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Cannabis Control Board takes industry side on 60% THC limit

Says lower limit will increase manufacturing costs; Doctors say +15% concentration poses mental health and addiction threat

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By Guy Page

The Vermont Cannabis Control Board should limit THC concentration in legal marijuana products to 15%, a Nov. 17 Vermont Medical Society resolution urges. 

THC is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. “The risk of mental illness and addiction increases substantially with increasing THC concentrations such that Netherlands declared greater than 15% THC cannabis a hard drug,” the resolution says. 

The VMS resolution is at odds with the Cannabis Control Board, a 14-member appointed board created by legislation to oversee the creation of a legal retail market for marijuana. In a Nov. 1 report to the Legislature, it recommended permitting concentrates of up to 60% THC. Banning 60% concentrates is potentially dangerous and “will subject licensed manufacturers to increased costs,” the CCB recommendation claims.When THC is extracted from the cannabis plant, the resulting solid or liquid concentrate will, by nature, be above 60%.” Dilution can be imprecise, possibly giving consumers incorrect information about concentration, it said. 

Against these concerns expressed by marijuana product manufacturers, the VMS notes the significant mental and physical health dangers posed by high-concentrate marijuana.

In 2020 according to the Vermont Department of Health “marijuana use is a significant public health problem in Vermont, and it is getting worse.”

Cannabis use, especially of high potency greater than 15% THC, is associated with increased urgent and emergency department psychiatric visits and increased mental health disorders including psychosis. Non-psychiatric problems such as respiratory distress and hyperemesis (“scromiting”) “are now seen in most large emergency rooms every day, overburdening health care resources and staff,” the VMS said.

Both child and adult cannabis poisonings calls are increasing significantly, the VMS warned. 

The VMS also wants the CCB to require this printed warning on all packaging and advertising: WARNING: Cannabis/THC may cause: 1. Psychosis* 2. Impaired driving 3. Addiction 4. Suicide attempt* 5. Uncontrollable vomiting 6. Harm to fetus/nursing baby.

The CCB will meet next at 11 AM this Friday, Dec. 3. On Nov. 24, it published: 

Proposed Rule 1 – The Licensing of Cannabis Establishments

Proposed Rule 2 – The Regulation of Cannabis Establishments

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  1. Why did they they bother to legalize it in the first place?…And don’t give the arguments that it’s easier to control or it cuts down on crime…If it’s causing psychiatric problems or other health issues along with other, perhaps social problems, why in the H E double L was it legalized?….Let me guess…Cause it was the woke, cool thing to do?…Let’s just be Vermont I guess and placate all the druggies and the homeless that our open drug culture helps create….Our politics in this state is creating a cesspool of wokisim, immorality and unhealthy dependencies.

    • Well said, Ralph. Our legislature is over-run with radicals, Marxists, & Soros-funded fanatics originally from California, NY, CT, etc. who are social engineers hell bent upon the destruction of the VT culture. The brain-dead members of the public who keep voting them in are both the indoctrinated leftist college kids as well as the older wanna be “hipsters” who simply buy into the “democrats=good, republicans=bad rhetoric supported by the fake news media.

      Either way, these sinister politicos don’t give a rat’s backside about the citizenry and we are ALL in very deep trouble here unless & until the VT GOP & the National GOP begin fighting fire with fire in terms of an all out war against these traitors.

  2. Almost immediately, the newly created Cannabis Control Board and Cannabis Control Advisory Committee are at significant odds with the well established Vermont Medical Society and the medical community it represents over cannabis regulation.

    In light of this conflict, it’s fair to ask what demonstrated expertise of consequence exists on the three member Cannabis Control Board or 14 member Cannabis Control Advisory Committee to deal with the regulation of cannabis?……It doesn’t look like there is any.

    Above, Jay has provided a website showing the resumes of the three CCB members……Take a look at the resumes of these individuals and you will find nothing of consequence that qualify them to be making major technical/medical or any other decisions on the regulation of cannabis…….There are no meaningful qualifications shown!

    Then, take a look at the individuals serving on the 14 member Cannabis Advisory Committee to see what qualifications exist to deal with the complexities of cannabis use or regulation……Again, you’ll find none…….You will find, a representative of Vermont Cannabis Trade Association, who’s interest is in selling cannabis in the easiest and most profitable manner possible.

    Its good that this conflict has arisen so quickly to allow a re- focus on how to intelligently regulate a product with the potential to do so much harm.

    • …..But I’m betting the board members are ALL “diversified” in terms of race and that is ALL that matters to the eggheads in charge. Qualifications are meaningless to them. Look at UVM….as long as you have dark skin or a very foreign sounding name that is difficult to pronounce, you’re good to go.

  3. This is no surprise from a board created by legislators who are absolutely drunk (well, stoned) with excitement over this potential revenue source to fund more politically-lucrative “social infrastructure” programs. They certainly keep their eye on the prize, while ignoring all practical arguments. It is an upsidedown lefty fantasy world when 60% THC is considered benign while vaping products are the spawn of the devil and lawsuits are brought by TJ to restrict them. Fortunately, the idiot legislature created fairly generous grow-your-own provisions long before a commercial market was set up and people have invested in growing equipment and gained the know how to hopefully completely eliminate the demand for the heavily taxed commercial products in flashy packaging. Vermont is absolutely flush with high quality home grown weed and my hope is that the upcoming commercial market falls flat on it’s face. Marijuana users: If we can’t vote these marxist idiots out, at least we can limit their booty by NOT PARTICIPATING in this commercial market tax revenue they are salivating over.

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