Burlington educators ‘eager to share’ gender identity experiences with students, Ingraham reports

Fox News host Laura Ingraham reported last night on a Feb. 8 webinar encouraging describing Burlington schools’ gender identity education efforts.

By Guy Page

Fox News host Laura Ingraham exposed Burlington schools’ gender identity education program to the world last night.

Ingraham hosts “The Ingraham Angle” 10-11 pm Monday-Friday. Last night’s nine minute, 15-second segment called “They’re Going after the Kids.” 

“They [students] are then bombarded by efforts to undo any semblance of traditional values that their parents might have taught them,” Ingraham says. “Teachers and administrators, often with very fun personalities by the way, are eager to share their own experiences with sexual and gender identity like this assistant principal in Burlington Vermont.”

Ingraham then cuts to a clip of Edmunds Middle School assistant principal Nicole Ellis speaking at a Feb. 8 Burlington school webinar, “Let’s Talk About Gender Identity and Expression.” 

Ellis: “Students call me AP Ellis, since I don’t use gendered pronouns in my name. I personally identify both as gender non-conforming and gender non-binary, in that I do not feel just female or male. But I feel a mix of that within myself.”

Ingraham: “Then this complaint about misgendering….” 

Ellis: “As a trans person it does get really tiresome in conversations where I’m being misgendered and I’m carrying the discomfort of another adult for their mistake and sort of have to take the burden of the discomfort of that. Again I think kids do a really miraculous job of not doing that.”

Ingraham (tongue in cheek): “Okay I got it. Kids who don’t misgender are miraculous. Because they haven’t been ruined by their more traditional parents. Got it.”

Ingraham also covered other statements on the Burlington webinar – including teaching Pre-K and young elementary students to question whether they actually feel like little boys and girls. 

Much of the Burlington coverage appears to have been sourced from Karlyn Borysenko’s Monday, April 4 “Actively Unwoke” Substack column headlined “The most woke school district in America is grooming children live on the internet.” The column also appeared Monday in the Vermont Daily Chronicle

Borysenko credits “nearly two dozen” volunteers who mined the information from the original sources on the internet. 

“The research to support this article would not have been possible without the help of nearly two dozen individuals spending their weekend researching as a part of the ‘Unwoke Army’, a decentralized initiative of average people dedicated to fighting back against woke insanity,” Borysenko writes. 

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  1. As a white male who is very proud of my identity, my physiology, my history, my ancestry, I have a sense of pity, and/or disbelief for those that refuse to accept the biology of what, and therefor who they are. For an adult in a profession like teaching to be preying on children who are thirsting for knowledge by tainting their education with such B.S. as gender Identification at the age that this crap is foisted upon children, should be punishable as a felony. Get these charlatans out of the education system !

    • I agree with your sentiment Patrick, but I must object to your use of the word “professional” with respect to teachers. Merriam Webster defines a profession as “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.” That the production of successful, well balanced adults from home schooling by ordinary men and women who care about their children and can read demonstrates that no special knowledge is required in our government schools.
      It is rather the indoctrination being conducted in our government schools which requires that specialized knowledge.

      • Look at the credentialing requirements of your state. They are daunting. Yes, they are professionsal. Like everyone everywhere, they aren’t perfect, but they are dedicated to their profession and their students – given the lousy pay and grief, they would have to be.

      • That is a fallacy. Countless parents lack the skill to homeschool. Countless parents can’t afford private schools. They have no option but public schools.

      • Mr. Olsen: If you and your public-school colleagues are the professionals you claim to be, why are half the students you teach graduating despite their failure to meet generally accepted grade level academic standards?

        For example, how long would medical doctors stay in business if half their patients failed to get better when treated? Would you take your car to a mechanic who was able to fix it only half the time? Would you use an attorney who was only successful in arguing a case half the time?

        I’d be willing to treat you as a true professional, if you treated your clients as true consumers, and allowed them to choose those with whom they do business. If you can succeed in a true free market, as all other professionals do, only then will you be considered a true professional.

