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Burlington to keep state troopers downtown

WCAXBurlington renews trooper contract to protect downtown
WCAXISO New England power grid ready for mild winter
VT DiggerCommunity mourns Burlington stabbing victim as police investigation continues
WCAX3 arrested in Lebanon drug raid
VT DiggerDavid Van Deusen: Democrats side with bosses over rail workers
WCAXLawsuit accuses UVM of repeatedly mishandling sexual assault allegations
NBC 5March trial set in Vermont for mall kidnapping
NBC 5Former Vermont deputy sentenced after shooting at drivers during road rage incident

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  1. Betting the residents of Burlington are wishing their politicians had not opted to gut the Burlington police force

  2. Is there a dollar figure attached to having Vermont State Police covering downtown Burlington? Are other communities left with no State Police coverage and still paying for it? Is having the State police tied up covering Burlington turned the interstate into Talladega Speedway? If there is a shortage of State Police recruits, which communites are left with no coverage at all? Appears to me, many areas of Vermont are completely left on their own to police themselves and the criminals know it. Good luck!

  3. Seems to me that if the majority of voters in Burlington have deemed the police an existential threat to democracy and a fascist presence in their fair city, they should be left alone to appreciate the consequences. What’s the problem, can’t social workers deal with the crime problems there?

  4. Burlington is fast becoming another liberal Mecca, see San Fran and L.A. All they need now is George Soros to join forces with Bernie Sanders to put the cherry on the top.

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