Brownington man slays ex’s son, police say

The Vermont State Police has made an arrest following a fatal shooting that occurred Wednesday afternoon on Bog Road in the town of Belvidere. Meanwhile, the VSP investigation is continuing early Thursday morning

The victim is identified as Mark P. Benjamin, 42, of Brownington. The suspect is Michael Chadwick, 61, of Brownington, who was arrested early Thursday on a charge of second-degree murder. Chadwick was involved with Benjamin’s mother in a long-term relationship that had recently ended.

The shooting occurred at a seasonal camp at 2190 Bog Road that is owned by Benjamin’s mother. Benjamin, who was accompanied by his husband, encountered Chadwick at the camp at about 2:10 p.m. Wednesday. During that encounter, Chadwick fired a handgun at Benjamin, striking him. Benjamin was subsequently able to get into a vehicle driven by his husband, who called 911 and drove away from the scene. They stopped the vehicle at a residence just south of the intersection of Bog Road and Vermont Route 109, where Benjamin was pronounced dead by EMS responders at 2:40 p.m.

State troopers who responded to the scene of the shooting found that Chadwick had retreated into the camp and was refusing to surrender. Following about two hours of negotiation, troopers with the Crisis Negotiation Unit successfully persuaded Chadwick to leave the home and surrender peacefully.

The Vermont State Police was assisted by the Lamoille County Sheriff’s Department and game wardens with the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife. Investigators are working closely with the Lamoille County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Troopers are continuing their work Thursday morning processing multiple scenes, gathering evidence and obtaining necessary warrants. The victim’s body will be transported to the Vermont Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington for an autopsy to confirm the cause and manner of death.

Chadwick was ordered jailed for lack of $500,000 cash or surety bail pending arraignment, scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 22, in the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in Hyde Park.

No further information is currently available. The affidavit of probable cause will be filed with the court and made public following Chadwick’s arraignment. Members of the media should call the Court Clerk’s Office to confirm details of the hearing.

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  1. I walked through Burlington City Park last weekend with my Wife. It is a lawless zoo. When will Police return? Luxury sedans with out of State plates speeding through City. Miro may go down in History, as the worst Mayor ever. It was only a novelty Position to him anyway, let’s be honest.

    • Burlington….

      1) Congested with cars and trucks. Street parking impossible. Garages grungy and fetid, and feel unsafe. Church street dirty and unkempt, strewn with weirdos and vagrants.

      2) Huge festering mud sloshed pothole mid-downtown now for several years.

      3) Schools featuring trendy curricular nonsense. Condemned high school. Poor performance on assessments.

      4) City government cluttered with performative nonsense, meetings, committees.

      5) Crime. Big crime. Gun violence and average of every other week. Three murders this year.
      Muggings now. Drugs. Police department in shambles with horrid morale. Scurrying to leave the ship.

      6) Homeless. Camped in parks. The “toilet” is wherever a spot can be found.

      And this note, everyone……it ain’t coming back. ITS DONE.

      What the progressives and social justice warriors have sewn, they now reap. Miro too.

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