        And please don’t cite the logical fallacy typical of the public education monopoly – that your success is limited because you have to teach whoever walks through your classroom door, a requirement created by the monopoly in the first place. As the common idiom professes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • This appears to seek correction, improvement of a redeemable school system. Get troublesome folks out…maybe fix the curriculum? I would submit that wouldn’t’ it be easier to just emancipate the families who are indentured to this institution for 12 years? Return their money. They’ll buy the schooling, teachers, curriculum they want to educate their kids.

    • That isn’t the intent. Burlington parents voted for this district’s budget because they like what it is achieving. It is in no way functioning how Ingram portrays it. Equity is about fairness, helping to maximize their skills and potential. Achieving Equity in public education has been set as one of the foundational principle, along with the other two Equality, and Free. Ironically, one of the founders of public school philosophy since the first half of the last century, was a Vermonter, lived in Burlington, and taught at the University of Vermont, John Dewey. Vermont continues to lead, please, if you don’t like this, stay away; we’ll do just fine without you.

    • I keep asking myself, WHY? Why are they doing this, or doing that? Just remember, Satan is in charge, and there is your answer to it all.

  2. Did you notice the next subtle update to the language? Our young Social Justice Warrier has learned that there are no longer BIPOC children: they are representatives of “the global majority.” Change noted.

  3. “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Women are men” – George Orwell.

    • YES Lawrence, Keep posting this! everyone read the book again………

  4. The job of politicians, when elected (hired), is to serve the people under the law and to have their constituents’ best interests at heart. It is not to brag about themselves and thrust their personal sexual activism in people’s faces. The job of teachers, when hired, is to serve the best interests of the innocent children placed in their classrooms. It is not to expose those children to their own personal sexual agenda, or “come out” to their students, or “be free to be me”. THAT is not what they were hired for — the promotion of activist sexual identity agendas. No one except a parent or legal guardian has any business exposing children, especially very young children, to sexual and gender identity politics — concepts far beyond their maturity level. No one has the right to foist their own personal sexual agenda on someone’s else’s child. That is not education. That is grooming and steering children into perversion. It may also totally conflict with a family’s religious or moral beliefs about sexually related topics. Who do these teachers think they are?? They are acting like twisted human beings and are guilty of child abuse. Why do parents put up with it? Jesus said in the Bible that if anyone leads a child astray it would be better for that adult to have a millstone tied around his/her neck and be thrown into the deepest sea. Read that, groomers. Your hell will be hot. Do you think you are answerable to no one? Where is your moral authority to do this to children? Who do these teachers think that children under their care belong to? The State? The teachers? No! Children “belong” to their family and to God.

    • Gunslinger was, these “educators” believe it IS in the best interests of the children to groom them. The “educators” crave acceptance and validation, believing it is necessary for their own mental health, so they seek to get the children to accept and validate their lifestyle choices.

    • 34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

      Letting someone know you’ve prayed for them can be a great way to start a meaningful conversation, and it’s powerful for the recipient to know that you’ve taken their situation to God. Simply talking to someone can be meaningful, and give you the chance to be there for that person and offer any help.

