Caddy-driving shoplifters hit Enosburg

Picture of one of the suspects at the Enosburgh Ace Hardware store.

Vermont State Police received notification of a shoplifting incident at Ace Hardware in Enosburgh  at 4 pm on December 1. The suspects arrived in a silver Cadillac with VT plates before entering the store and stealing several hundred dollars in merchandise, including to two Carhartt jackets. The suspects are two white males with average height and build, and both have dark colored hair. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Trooper Finley at the St Albans Barracks at 802-524-5993.

The suspects are driving a silver Cadillac with VT plates.

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  1. Great job, VT state attorneys! Criminals know you no longer prosecute, so WELCOME TO VT, CRIME!

  2. If I was a thief, which I’m not, I would have gone for the plywood (Get a roof rack or trailer)…That’s where the big money’s at now that Bumbles Biden has screwed up the goods transport system, among many other things in this country…I need to re-sheath my floors for new tiling but not at today’s prices.

  3. This season’s five-finger 100% discount is proudly brought to you by George Soros and his merry band of nihilists. He financed many local and state election candidates – Act Blue is one money laundering entity to look into – Bernie, TJ, et al. Many States Attorneys, District Attorneys, school boards, judges, local council members – you name it. Criminals let loose, criminals pouring over the border, and Kamala Harris’ bail fund is all on the Dems/Progs – they own it and they are responsible.