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Burlington woman in wheelchair attacked by barefoot man (see video)

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WCAXConnecticut woman pleads not guilty to smuggling over Vermont-Canada border
WCAXLeahy ‘certain’ he didn’t keep top-secret documents
WCAXSheldon dairy farm damaged by fire
NBC 5Burton Snowboards facing major cyberattack
WCAXBurlington woman recounts violent Old North End assault
NBC 5Lawmakers hear testimony regarding a bill that would overhaul the tobacco industry in Vermont
VT DiggerCannabis Control Board fines Hyde Park grower for multiple violations
VT DiggerAlmost $8 million in bonds are on the March ballot in Rutland City

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  1. Regarding the attack on the elderly Burlington resident yesterday, the Burlington city council has work and explaining to do. The members of this council are complicit in this attack, directly complicit. miro weinberger shares some responsibility also, for his lack of action and pressure on this city council to stop the dismantling of the BPD.
    It remains to be seen what role ms. sarah george, Chittenden Cty. State’s Atty. has in this attack, but she is culpable as well, for her offices ignorance of prosecuting crimes that lead to further crime such as this attack.
    I would add that as qualified immunity is stripped from law enforcement, the above named political hacks enjoy this immunity and are shielded from their actions, at least until Town meeting Day, when an informed electorate can change out at least a few of these petulant, arrogant councilors.

  2. A majority of voters in Burlington are now renters, deadbeats, students, junkies or a combination thereof, and have little skin in the game. They vote for these petulant children for City Council just to make trouble and “stick it to the man”. Eventually some may become the target of violent crime, but that’s just collateral damage in the “war on capitalism”. This situation is entirely reversible and soon Burlingtonians will have the opportunity to remedy it but I think we all know how it will turn out. People voted for this situation and are likely not intelligent enough to vote it out. This is the result of the leftist philosophy morphing Vermont into a marxist utopia, just like Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela. What a shame.

  3. So I have yet to hear anything further about the assailant but if he was running around in his jammies in February he was probably close to home. He sounds mentally ill. I wonder if perhaps he lives in the same housing complex as the disabled woman who he attacked? Evidently mentally ill people are being housed in the same buildings as the elderly and physically disabled; potentially a disaster in the making.

  4. What an absolute DISGRACE! It is only through God’s mercy she has lived to tell her tale. But of course, the Mayor and the City Council don’t owe anyone any explanation or certainly any plan of action to prevent this from occurring.

    Is there ANY “Go Fund Me” set up for this poor soul or even a verifiable address where those who wish can send her assistance?

  5. I’m curious, no pictures or description of the assailant? Are we to look out for a person barefoot in their pajamas?

  6. Wonder if this is the possibly first known problem coming from the pods in the parking lot next to Mackenzie house, if so where is the supervision that was supposed to be guaranteed by the mayor and leaders of the organization that took over supervision.

  7. So the guy has now been arrested; a resident of the building next door known as Walker House, run by the Howard Center and housing the mentally ill and drug addicted. Great spot for it. (Not) But he’s only been charged with simple assault so he’ll be right back out there. Truly hope someone is willing and able to step in and teach the elderly and disabled residents where this woman lives self-defense.