      Create a soul winning prayer list. Write down the names of those that you know need Christ and commit to pray for them every day. Ask the Lord to use you to personally reach them. Remember, we cannot pray if we are not willing to obey.
      Commit gospel Scriptures to memory. We are to be ready always to give an explanation of the gospel (Ephesians 6:15; 1 Peter 3:15). The greatest thing you can give to others is God’s Word. Begin with John 3:16 and great salvation verses out of Romans. Memorize them. Meditate on them. Minister them to others.
      Share your story. If you are a believer you have a story to tell! It is the story of how you came to know Christ and what He means to you. Next to the Scriptures it is the most powerful resource you have. Practice giving it to someone and prepare to give it to as many people as possible. Those who will never listen to a sermon will listen to your story.
      Demonstrate the love of Christ. The gospel message begins with “For God so loved the world that He gave…” His love breaks down barriers and removes prejudices. Ask the Lord to help you show kindness to others. A little kindness may open a big door for the gospel.
      Give gospel literature to others wherever you go. So many people I have met through the years were brought to Christ when reading a gospel tract. Never underestimate the power of the printed Word. Carry literature with you. Accompany it with a personal word. God can use simple tools to accomplish His work.
      Bring someone with you to a church service specifically to hear the gospel. Communicate to your pastor that you are bringing someone with you who needs the Lord. Pray that God will open their heart as they hear the truth.
      Have a Bible study in your home or on the job. Hosting an informal Bible study will give opportunities to discuss spiritual truths with neighbors and co-workers. Many people who would not go to a church meeting would come to a friend’s home.
      Ask people to read the Gospel of John and to tell you what they think. I have had the joy of seeing people come to faith in Christ through simply reading the Scriptures. At the very least, it opens the conversation about who Christ is. The Word of God is powerful!
      Pray daily for divine appointments. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you someone to talk to. That is a prayer He will answer! Then live expectantly, looking everywhere for people that you can share the good news with.
      Begin. No one becomes an effective witness by reading about it. It is time to get off the bench and get in the game! We all get nervous, but as we obey the Lord He has promised to help us.

      Ask the Lord to prepare the heart of some soul and give you a divine appointment today! May God use us all to bring someone to Jesus.

      Your angry words are part of the problem and not the solution. So if you are damning others, you are really damning yourself. You as well sound like you need to be prayed for. I will pray for you to find a healthier way to express your thoughts and feelings.

  5. So the Assistant Principal feels “like a mix of both” genders but can still somehow be mis-gendered. I am confused, but clearly not as confused as the AP, who should not be in charge of impressionable minds.

  6. Ok so who is going to step up and take the school district to task and hold their donkeys to the grind stone

  7. What? THIS is pure gibberish & people PAY for this insanity? “I’m carrying the discomfort of another adult for their mistake & sort of have to take the burden of the discomfort of that”..WHAT? Is THIS what a college “education” produced these days? This…person..needs to be as FAR away from kids as is possible. If my kids attended ANY public schools today I’d yank them OUT, the sooner the better. THIS is insanity.

  8. Why does this middle sex per/son think everybody needs to acknowledge,
    to endorse, to appreciate?, he/r duplicate sexes?

    S/he can live in that world and others can live in their world; of father, mother, grandpa and grandma, sister and brother.

    Let he/r be known and greeted by he/r name, like any other communication.
    What is in he/r underware need not be public knowledge.

    I don’t show mine in order to talk to folks.

  9. When I was in Elementary, Highschool and even College, my only impression of my teachers. professors, coaches, administrators and employees, was the quality of their pursuit. How they approached the purpose of their profession, job or task. That was to teach, instruct and contribute to the purpose of my learning without professing any personal and/or private beliefs. The subjects which they represented were their emphasis. The quality of their instruction in the chosen subjects were our bellwether. Naturally, personality and verve were important. They did not publicly profess, or indicate through behavior, political leanings, sexual orientation, religious beliefs. The students’ parents were considered their primary source of influence and responsibility in personal matters.

  10. Anyone who is employed in public schools and agrees with teaching sexual behaviors to children, needs to be fired. And any elected official who agrees with these teachers, needs to be charged with enabling sexual assault. And any voter or parent who agrees with them, needs to be removed from voter roles or lose their kids.

