Burlington resident ticketed, doxxed, and got death threats for “No one is born in the wrong body” stickers

By Michael Bielawski

A Burlington resident Bill Oetjen posted a sticker in the Queen City that stated “No one is born in the wrong body” and now he is facing three tickets for alleged vandalism. He’s also been doxxed, gotten death threats, and was called a dangerous person by a Vermont representative.

He and his lawyer Sandy Baird recently appeared on Disaffected, a political show on Rumble.com  which is a popular free-speech alternative to YouTube. The half-hour segment of this interview is posted on X.

Oetjen said that he had tried to avoid the spotlight previously but now he is ready to be public.

“With all the focus from the city government and the local media being so much focused on me, I felt that I didn’t want to come onto your show and you had asked me a few times,” he said. “I felt I was already overexposed enough, there is a website dedicated to stalking me, following my daily movements, photos of where I live, photos of my car, my car has been vandalized.

“I had to give it some thought before exposing myself even more. When I stepped outside of my house to take my dog for a walk one morning and in my driveway next to the to the door of my car was a Rugar pocket holster.”

The host of the show Joshua Slocum noted that State Rep. Emma Mulvaney-Stanak (now a mayoral candidate) called Oetjen “an unsafe person to be around.”

“She is very clearly trying to create fear in other people that you are actually someone who is going to physically hurt them which is of course ridiculous when in fact it is you who is being stalked by these people,” Slocum said.

Slocum noted that Oetjen has long been a left-leaning political activist in his area as well as a school teacher for 16 years. He asked, “Did you predict that you would be on the outs with your own political tribe to the degree that you have been?”

Oetjen said, “When I first started questioning the trans orthodoxy and having conversations with a handful of very, very close leftist friends, anarchists, I saw most of them actually said ‘yea this crazy but we have to pretend to go along with this because we have to do this for the movement.”

Oetjen said he reached out to both the State Attorney’s Office as well as the mayor’s office and they both said there’s nothing they can do to help.

Baird introduced herself as a champion of free speech issues as well as a feminist, and she suggested that feminism is disappearing as transgender ideologies take over.

“That effort of stickering became almost prohibited in Burlington,” she said. “I’m a civil liberties nutcase really, I believe anything should be spoken, it should be spoken rather than violence used against people that you disagree with. … I became involved in this issue really as a free speech issue.”

Slocum commented that the stickers are ultimately non-threatening.

“It’s amazing the vitriol and the accusations that have been leveled at people like Bill for putting up what are as you said Sandy, not only true but kinda fun. I would add to that ‘innocuous’, there’s nothing threatening about them at all. There’s nothing mean-spirited, they are not harsh in tone, they are not negative at all.

“They are an expression of really an attempt to protect children from permanent psychological mutilation and scaring. … It’s just amazing the sorts of things that the City Council and the local political leaders have said about you, about us, and about the messages of these stickers.”

He continued that those putting up the stickers have been called transphobic, accused of creating a hostile environment and putting children in danger.

Comments online

On social media folks are already sharing and responding to the show. @LizaCowanDesign posted: “Burlington, Vermont police have cited a resident for posting stickers with slogans like ‘no one is born in the wrong body.’ This is not just a 1st amendment issue, but, IMO, also a case of harassment and intimidation. Proud to say I posted a few stickers before I left VT.”

Slocum wrote in the show’s description that this is a very important episode.

“This is one of the most important shows we’ve done–we’re revealing the identity of the man the city of Burlington, Vermont, is trying to prosecute because he puts up messages aimed at protecting children and women from the transgender machine,” he wrote.

The author is a reporter for the Vermont Daily Chronicle

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  1. Thank you very much Mike and VDC for this article!

    There’s a GiveSendGo account where people can donate money help Oetjen fight his harassment at the hands of Burlington city government…. https://www.givesendgo.com/GB78J. Oetjen is fighting Burlington for everyone’s right to free expression, and everyone who values their freedom of expression should donate to help him.

    • Death threats from the terminally selfrighteous, more spiritually/academically and politically evolved left-wing? “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

  2. When will Vermonters realize that their cities (notably, Burlington) are run by Mao extremists? The central theme of their ideology is violence. In this instance they are borrowing a tactic from Alinsky “accuse your opponent of what you are doing, to create confusion and to inculcate voters against evidence of your own guilt” (calling Oetjen “an unsafe person” when, in fact, these leftists are the people inciting violence). Apathy and “this soon shall pass” isn’t going to work as your strategy to combat this Totalitarian form of Government. Eventually, this violence and lawlessness, perpetuated by these Maoists, will come to all Vermonters.

  3. I really feel sorry for the many good people of Burlington. They have been hood winked to voting for Socialist/Progressives who have ruined Burlington!

  4. It’s typical left politics, agree with us or you’re a racist, homophobe, etc. Burlington especially is crime ridden and the council only cares about pronouns, absolutely disgusted with what Burlington is now.

    • The progressives’ fake, theatrical outrage is meant to deflect attention from the vagrancy, open drug sales/use, violence and crime in general, because they know that they are directly responsible for it all.

  5. To all the fruit cakes in Burlington, just for your awareness, there are only two genders and people have XX “female” and XY “male” chromosomes, you may think you are something else, dress up as you may, and we see you ………… but we’re not buying it !!

    The only unsafe people are these delusional fools, freedom of speech is our first amendment for a reason, you may not like what we say…………… TS.

  6. Welcome to Burlington don’t worry about the shooting or stabbing but the stickers are dangerous

  7. Also, no one is born in the wrong body. Gender dysmorphia is a mental illness. Some would argue that the best practice is to play along, and give these poor people irreversible hormones & surgery so that they feel better. Other people simply suggest much less invasive… therapy.

  8. Burlington has become a nasty, hostile place full of morally righteous psychopaths who are blind to their own hubris.

    Avoid this place like the plague.