Burlington firemen on emergency calls face assault, firetruck theft attempt

Burlington firefighters in action on Elmwood Ave., 2015 Facebook photo

Burlington firefighters on emergency calls have faced assaults and attempted theft of a fire truck this month, according to Tweets from the Burlington Fire Fighters Association. 

On Friday, June 10, the BFFA tweeted: “This evening while responding to an emergency, Ladder 2 had an individual jump out in front of them and throw a box at the windshield of the fire truck. This is extremely dangerous and there should be zero tolerance for this type of action.”

The BFFA comment continued: “But unfortunately our members know most likely nothing will happen. Just last week an individual attempted to steal Tower 1 while it was parked on an emergency scene, went on to assault the officers who came to arrest him, and that individual was cited and released….. Come to find out that same individual who tried to steal the fire truck was lodged on disorderly conduct charges the night before, but released the next morning. There are currently zero consequences for this type of behavior in Burlington.”

Neither the Burlington Fire Dept. nor the Burlington Police Dept. have yet mentioned these incidents on their social media. 

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  1. America is experiencing and witnessing an attack on our entire way of life to include military, emergency response providers and police. This is systematic and supported by the BLM agenda and our local and federal goverments to defund the police and cause as much human suffering to the majority as possible. The people doing this have no respect anything but their woke ideology.

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