  11. Many people through the course of life experience lack of love, respect, caring and positive relations with others. All people need these things, and as is well known, people adapt to and correct for difficulties with them, by developing various coping strategies and approaches. Some of these become unhealthy – maladaptive. The strong need for self-validation can become toxic and malignant. If a therapist or social worker is deemed to have “inflicted” personal issues and needs into and upon the patient / client relationship, this can (and should) be deemed to be unethical and even reason to be viewed as malpractice. The professional’s issues become issues for the clients / patients and so, in the case of teaching, for children and classrooms. Go and become a fly on the wall in any classroom (and especially any faculty lounge or at any faculty meeting) and this phenomenon – this malignant narcissism and educational toxicity – will be abundantly obvious. Formerly, the culture of school organization and management was such that these issues, while problematic in many ways, were – overall – kept in pretty good check. The “professionals” did not experience “permission”, moreover encouragement, to let their personal issues take the curricular and pedagogical reins. Now, that has changed. It is no holds barred. The culture-at-large provides not just cover for the maladaptated, moreover it provides validation and recognition, the patina of “caring” and “professionalism”. The malignant narcissists obtain free reign, operating within the societally-accepted costumes of guidance counselors, teachers and other “professionals”. But know this….within the costume is a sick and repulsive creature, purveying ideas and thoughts that emanate from a dark, unhealthy recess of the heart and soul. It should have no presence in classrooms or schools, especially not in “guidance” or “health education”.

  12. This is just sexual perversion normalized, and to say that is rude, politically incorrect, sexually violent and transgenderphobic. Reminds me of Darkest Hour, the Winston Churchill/Gary Oldman film, where Lord Halifax, played by GOT’s Stephen Dillane, and Churchill are discussing the Nazi threat. “Europe is lost!” he replies loudly to whatever Churchill just said. Burlington is lost. We need to move past their corrupting corpse.

  13. Sadly burlington has become a sewer. This is what is happening all over in Vermont. If Vermonters don’t stop this nonsense this next election cycle the state will be like burlington…a once beautiful place destroyed by marxist activists!! Montpelier is full of these activists.

  14. Its time for school employees to be removed when then they show moral turpitude. And that is what this is. Its evil, and everyone knows it. The VSBA needs to lead the charge on placing such provisions in contracts.

  15. Once Burlington and other school districts get done with these little ones , you wont even be able to make eye contact with them or they’ll run off , screaming to see their CULT leaders and have you put in jail for your “Microagressions”

  16. Isn’t this part of the population control plan by elitist Marxists?
    At young ages, boys and girls automatically are not interested in each other until the hormones kick in.
    They are being taught before these “natural” feelings can begin and suppressing those who may have natural and normal feelings for the “opposite” sex, that it’s just fine to change yourself into another sex, be interested in your same sex, or that it is perfectly normal not to procreate.
    Oh, and that your parents are wrong about everything!!

  17. Many years ago, upset at patriarchal bias, I decided to think in terms of humans, humankind, humanity, rather than man, men mankind, etc. I applied that to myself. This did not include denying that biological sex was the base of my own gender, which is male. I still defend the rights of trans people. Obedience to any and all demands isn’t the right of anyone.

  18. WOW! My son and I couldn’t believe it when we saw A.P. Ellis on Fox news! My son had to deal with this individual on multiple occasions when he went to Edmunds Middle School unmasked at the beginning of the school year. He went to school this way until they threatened us with DCF involvement, and then we “homeschooled” until he could go back, unmasked, on March 14. On his FIRST DAY BACK, FIRST LESSON OF THE DAY, was this Nicole Ellis paying a visit to his “humanities” class to speak about their (they/them pronouns) transition, how they came out to their lesbian wife, their pain over not knowing what bathroom to use, etc. I spoke to the principal about this and told her I feel this is WAY TMI unless a kid actually asked, and I know none of them did. The principal, Sabrina Westdijk, had no idea how Ellis ended up sharing all this info but she didn’t seem too preoccupied about it…

    Thanks to Vermont Daily Chronicle for originally sharing the link to Karlyn Borysenko’s piece. My son and I watched most of the sickening webinar “Let’s talk about Gender Identity and Expression”. Today we thought we’d summon up the nerve to watch the Equity Webinar. To our surprise, BSD has made both webinars private!!

    Laura Ingraham asks parents to share their stories. She has a Parent Portal. My son and I will both certainly be writing her, and I hope any of you who are parents and are fearing for your kids safety in the public schools will do the same.