BREAKING: Profane tirade shows Burlington Council in turmoil  

Will last night’s incident serve as the tipping point? And will the disruptions to city government finally elicit a clear public response?

 Jadah Bearden (left) and Burlington City Council President Karen Paul (right)

by Kolby LaMarche

Yesterday evening, at a meeting of the Burlington City Council, the consequences of what happened at their August 14th meeting became tangible

Following an hour-long executive session, Jadah Bearden, a Burlington resident, former Champlain College student and anti-racism and Pride activist, took the floor during the public forum.

As you may recall if you watched the August meeting, Bearden knocked a pitcher of water onto a mess of electronic cords, as she clapped and danced, singing towards Mayor Miro Weinberger, “You’re about to lose your job.” 

Bearden began her public comment by forcing the council to wait as she enjoyed a freshly poured cup of water from the same pitcher she had previously knocked over. 

Bearden continued, hashing out her grievances with councilors, with a particular focus on council President Karen Paul.

Then, Bearden came to the topic of Todd Lacroix, the Burlington man who had his speech quite literally taken from him. She defended former Progressive city councilor Rachel Siegel’s assault on Lecroix’s rights, stating “Rachel only got up because [Todd] was going over time and berating black people who were sitting to the right of us.” [Editor’s note: video shows that Siegel seized the microphone at about one, minute thirty seconds into Lacroix’s allotted two minutes. Lacroix had been decrying what he termed hypocrisy among both whites and blacks re: BLM.]

Moments after Bearden accused former city councilor Perri Freeman (P-Central District) of physical assault, the two-minute timer sounded off.

Councilor Ben Traverse (D-Ward 5) launched in, repeatedly calling for points of order. But Bearden kept on. 

President Paul began interjecting, “You have spoken your two minutes.” Bearden didn’t care and a shouting match ensued. 

Bearden, growing increasingly frustrated, rose from her seat and briskly advanced toward Paul, dismissing her as laughable.

Councilor Joan Shannon (D-South District) implored Paul to adjourn the council to recess, to which Bearden retorted, shouting, “Let me finish my f—–g sentence, man!”

The spectacle persisted for a while before Town Meeting T.V. cut their live camera feed.

I first want to plainly acknowledge that what occurred to councilors, including Paul, was disgusting. And I am sincerely apologetic that they had to endure that treatment.  

However, what occurred last night unmistakably demonstrated the repercussions of what was allowed to happen on August 14th.

The standard of order and decorum, which President Paul committed to restoring when she assumed leadership, was dealt a fatal blow. And yesterday sealed the verdict. 

When Burlington voters handed Democrats control of the council, I believe they wanted to enact change in how meetings were previously conducted under the Progressives. However, regardless of the earnest intentions of certain councilors, we persistently witness a succession of embarrassments.

The current state of democracy in Burlington finds itself being defined by the events of last night, akin to the numerous preceding instances of disruptions. These are the symptoms of a city whose diseased uncivil society has been left to rot for far too long without any effective remedy. 

Unless it is openly and decisively addressed, these occurrences are likely to exacerbate in frequency and severity. With each new incident, the credibility of and confidence in city government suffers further tarnishing. 

In a city engulfed by the crises of crime, overdose, affordable housing, and so much more, Burlingtonitans require a city government capable of effectively maintaining its own affairs with meticulous order. 

Nonetheless, the questions persist: Will this serve as the tipping point? And will the disruptions to city government finally elicit a clear public response? 

The coming weeks shall hold the answers.

This is only a brief capture of what happened; I strongly recommend you watch this portion of public comment. 

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  1. Karen Paul needs to be crystal clear before the next Council meeting that ANYONE, regardless of rainbow mafia or melanin status speaks out of order or otherwise disrupts the lawful proceedings that they will be physically dragged out of the room by Burlington Police. Karen Paul should also apologize in advance to the custodial staff for the heelmarks on the floor. Jadah Bearden is antisemitic and it would be truly entertaining to see her in the throes of a tazer spasm…

    • I guess I didn’t hear the part where she denounced those who speak Hebrew and Aramaic…

      I only remember the part where she acted like a crazy individual who should be sent off for an evaluation.

  2. Maybe the Burlington City Council is starting to see what they have produced,
    this loudmouth ” Jadah Bearden ” a Burlington resident, former Champlain College student, and anti-racism and pride activist, well, with those accolades says it all,
    she’s just a frustrated liberal not born in Vt, but educated at Champlain College
    a cesspool of liberals, but she got her look at me minutes !!!

    Maybe, the gaggle of fools ” aka ” City Council, will stand up and take control of
    the city business, instead of disruption nonsense from a loudmouth, they should
    have had her escorted out…………… !!

  3. This is what Bernie Sanders socialist utopia looks like. It is in display for all Vermonters to see. It has to be what the majority of Vermonters want. They turn out in droves to elect the lunatic left. It is predictable to see them turn on each other.

  4. Huh, imagine that! Well, Burlington you can’t have order in your council meetings when the level of learned appropriate behavior is less than what you might find in a pre-school setting. I know I’m about to “trigger” a lot of “children” but perhaps it’s time to have two big police officers at these meetings. After ONE point of order warning is given the offender is then picked up by each arm and promptly physically removed. If there is resistance then cuff, stuff and charge appropriately and give some timeout in a jail cell until the ranting stops.

    • commiecrats eating their own. Yuk ! I can’t imagine any rub or marinade that could cover the rotten taste they must have .

  5. These activists are nothing more than petulant children who lack any sense of parental control. BLM, Transgender, Pride, etc. activists view their affiliations as licenses to torment and disparage anyone who doesn’t kneel to their “incredibly brave” activism. All of this, exacerbated with their attention addiction disorder. The City council needs to take control and/or the sane residents (if there are any left) need to show up at these city council meetings and demand decorum and civil behavior. Haul off the mob that refuses to support and act civil.

  6. If the Burlington City Council cannot hold a pleasant, productive, and peaceful meeting, they need to resign and let someone competent take the reins. Are they afraid of teaching a minority what is, and is not, acceptable public behavior? This is a civilized AMERICA 2023 and we need to make sure everyone acts as such.

  7. I watched 30 minutes of the Burlington City Council meeting. I’ve got one word: Pathetic. They should be discussing the McNeil Biomass Power Plant in Burlington. As of 3 years, whe this documentary was put out:


    It burned 30 cord of wood an hour, emits a toxic metal ash, burned 400,000 ton of green TREES, not only wood chips and is the #1 polluter in Vermont. It also runs on natural gas, hence the name, biomass. It would take 10 of these plants to replace 1 coal burning plant. This is not “green” at all. This documentary should be shown in schools, universities, Town halls and the State house. They are so concerned with taxing the carbon each of us use, when they are the biggest culprits out there.

  8. Maybe they should talk about the vagrant tarp shelters with zoned out druggies I recently saw on the sidewalk right off Church Street. Lookin’ good, Burlington!

  9. “I am sincerely apologetic that they had to endure that treatment.” Why is the reporter apologetic to the Burlington Council? They are selected and responsible for the woke nonsense going on in front of their faces. They are well compensated for carrying the water for their Master. They were yelled at by one of their own – oh my! Certainly nothing to be sorry about – these despots don’t feel a thing. In fact, I bet they got a big thrill out of it and were high-fiving in the backroom afterward. Please, take a look at the meetings going on Chicago or how AOC and her merryband of nihilists were screamed at by their own useful idiots. Seriously? What went on there the other night is just the beginning…things are going to get a whole lot more out of control than a screaming fest orchestrated by a woke malcontent. She is likely compensated for her efforts as well. Wake up.

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