Burlington Police Commission wants Barre to ask FBI help finding missing black man

by Guy Page

The Burlington Police Commission tonight will consider a resolution asking the Barre Police Department to seek Federal Bureau of Investigation assistance on finding Ralph Jean-Marie, a black man from Brockton, MA who had lived for years in the Barre area before being missing since April 13, 2020.

Barre PD has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to finding Jean-Marie. It believes his disappearance was an act of foul play. “Since Ralph Jean-Marie was reported missing police have conducted 14 direct interviews, 15 searches by either foot, drone, or with the use of K-9 teams, as well as the Crime Scene Search Team. In addition to this, detectives have investigated numerous comments and information gleaned from social media sources, and continue to actively pursue leads and information in connection to the disappearance of Ralph Jean-Marie. This has involved multiple State, County, and Municipal Departments. In addition to investigating numerous potential leads, detectives have also collected potential evidence which has been submitted to the State Crime Lab for analysis,” a Sept. 9 2020 press statement said.

The Burlington Police Commission is organizationally part of the Burlington Police Department, and has taken an increasing ‘fair and impartial policing’ oversight role. It is not standard practice for a Vermont city police department to publicly advise a course of action to other police departments. The resolution is available on the Police Commission website and reads as follows:

Burlington Police Commission Resolution on Disappearance of Ralph Jean-Marie

April 17, 2021

Whereas Ralph Jean-Marie, 38 years old, a Barre, VT resident and a man of color, has been missing under suspicious circumstances for one year as of April 13, 2021, and

Whereas the Barre Police Department has declared the disappearance to have occurred under suspicious circumstances due to all Mr. Jean-Marie’s belongings remaining in his room at The Hollow Inn, including phone, wallet, glasses, and medication, and

Whereas Chief Bombardier has indicated that over the last year that the Barre Police Department has exhausted every resource available to them but has been unable to locate Mr. Jean-Marie during this one-year period, and

Whereas the current environment with regard to racial disparities in policing and other institutions calls on Vermonters, and particularly public officials, to ensure that people of color are adequately and vigorously supported and protected by law enforcement, and

Whereas the public is demanding greater transparency in policing,

Be it resolved, the Burlington Police Commission urges the Barre Police Department to avail itself of all available resources to locate Mr. Jean-Marie and determine his fate, including and in particular, to call in the Federal Bureau of Investigation to help to solve this case.

Information about the Burlington Police Commission appears below.

Jabulani Gamache, Chair56/30/
Shireen Hart, Vice Chair76/30/
Kerin Durfee76/30/
Randall Harp36/30/
Melo Grant36/30/
Stephanie Seguino66/30/
Yuol Herjok Yuol 6/30/

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  1. The Burlington Police Commission obviously does not have enough to keep hem busy in Burlington.

  2. Where is it written that the “Burlington Police Commission” has oversight of municipalities outside of Burlington, let alone outside of Chittenden county?

  3. Another example of how virtue signaling by public officials has attained the status of a spectator sport in VT. And now it reaches across towns and even counties. It is noteworthy that there is no evidence that any crime has taken place, excepting the previous fentanyl trafficking by the girlfriend, who should be treated as a prime suspect in his disappearance. If it was the female who was missing then the man would certainly be under serious legal scrutiny. We know we have a gender double standard but the question at play here is do we really have a race double standard when it comes to policing? In this case advocates are demanding MORE police attention while demanding refunding in other cases. Its a delicious irony, eh? Maybe the FBI should look into it if they are not too busy with looking for Lady Gagas dog or investigating rope pull handles on NASCAR garage doors.

  4. If I was the City of Barre I would tell Burlington that when they get their shit together then they can worry about everyone else, in the meantime stick it!!!

  5. With all the stuff that goes on in Burlington, drug deals, missing people, robberies and kiss certain rioters butts to defund the police. They are telling Barre City Police what to do !!! Burlington Police Commission . should mind their own friggin business and take care of their own friggin drug , shooting crime city .How many chief of police have they gone through in less then 2 yrs.?? Barre never considered defunding the police, but the socialist city of Burlington did.

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