This Week In Committee

Carbon tax, presumptive probation for non-violent crimes, juvy gun control, & much more on tap

By Guy Page

Highlights from Vermont Daily Chronicle’s first review of the week’s upcoming committee activity:

Vermont’s childcare shortage will be discussed (but not voted on) in many committees. However, one committee will discuss H25, locating childcare facilities in state buildings. 

Several committees will receive an update on Thursday, Homelessness Awareness Day.

Income-based school taxes will be reviewed by House Ways & Means, the body’s revenue committee. So will taxation of second homes

Senate Judiciary will review bills on presumptive probation for non-violent crimes and juvenile gun control

Senate Natural Resources will take up S5, the Affordable Heat Act, a revision of last year’s failed Clean Heat Standard imposing carbon taxes on heating fuel. 

Schedule for All Vermont Legislature Committees this week: Click on Committee name for expanded agenda, Zoom links, membership, and bills in committee. Agenda listings top-line only, not inclusive. Click here to see the complete weekly schedule of all committees on one page. 

House Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry

Universal School Meals

Climate Council Update

House Appropriations

Revenue forecast

Budget Adjustment

House Commerce and Economic Development

House Corrections and Institutions

Corrections Funding

Prison Climate Survey results

H25 – child care facility in state building

House Education

Universal school meals

Critical staffing shortages

Home schooling

House Environment and Energy

Electric Utility and storm response


Global Deal for Nature

Forest Fragmentation

Solid Waste

House General and Housing

House General and Housing

Native Affairs

Vermont Housing

Homelessness Day

House Government Operations and Military Affairs

H23, Mail-in ballots for general elections

H33, Legislators’ expense reimbursement/allowance

H20, ‘one-person, one-vote’ reapportionment reform

House Health Care

All Payer

Health Care Workforce

Green Mountain Care Board

House Human Services


Food Bank

Visit to Jenna’s Promise

Homelessness awareness

Early child care

House Judiciary

H28, diversion and expungement (vote)

H45, suing abuse survivors

H41, community justice center referrals

Probing equity questions

Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife

Not yet published

House Transportation

Climate Planning

EV incentives, charging

Stormwater, winter road treatment

Bicycle/pedestrian program

House Ways and Means

Consumption taxes

Income-based education study


Second homes


Senate Agriculture

Ag/food strategic plan

Right to Farm

School lunch

Senate Appropriations

Budget adjustment

Revenue forecast


Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs


Short-term rental



Senate Education

Finance policy, budget


Act 60, 68


Test scores


Workforce development

Senate Finance

Cloud Tax


Public Service Dept.

Common level of Appraisal (CLA)

Senate Government Operations

Human Rights, pension, ethics commissions

H42 – Town Meeting, electronic meetings

Senate Health and Welfare

Drug abuse prevention


Health care reform

H1 – payment disability services

Senate Institutions

Capital Bill

Energy Program

Historic Preservation

Senate Judiciary

S6 – interrogation of juveniles

Incarceration, Bail, Backlog stats

S7 – public defender qualifications

S15 – presumptive probation for non-violent crimes

S4 – juvenile gun control

Senate Natural Resources and Energy

Climate Action Plan

Energy Overview

Economic considerations of carbon neutrality

S5 – Affordable Heat Act

Senate Transportation

DMV, other agency departments