to be brain dead not to see that this whole charade is purely political and blatant Democrat revenge — Communist style. I don’t believe one word of the charges against Trump. The FBI and DOJ and Soros-elected attorneys general are all marching to the leftist beat. Trump is in their way. We are next on their political hit list.