Burlington hires new police chief

Today, Burlington Mayor Weinberger will announce his appointment for the next Police Chief, the mayor’s office said today.

The announcement will be made at a press conference at 2:30 pm today at Contois Auditorium.

Jon Murad has been serving as Acting Chief. In recent years, the Burlington Police Department has seen two police chiefs resign in the wake of social media scandals.

Murad told WPTZ news Tuesday that the number of active police officers is down to 60, 27 below its capacity of 87. More officers are expected to leave in the coming weeks, he said. Several people have applied to be Burlington police officers, but the vetting and training period is lengthy.

While staffing is down, serious crime is up. Burlington has seen more “Priority One Calls” in 2021 than in the last five years, Murad said.

In the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, Burlington city councilors voted to reduce police funding. Also, the city’s diversity, inclusion and equity staff officials have insisted on playing a greater role in policing decisions.

This press conference will be livestreamed on Zoom.

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  1. Makes one ask, who in the world would want to serve as an officer in Burlington?..i dont care what the signup bonus is. Guess Weinburger is just gonna have to get a guard dog

  2. Anyone taking that job, knows he or she would have to sell out the people they’re sworn to protect, so I wouldn’t give this person too much credence if any.

  3. Uh oh. That skin color and toxic cis-het patriarchal maleness will not be acceptable to the city council. Spin that wheel of equity again, Mayor.

  4. “In the aftermath of the George Floyd killing”

    No one thinks that he should have died in his arrest, but what I find despicable is that everyone is pretending that this man lived a heroic lifestyle when he didn’ ….
    I refuse to accept the narrative that this person is a martyr or should be lifted up in the black community. He has a rap sheet that is long, that is dangerous. He is an example of a violent criminal his entire life — up until the very last moment.”
    C. Owens

  5. Any police who have not walked off the job by now have as a moto, “To Serve and Protect”, the politicians not the public. Much easier to pepper spray and arrest a 68-year-old grandmother for not wearing a mask than having to confront a dangerous criminal. Pays the same!

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